The Wolfpack

Freshman Recap

Freshman at beginning of year pep rally.

Houston Fuller, Reporter

May 30, 2017

Middle school and high school are drastically different and the transition is something all freshmen have to go through. With high school being a pivotal part in a students future, there is a lot of pressure on the freshmen. Kate Houston and Eli Perkins are two freshmen who said they feel that the responsibility...

Behind the Camera of CPHS News: Zach Burleson

Excited for graduation, senior Zach Burleson can't wait to attend Stephen F. Austin University.

Houston Fuller, Reporter

May 16, 2017

Journalism within a school can have an enormous impact on the student body and how they receive information. Senior Zach Burleson has been a part of broadcast class for the majority of his high school career and has helped shape the culture of CPHS. His job within the class has been to operate the mysterious...

Broadcast to Debut Variety Show

Broadcast to Debut Variety Show

Houston Fuller, Reporter

April 28, 2017

For the past few years the talent show has been the biggest production of the year for the Broadcast team, but this year they are trying something different. Inspired by popular tonight shows like "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" and "The Late Late Show with James Corden," CP Tonight will have various...

Prom 2017

The photo booth at this year's prom let students take short interactive photos.

Houston Fuller, Reporter

April 17, 2017

This year's prom took place on April 8 at the University of Texas Club in downtown Austin. This year it was themed after a Carnival and included various games and activities for the attendees. From an ice cream bar, to ski ball, to photo booths, there was plenty to do. "We have a lot of different vendors...

LISD Art Show

Work from Adriana Longoria, Chloe Hunter, and Luna Davis were on display at the art show.

Houston Fuller, Reporter

April 17, 2017

The LISD Student Art Show was held from noon to 3 p.m. Saturday, April 1, at Vandegrift High School. Art work from every school in LISD, kindergarten through 12th grade, was on display. Work from various CPHS students was also on display. Juniors Adriana Longoria, Chloe Hunter and senior Luna Dav...

Cheryl Cruz’s Short Film, Morpho, Places Third in UIL Traditional Animation DV 2

Cheryl Cruz, 11, receives her award for her film

Houston Fuller, Reporter

April 7, 2017

The UIL Film Festival state finals took place on Mar. 1st. Junior Cheryl Cruz won third place in DV 2 Traditional Animation for her short film, "Morpho." “I was originally inspired by an old writing prompt I saw a while back about a butterfly-moth friendship and I was just thinking about it one...

Content Creators of CP – Donovan Scandariato

Content Creators of CP - Donovan Scandariato

Houston Fuller, Reporter

February 9, 2017

Music is an important part of a lot of peoples lives. For Donovan Scandariato, music is his passion. Playing instruments throughout middle school and freshman year, Scandariato has always been around music. It wasn't until recently that he started to pursue rapping. "I've always had a passion for music,"...

Content Creators of Cedar Park – Jessica Mick

Content Creators of Cedar Park - Jessica Mick

Houston Fuller, Reporter

January 26, 2017

With the internet and online media being a huge part of many people's lives, it might be easy to forget that actual people are creating the content you consume on a daily basis. I was able to interview Jessica Mick, a Youtuber here at CPHS about her inspirations and advice for fellow content creators....

Humans of CP – Jack Weiland

Humans of CP - Jack Weiland

Houston Fuller, Reporter

January 18, 2017

With swim being one of the few year round sports here at CPHS, I interviewed Jack Weiland, the swim team captain about what it takes to be a good leader for the team. "You need to be very encouraging and cheer for the team at meets. You also need a good attitude during practice to keep everybody else...

Humans of CP – Sarah Ray

Sarah Ray cosplayed as Dr. Alphys from a popular computer game called Undertale.

Houston Fuller, Reporter

January 11, 2017

There are so many students at CPHS with different talents and passions. For Sarah Ray (Senior) cosplaying as her favorite characters is something she really enjoys. She told us how she got into cosplaying. "I just kept seeing it on social media and Youtube and I got interested in finding out what it...

Humans of CP – SRO Rodriguez

Humans of CP - SRO Rodriguez

Houston Fuller, Reporter

December 13, 2016

With Christmas coming up next week, there is a lot of opportunities to do good this holiday season. SRO Rodriguez told us about Blue Santa and how it has impacted the community. "Blue Santa is a citywide thing that the police department does every year and this year we decided to bring it into the high...

Humans of CP – Nathan Sloey

Humans of CP - Nathan Sloey

Houston Fuller, Reporter

December 6, 2016

As the end of the first semester comes to an end, wrestling is just getting started. Senior, Nathan Sloey (Pictured left) told us what he has been doing in preparation for the upcoming season. " I have been doing a lot of conditioning and weight lifting. My goal is to make it to the state tournament,...

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