The Wolfpack

Nature to the Rescue

Milton Reimers Ranch Park is located in Travis County and allows for activities such as hiking, fishing, swimming and bike riding. Senior Mathew Minor has been participating in activities like these to take his mind off of the COVID-19 pandemic. “The lake has been a way to go outside and get fresh air without being close to other people,” Minor said. “I have been spending more time outside and on the lake than before.”

Addy Bates, Reporter

May 27, 2020

With school being over and graduation postponed, summer now begins earlier than expected and with entertainment facilities still being closed, students have been relying on nature as a getaway from the pressures from the COVID-19 outbreak.  Because Texas parks reopened before restaurants and stores, plac...

Ready to get the Ball Rolling

Signing to bowl for UTSA, senior Kyle Redfern prepares to continue his competitive bowling career in college. “When I was presented with the opportunity to sign with UTSA, I was speechless,” Redfern said. “If someone had told me [at the beginning of high school] that I would be a collegiate bowler,  I wouldn’t have been able to respond and for sure wouldn’t have believed them.”

Addy Bates, Reporter

May 11, 2020

At the beginning of freshman year, senior Kyle Redfern was a member of the band and an avid baseball fan. At the end of his senior year, Redfern is preparing for college after commiting to the University of Texas San Antonio (UTSA) for bowling. Redfern, who has only been bowling since his sophomore year, signe...

Coming up Short to the Finish Line

Sliding into third base, senior outfielder Katy Kahlich gets into better scoring position for the batter. Kahlich has been on the varsity softball team for four years. “It’s just disappointing knowing we have a lot of talent and a lot of us seniors don’t get the senior experience,” Kahlich said. “It’s upsetting just not experiencing not enjoying our final season.”

Addy Bates, Reporter

April 13, 2020

It has been 30 years since the last time the MLB’s season was delayed, 15 years since the last time the NHL didn’t have a Stanley Cup champion and 82 years since the NCAA didn’t hold its annual March Madness tournament. Even though the professional sports industry has taken a big hit from COVID-19, the virus’s influence on younger athletes has an even greater impact. For some athletes, the spring of their junior year is the prime time fo...

Softball Prepares to Take a Swing at 2020 Season

Focused on catching the ball, senior infielder Reagan Hillis prepares to get the runner out at first base. Hillis, who has been on the team for four years, looks to continue last year's success into the new season. “I think the teams biggest strengths are our camaraderie, and our ability to fight back when we’re down,” Hillis said. “My personal goal is to strive to be a leader on the team for the underclassmen.”

Addy Bates, Reporter

February 14, 2020

After a devastating end to the 2019 season, getting knocked out of playoffs in the first round, the softball team is more determined than ever to go even further in playoffs this season.  Even though the 2019 playoffs didn’t go as well as many hoped, this year, the team’s chemistry is what’...

Seniors Ball Out One Last Time in the Timberdome

Scoring against Rouse, senior Mathew Minor helps the team defeat the Raiders, 60-32. Minor has been on the team for four years. “Senior night to me is a chance to be recognized for all the hard work you’ve put into the program for the last four years,” Minor said. “I’m looking forward to my close friends being able to be congratulated in front of the community for all they’ve done.”

Addy Bates, Reporter

February 12, 2020

In the Timberdome, the sound of dribbling on the court, the abundance of screaming fans and the feeling of adrenaline rushing will come to an end as boys basketball plays the final home game on Friday.  This isn’t just any last home game for some players, however. For the seniors on the team,...

Social Studies UIL Prepares for New Season

Setting up a timeline to help learn, senior Erin Barry prepares for new season. This season marks Barry's third year on the Social Studies UIL team. “I’m really hoping that this year we can pull the team together, because two years ago when Mr. Marsh took over the team, we weren’t really sure what we were doing,” Barry said. “No one had experience and it was just a little bit of a mess everywhere.”

Addy Bates, Reporter

January 31, 2020

For many, UIL might be associated with fine arts or athletics, for some students, UIL is another way to show academic success.  As captain of the UIL social studies team, senior Erin Barry has used this as a way to compete against other schools in different areas of social studies. Because of...

Living a Technology Infused Life

Posing for his robotics leadership photo session, senior Travis Weir has been in Robotics since his freshman year. Weir is a member of robotics and broadcast. “My favorite part of technology is when I finally get something working after a lot of work,” Weir said. “There's nothing quite like the feeling of success when something you've been working on for hours comes to life and works exactly as it should.”

Addy Bates, Reporter

November 28, 2019

When he’s not helping behind the scenes for the Wolfcast, building robots, or helping computer science with all things tech related, junior Travis Weir is helping younger children learn the ins and outs of robot building. Since a young age, Weir said he has always been fascinated by working with t...

Bowling Dominates Against Vista Ridge in First Match of Season

Putting up a T-wolf, senior Ian Cheek poses before the meet. The team defeated Vista Ridge 27-2.

Addy Bates, Reporter

November 13, 2019

The bowling team began their 2019-2020 season on Nov. 8 and made a new name for themselves. After falling short of playoffs by one spot in the 2018-2019 season, the team defeated the Vista Ridge Rangers at their first meet 27-2. From one of the teammates averaging 232 overall to another stringing...

A1 Tips to go D1

Celebrating senior night, senior Jaelyn Grimm is honored at the game. Grimm will be attending Anderson University next fall. “I’m really excited to be able to compete with older girls and get that level of play, when I’m used to the high school level,

Addy Bates, Reporter

November 12, 2019

From larger sports like football and volleyball to smaller sports like tennis and bowling, certain high school athletes hope to play at the collegiate level in the future. During the end of athlete's junior year and the beginning of their senior year, hopeful athletes have already begun the recruiti...

Bowling Takes Home Bronze in First Ever Tournament

The bowling came in third place out of 14 teams at the Bryan Burr Tournament in Georgetown on Saturday. “I think this is going to be a good, strong year,” Bates said. “We have four returning seniors and last year we missed the cut to go to district by one game, so this year we have high expectations that we should make the cut.”

Addy Bates, Reporter

November 7, 2019

After five matchplay games, 10 baker games and 100 frames later, the bowling team took home the third place trophy at the Bryan Burr Tournament on Saturday at Mel’s Lone Star Lanes. The team began the bracket round after being the seventh seed out of the eight teams that advanced and faced the se...

Bowling Hopes to Strike Perfection

Focusing on his shot, senior Kyle Redfern practices for the team's first ever tournament. Redfern has been on the bowling team for three years and is a starter on varsity.  “I feel really good about the team this year,” Redfern said. “We have a really strong group of five that we feel can really compete, so we’re expecting big things this year”

Addy Bates, Reporter

October 29, 2019

After failing to advance to regionals last year by one position, the bowling team has changed the way they practice and has added five new players in hopes of advancing to regionals this season. They also look to win their first ever tournament on Nov. 2 as they compete in the Bryan Burr Invitational ...

Addy and Justin’s Debatesball Podcast: Episode I

Addy Bates and Justin Ballou

October 2, 2019

Listen to senior reporters Addy Bates and Justin Ballou, along with special guest senior Reagan Williams, predict the 2019 MLB Postseason results. ...

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