The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

In front of a tree, Senior Micah Lin smiles for a picture. Although Lin plans to attend college, he is preparing to join the marine reserves before continuing his formal education. The marine corps reserves would give me an opportunity to take a break from the conventional school routine and give me irreplaceable life skills, Lin said. I couldnt imagine myself studying for another four years without doing something different and meaningful.”

Anchors Away

Kaiya Wilkinson, Reporter May 24, 2021

Graduating high school is a big step that leads to big changes for most seniors. For some it is college, for others it may be a gap year, but for senior Micah Lin it means training hard to be in the marine...

Swimming her way to the finish line, senior Stella Shipps competes at the Belton swim meet on Dec. 16. Shipps has been swimming since she was nine and enjoys the sport to this day. “[Swimming] gives me the opportunity to do one of the things I love the most,” Shipps said. “[Through swimming] I am able to improve something about myself every day.”

Super Swimmer Steals the Show

Abby Cheek and Kaiya Wilkinson May 11, 2021

Gliding, treading and chopping, swimmers train day in and day out to travel through water the fastest. Swimming at the local pool over the summer is easy, but professional swimming takes a lot more skill....

Sophomore Kamryn Kramer skillfully keeps the ball away from her opponent. [The hardest part of] lacrosse is defense,” Kramer said. “Also having the endurance to run back and forth on midfield especially if you are playing a hard team.”

The Fastest Game on Two Feet

Kaiya Wilkinson, Reporter April 12, 2021

With spring finally here, the fastest game on two feet is now in session. The girls’ lacrosse team has been working hard to make sure they have a winning season of these players is sophomore Kamryn Kramer. “My...

Facing forward, senior Isaac Luttrell swims the 100 breaststroke at the state swim meet. Luttrell finished 12th with a time of 59.68. I was pretty excited to finish off my senior year with state, Luttrell said. It was a lot of fun and an amazing way to end my senior swimming.

Swimming Towards State

Kaiya Wilkinson, Reporter March 25, 2021

Every morning, swimmers wake up early, go to a pool, and focus on black line underwater for two hours straight. However, it is this constant practice that helps them to achieve accomplishments even as...

Debby Barnes and her dog Pepper running through a Chances course. According to Barnes, because this course is difficult, it feels more rewarding when they are able to complete it.  I like Chances because its the hardest, so when we do one correctly it is extra exciting, Barnes said.

The Secret Life of the Librarian: Dog Training

Kaiya Wilkinson, Reporter March 12, 2021

While some people think Debby Barnes is a librarian by day and night, many don’t know that she has a secret talent; she’s a dog trainer. Not only that, but her miniature Australian shepherd, Pepper,...

Jared Lippe, the PALS teacher, experienced COVID-19 firsthand. I certainly had a mix of emotions when I first learned that I tested positive, said Lippe. These ranged from being angry and annoyed that I still caught it after being extremely careful for so many months, all the way to feeling absolutely grateful that my symptoms werent as bad as others.

An Experience With COVID-19

Kaiya Wilkinson, Reporter March 5, 2021

It seems as if everyday a Remind message is sent out informing students and parents that there has been yet another positive COVID-19 case on campus. As of Jan. 29, the LISD COVID dashboard shows that...

Valentines Day is just around the corner, so here is a list of 10 movies to entertain you this freezing Feb. 14.

Top 10 Perfect Movies for Valentine’s Day

Kaiya Wilkinson, Reporter February 13, 2021

Valentine's day is just around the corner which means some people are either getting excited about a date with a loved one… or stocking up the freezer for an ice cream binge. Either way, you will all...

The year 2020 was a rough year for all of us. Heres to looking back on all the high points... actually, low points of the year!

Cheers to 2021

Kaiya Wilkinson, Reporter January 14, 2021

“Ten, nine, eight,...” Flashback to New Years Eve, 2019.  “...Seven, six...”  Like a bomb counting down, ready to release havoc.  “...Five, four...” If someone wanted to take...

Lisa Holts 6th period in-person choir students practice social distancing during class. While the virtual choir students have to adjust to singing via zoom, in-person students have to adjust to singing in a mask. “We have tried to keep the structure of instruction as similar to our regular routine,” Holt said. “We start with vocal warm-ups, rehearse sight-reading, have social ice breakers and music games, and then end with teaching literature. We teach the in-person students as a typical choral rehearsal while those on zoom sing-along from home. The most significant difference is you can only hear the 30% who are in person.”

Choir Conquers COVID-19

Kaiya Wilkinson, Reporter December 16, 2020

Despite current challenges, the choir still manages to sing and stay safe amidst COVID-19. Senior Grace Lai and freshman Aidan Cox said they are both glad that they still get to participate in choir this...

At the Georgetown shop The Baked Bear, you are able to custom build your own ice cream sandwich. The price is around $6, depending on what you choose.

An Un-Bearably Delicious Treat

Kaiya Wilkinson, Reporter November 16, 2020

Even though temperatures are dropping and sweater weather is right around the corner, a fun place to go for a weekend outing is a custom ice cream sandwich place known as The Baked Bear. Though located...

I have been working at Dominos for the past six months. Not only have I gained good work experience and life lessons, but Ive also got some pretty entertaining stories.

Memoirs From a Minimum Wage Worker

Kaiya Wilkinson, Reporter November 10, 2020

Having been a member of the workforce for five months, I would say I have vast experience and I consider myself an expert in all things work related. This past summer I got a job at Domino’s. And no,...

Pierce Brooke dives at the 2020 regional swim and dive meet. Brooke began diving seven years ago because of his interest in swimming and gymnastics. I really like that diving keeps me in shape, Brooke said. Other than that my favorite part is the amazing friends I make.

Diving Towards Greatness

Kaiya Wilkinson, Reporter November 3, 2020

Imagine having to jump off a small board at a fast speed, trying to flip, all while heading straight towards a cold pool. This is something that sophomore diver Pierce Brooke does almost everyday. Brooke...

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The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School