The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

Political Orientation: Does It Matter?

Anjali Sundaram, Reporter May 24, 2017

Political Orientation: Does It Matter? Never ask a woman her weight, adults their salary or friends their political orientation. That was the mantra that many students were taught from a young age....

Senior Morgan Grosch poses for senior photos. DB8!

Senior Morgan Grosch ranked 21 nationally for debate

Anjali Sundaram, Reporter May 10, 2017

Debate resolution:  Public colleges and universities in the United States ought not restrict any constitutionally protected speech. Senior Morgan Grosch studied this year's debate topic written in...

CPHS students participated in the Science Fair march, and senior Deena Ismail took pictures of different signs and slogans that made her laugh.

CPHS Students March for Science

Anjali Sundaram, Reporter May 10, 2017

Scientists, teachers, students, engineers and more stormed the Austin capitol on April 22 to create conversation and change in regard to the current administration’s stance on science. The administration...

(left to right) junior Gregory Phea, seniors Sagar Kansara, Avery Daniel, Brittany Ballou. Holding up the DECA sign, DECA are dressed up before the award ceremony.

The Two Women of DECA: Seniors Avery Daniel and Brittany Ballou

Anjali Sundaram , Reporter May 9, 2017

Slipping the cool glass between their fingers, DECA VP of competition, senior Avery Daniel, and DECA president, senior Brittany Ballou, have been competing in DECA since sophomore year, hoping for the...

Junior Shiva Kumar stands in front of his board for the Intel Science Fair. “What I am trying to accomplish is for the future and for the future doctors to be able to utilize this plant based diet, instead of taking a lot of medication, when people are having these metabolic diseases, Kumar said.

Junior Shiva Kumar Creates Science Club and Wins Award

Anjali Sundaram, Reporter April 11, 2017

While sports and music may dominate many competitive fields, academics is starting to play a more dominant role in competitive contests. However, junior Shiva Kumar was still astounded by the lack of competition...

Senior Preethi Keerthipati stands in front of one of the many structures that don UTs campus.

Community College or University? Students Explain Their Choices

Anjali Sundaram, Reporter April 5, 2017

Choosing where one wants to go to college is a large step in coming into adulthood. Many students have been procuring acceptances from colleges around the world, struggling to decide which college they...

PROM Expectations Contract Elicits Different Reactions From Students

PROM Expectations Contract Elicits Different Reactions From Students

Anjali Sundaram, Reporter March 27, 2017

The “PROM Expectations -- Contract” has stirred a conversation at CPHS, eliciting different reactions from students. Some students appreciate the contract, as it warrants them a safe night. Others...

left to right: Amelia Vidrine (10), Emily Williams (10), Liva Jenson (10)
Sophomore Amelia Vidrine participating in political activism by attending the Womens March in Austin on Jan. 20. 
The president, while they might not have a ton of power, do have power to some extent, Vidrine said. They are also the face of our country, so other countries that we interact with will be influenced by who we choose to represent ourselves with.

CPHS Students Debate the Need to Pay Attention to Politics

Anjali Sundaram, Reporter March 22, 2017

In the light of the recent presidential election, more members of the community are engaging in political discussion and activism. From attending marches, speaking at hearings, or simply posting a paragraph...

Sophomore Deana Trautz holds up her cut brown hair to her freshly dyed pink buzz cut.  I dont want them [society] to be intimidated by a color or something that is not normal, Trautz said.

Breaking Barriers: Sophomore Shares Hair Transformation

Anjali Sundaram, Reporter March 7, 2017

Her long legs were draped over the leather black chair, clad in dark blue jeans, dark black boots, and her torso was dressed in a worn grey shirt with faded graphics. The sophomore was by most definitions,...

Senior Avery Daniel holding her award that allows her to advance on to Internationals in DECA.
I have been in DECA since freshman year, Daniel said. I have been competing since sophomore year so to have finally have made it has been really rewarding.

Students Advance to Internationals in DECA

Anjali Sundaram, Reporter March 1, 2017

On Feb. 24-26, DECA students traveled to San Antonio to compete in the state DECA competition. Four out of the 15 students qualified for Internationals, otherwise known as ICDC. Seniors Brittany Ballou...

Senior Wynne McDonald walked in the Style Show wearing a black ball gown.

CPHS Seniors Model in Style Show

Anjali Sundaram, Reporter February 13, 2017

This year, senior girls and boys were given a unique opportunity to walk the runway. On Wed. Feb 1., the Project Graduation committee put together a fashion show to raise money for the event that will...

Marchers held up many different signs signaling their support for different ethnic groups, religions and female rights, but an extent of signs illustrated peoples feelings toward the new administration.
Its important now more than ever to raise awareness that things are not perfect, that there is always more to do and more to fight for, senior CW Ko said. Planned Parenthood is at risk, environmental regulations are at risk, gay rights are at risk, and several civil liberties are at risk. Trumps presidency poses a threat not just through legislation, but through his rhetoric, and we must not allow fear and division to become normalized.

Women’s March Storms Texas Capitol

Anjali Sundaram, Reporter February 2, 2017

People crowded throughout the city as women, men and children from all around the state gathered at the Austin capitol on Jan. 21. to march in honor of equal rights. The Women’s March was held the day...

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The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School