The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

With Overwatch being a hit worldwide, the sequel seems to be just as popular, with a max player count of about 25 million in just 10 days.  Although it has already been successful, veterans of the title are realizing just how similar the sequel is to the original game, almost making it just a reworked version of it. The gameplay isn’t very different, the campaign element that was supposed to be its selling point isn’t even out for players and the original system of getting customizable items has been scrapped and is instead a battle pass and item shop situation like many other free to play games.

‘Overwatch 2’ is Overrated

Cyrus Van Sickle, Reporter November 14, 2022

Recently, video game company Blizzard Entertainment has come out with a so-called “new” game named "Overwatch 2," which has rattled fans of the series. As a fan of the original "Overwatch," I decided...

From left to right, seniors Lucas Tenrreiro, Jonah Jordan, Clayton Yeoman, junior Rylan Stedman, seniors Julian Rabago, Mikail Sadic, Patrick Riordan, and junior Luke Barsun stand posing together under streetlights.  This group has known each other for a few years and celebrated another Halloween together. “The way we celebrated Halloween this year didn’t really differ from previous years.” Sadic said. “We kind of did the same things we always do, except that some people couldn’t call off of work, so we had a slightly smaller group than usual.”

Halloween’s Alive

Cyrus Van Sickle, Reporter November 8, 2022

After a few years of Halloween being interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems that the spooky holiday may be back to normal. In 2020, the U.S. went into a lockdown period, and for around a year,...

Senior Gavin Reid lays down in his substitute backpack, an inflatable pool filled with his school supplies. Reid had to bring the entire pool into the classroom for Anything but a Backpack Day.  “All of my teachers were kind of like, ‘why?’  Every teacher I brought it into, they were like ‘how are you going to get this in there?’” Reid said.  “They were like ‘I can’t have you leaving it out there cause I don’t want your stuff getting stolen,’ and so they would just say ‘okay, bring it in.’”

Home Sweet Homecoming

Cyrus Van Sickle, Reporter October 7, 2022

Homecoming officially ended on Sept. 23, and it passed with a variety of notable events - mixed with some confusion. One of the first events that occurred was the Homecoming dance. Here, students got...

The show choir, a class that mixes theatrical dance with singing, gathers together for a photo. This class, and others, are filled with new faces like freshmen Alexandra Moll and Charlotte Griffin who said they were ready and excited for their first year in a high school choir. “The choir community is so supportive, everyone is incredibly nice and enjoyable to be around, Moll said. I am most excited for the end of the year beach trip. To spend time with my friends during that time sounds like so much fun.”

More Than Just a Voice

Cyrus Van Sickle, Reporter October 3, 2022

Choir. The program that goes roller skating, sings Christmas carols on Riverwalk boats, performs student-written plays and still manages to be a nationally recognized high school choir. Although singing...

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The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School