The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

In order to hide their phone from other people, they will lower their hand and place it near the steering wheel. At night, people sometimes lower their brightness just so others can’t tell whether they are really on it or not. Even though people have come up with many different ways to text and drive, the fact that there are different ways is just depressing.

Put It Down

Heidi Williams, Reporter October 2, 2023

It's at every stoplight that I see a driver on their phone. It seems almost essential for them. Whether the phone is set between the drivers legs or being held up by a phone holder, the small device always...

Striking a pose in front of the Tiger-Rock Martial Arts National Championship banner, junior Brooklyn Collinsworth shows off her flexibility and blue belt. The tournament was held at the Henry B. González Convention Center in San Antonio from July 20-23. “I end[ed] up getting bronze in the overall board breaking competition,” Collinsworth said. “My opponents were much older and had a lot more experience.”

A Different Kind of Art

Heidi Williams, Reporter September 6, 2023

Time seems to move slower once she straps the headgear on and walks onto the mat. She flips a switch in her mind, putting all her focus on her next move. Staring at her opponent, aggressiveness begins...

A picture of a replica of rider Fabio Quartararo’s racing bike at Circuit of the Americas during the MotoGP weekend which occurred from April 14-16. Quartararo won the 2021 MotoGP World Championship. He joined the Yamaha racing team in 2020 after replacing Valentino Rossi, a MotoGP legend. Quartararo is loved among fans and is currently placed in ninth with 49 points.

Rise of Motorsports

Heidi Williams, Reporter May 25, 2023

Whether it's the sound of a V10 engine in a Porsche, a rotary engine in a Mazda or a V4 engine in a Ducati, engines are all capable of turning the heads of many people for miles.  Though only those...

Standing in the cafeteria, senior Austin Jia uses lunch to prepare for his biology test. Jia invested his high school career pursuing robotics, where the team recently competed in Worlds. “We [didnt expect to do this well] at all,” Jia said. “It kind of came with just putting in the time  and it was really rewarding getting this far after you’ve put in that much time, knowing you can compete at that level. (Photo Courtesy of Austin Jia)

More Than a Machine

Heidi Williams, Reporter May 17, 2023

He spent his summer doing something other students would fear: coming back to the school campus. He and his teammates snatched up every opportunity to get inside to prepare themselves for a year surrounded...

“Shazam! Fury of the Gods” directed by David F. Spielberg and starring Zachary Levi, released on March 17. The movie features a group of teenagers who are granted with the wizard Shazam’s power and decide to fight crime while hiding their superpowers from their parents. Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, the movie has grossed f $104.1 million since its release. (Heidi Williams)

High Expectations, Low Results

Heidi Williams, Reporter April 18, 2023

Growing up, the best way my family would spend time together was at the movie theaters. No matter what genre, we booked tickets immediately. Since we moved, though, that sought-out family connection accompanying...

The sign at the front of the school will soon be replaced with a new top designed by the students and teachers of the Agricultural classes. Seniors Thomas Chavez and Connor Ross plan to finish their project soon to be put up before they leave for their senior year. “I think it would be a good experience to get to see how to make things,” Chavez said. “So maybe down the road I can make something similar.”

Fiery Fuse

Heidi Williams, Reporter March 23, 2023

Sweat droplets slowly dripping down his face. Music blaring in the background. Sparks flying. Senior Thomas Chavez moving the electrode in a circular motion, careful for the right distance between it...

Ready to pounce at his opponent, sophomore Max Brandt considers each way he could pin his opponent. During his regular season, he went 24-3. “Wrestling is my whole life,” Brandt said. “I’ve done it since I’ve walked. It teaches you a lot of good stuff on how to be a better human, and you can definitely learn a lot rather than just how to pin someone. You can learn how to defend yourself - it just makes you a better person, I think.” (Photo Courtesy of Max Brandt)

Practice, Win, Repeat

Heidi Williams, Reporter March 15, 2023

After drinking his Liquid I.V. and finishing his sandwich, sophomore Max Brandt is ready to prepare for his upcoming wrestling match. He completes his routine - adjusting his headphones to start warming...

Posing at the bottom of our staircase, I smile at the camera in late June of 2010 as Harrison decides that the first step of the stairs is a good place for beauty sleep. Here I was four and Harrison was five years old, and the red stuff on our faces was some ribs that we had just eaten. Well, more like smeared on our faces. (Photo Courtesy of Shirley Williams)

Roundhouse Rivalry

Heidi Williams, Reporter January 31, 2023

Almost every day there is something new to fight about with my siblings. Though two out of my four siblings aren’t around the house anymore, our family group chat never seems to disappoint when it comes...

Spotify presents the number of minutes sophomore Em Peterson spent listening to music on their platform. . Peterson spent the most time listening to SZA and her album ‘Ctrl’ over the summer. “I found a large source of comfort in her music but even the songs I didn’t really relate to were still insanely good, plus her songs are agreeable and easy to sing to,” Peterson said. (Photo Courtesy of Em Peterson, Graphic Courtesy of Spotify)

Year In Review

Heidi Williams, Reporter January 10, 2023

Every year, millions of people who listen to music on the audio streaming service Spotify look forward to their ‘Spotify Wrapped.’ This is when Spotify releases lists of their listeners' top artists,...

Members of the Robotics club begin discussing the parts of their robot they built. During the scrimmage, part of the robot did in fact break. “A part of our arm broke off because we were using pretty bad screws,” Jia said. “Luckily, everything still worked and we were able to screw it back on for the day.

Rolling Robots

Heidi Williams, Reporter December 15, 2022

Under pressure, most people tend to fall. Every meeting, the members of the Robolobos encounter stressful situations, such as the hardware malfunctioning. Through these tough times, the team sticks together,...

Ashlyn Gazlay poses with her brand new parking spot featuring her car in the background. Trying not to be basic, she said, she decided to mix her pink and green paint both with white to make two new colors and make the lines different sizes. “I looked up some ideas on Pinterest, but those were ones everyone was doing, so I decided to just use the two colors I wanted -green and pink- and just drew random, curved lines that were different sizes and added my name,” Gazlay said. “The process was pretty long and took four separate days to do it.” (Photo Courtesy of Ashlyn Gazlay)

Reserved Parking

Heidi Williams, Reporter November 18, 2022

For a second year, the school has brought back seniors being able to paint parking spots. For $75, seniors were able to purchase a parking spot, submit a design to paint on that spot, and park in the painted...

After scoring the final touchdown of the game, juniors Luca Wilson and Davis Williams celebrate. Cedar Park won 24-7 against Hendrickson. “It felt pretty good, it was the first one of my [varsity] career so it was pretty exciting,” Wilson said. “I didn’t play much at the game, but we planned that play all week so I was just hoping to get the play.

Victory at Gupton

Heidi Williams, Reporter October 18, 2022

Returning home from two away game losses, the Timberwolves returned to Gupton Stadium to defeat the Hendrickson Hawks 24-7 on Oct. 14 to keep the home stadium win streak alive after beating East View on...

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