The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

Sophomore Lexi Hall and Senior Cally hall show off their newly painted door. As far as creativity goes, I feel like it has helped me enjoy my time in quarantine because I get to spend time doing things I like to do like drawing and painting that I usually don’t have much time for with school” Cally said.

Creative Quarantine

Emily Mahoney, Reporter May 25, 2020

While the world is in distress and the 2020 school year comes to an unceremonious close, it may seem as if everyone is in idle anticipation for life to return to normal. However, some students are taking...

Having joined choir in the second semester of his junior year, senior Ryan Sawicki does not let anything hold him back in pursuing what he loves to do. “Joining choir completely changed my high school experience,” Sawicki said. “Having something to work towards was really exciting and it finally felt like I had a purpose. On top of that, I made so many new amazing friends and memories in the time I was in choir that I’ll always cherish.”

Singing Sawicki

Emily Mahoney, Reporter May 14, 2020

From tenor to soprano, the sweet melodies of the CPHS choir have not always been a part of senior Ryan Sawicki’s life, but coming together as one unified chorus with fellow passionate performers, in...

Graphic by Emily Mahoney

Too COOL For School

Emily Mahoney, Reporter March 23, 2020

After getting lost in the parking lot and nearly arriving late, I stepped into my COOL Week assignment- the quaint office building of Hill Country News- to be greeted by a swanky Richard Stone. Although...

Student artwork displayed at LISDs Black History Art Show hosted by Glenn High Schools Black Student Union. Junior Sophie Menendez placed second in the high school category with her piece of Louis Armstrong. 
“I am a huge jazz fan, and I listened to Armstrong, and other jazz icons like Aretha Franklin, as well as Ella Fitzgerald when I first moved to Austin,” Menendez said. “Their music helped me get through a difficult change in my life.

Celebrating Heritage and History

Emily Mahoney, Reporter February 27, 2020

What was at first a showcase of student art became a spectacle of inspiration and celebration of black excellence thanks to numerous speakers and talented community members taking part in the event. Orchestrated...

Graphic by Emily Mahoney

Annual-Leaves: An Argument in Favor of Christmas Trees

Emily Mahoney, Reporter February 7, 2020

The holiday season is officially over. Festive twinkling lights are seldom strung along houses, a fun new mutation of influenza is going around, I’m cold and sad; it’s gotta be February! It may seem...

The implementation of ASL into theatrical performances may enhance the experiences of both deaf and hearing audiences. “[Interpreting is] not even specifically for the Deaf audience, although they are obviously the target audience, I think that a lot of people find the interpreting interesting even if it wasn’t originally in the play, Eaton said. 

Lines? More Like Signs

Emily Mahoney, Reporter January 29, 2020

Musical theatre is an experience consisting of bright lights and intricate costumes in addition to the thrill and personal connection that comes with viewing a live performance. One sensation that may...

Deciding what college one wants to attend can put a lot of pressure on students who may be struggling to keep up their grades and extracurriculars. Senior Marlee Randel said that she has been affected by this stress, having to maintain her school performance in addition to meeting the high costs that are sometimes required to apply.
“[Applying] has stressed me out immensely and it’s really hard to manage applications while staying on top of school and everything else,” Randel said.

Application Aspirations

Emily Mahoney, Reporter December 18, 2019

Each year of high school brings new challenges, but the feat of making final decisions on a future education path and career is unique to senior year. With application season coming to an end and deadlines...

Photography club officers and sponsor pose at Brushy Creek Park during their community service event. Senior club officer Cally Hall said she found the opportunity very enriching. “It was rewarding to take the family photos, I enjoyed knowing that I was a part of making sure these families have memories to cherish forever,” Hall said. “I was afraid I would be shy or awkward taking photos of people I don’t really know, but it went a lot more smoothly than I anticipated and was actually pretty fun.”

Snapshots for Service

Emily Mahoney, Reporter December 11, 2019

While many students like to keep their weekends to themselves, on Nov. 9, photography club officers and members came together at Brushy Creek Park to take family portraits for people in the community....

Three history teachers rank historical figures in a list of superlatives.

Historical Superlatives

Emily Mahoney, Reporter November 8, 2019

It may seem like seniors are the only ones who get recognized for their conquests and legacy at the school throughout the year, but that is no longer the case. Although dead, notable people and leaders...

An ink drawing created during Inktober this year by Sophomore Avery Reese. She took up the challenge of Inktober this year, a thirty one item prompt list that encourages artists to draw one thing every day during the month of October, preferably in an ink medium.“Inktober is an exciting time of year for artists all around the globe,” Reese said. “Each prompt is one word, like ‘ring’, or ‘ghost’, and you put your own creative twist on the prompt every day. It’s called Inktober because your daily illustrations should be in ink. I usually just use a pen, and sometimes I color my Inktober pieces, too.”

Thirty One Days of Ink

Emily Mahoney, Reporter November 6, 2019

With art prompts like “Enchanted” and “Ancient” in addition to an online community of millions, who wouldn’t be inspired to create? Joining artists of all levels of skill and walks of life, sophomore...

Students from the ASL Honor Society attended this community event on Oct.12 to practice signing and immerse themselves in Deaf culture. Senior president of the honor society, Kristyn Stephenson, is no stranger to the event as well as other interactions with the Deaf community. “[They are] a wonderful community of people whose stunning language and bold friendliness have allowed them not only to bond with each other but also to open their arms to people of any other culture,” Stephenson said.

ASL Honor Society Attends Texas School For The Deaf Homecoming

Emily Mahoney, Reporter November 1, 2019

While weaving through crowds in a large courtyard lined with booths selling jewelry and t-shirts in addition to clamoring to order food and socialize, the last thing you might expect to hear is near silence. Under...

Many people have strong opinions on whether to take AP or ACC classes. Read on to determine the positive and negatives of both AP and ACC to determine which one is superior.

AP vs ACC: Who Will Win?

Emily Mahoney, Reporter September 20, 2019

Life after high school varies for just about everyone. However, college prep classes offered at the high school begin and end at Advanced Placement (AP) and Austin Community College (ACC) dual credit....

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The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School