The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

Juniors Natalie Danton, Isa Morgan, Tessa Griffin and Ainsley Harlans four phones show this years Spotify Wrapped. This is an event that is released towards the beginning of December every year. “I thought it was fine [Spotify Wrapped], I felt like they kind of tried too hard, with the intros and how it said things like ‘You understood the assignment’,” Griffin said. “It was kind of cringe. But overall, the information in it was good. I like that they added new stuff and kept it fresh. I thought it was pretty good overall, definitely better than Apple Music.”

Sharing the Gift of Music

Madison Shields, Reporter December 20, 2021

Spotify Wrapped has transformed into an immersive experience for every Spotify user. Displaying things like the soundtrack to your life, which is a playlist curated from your 100 most played songs, your...

Striking a pose, sophomore Aidan Johnson performs the song Money, Money, Money for the Pitch Black performance on Dec. 10. Johnson is a member of show choir and Varsity Mens Choir. “There’s definitely a bit of rushing to it, Johnson said. We don’t have a ton of time. But it’s really brought us together because we’ve had a ton of work to do, and we’ve gotten it done. We’ve been learning our music and it’s actually been going really well because this is the first real year that we have a show choir. So with that said we’re doing really well.”

Under the Spotlight

Madison Shields, Reporter December 13, 2021

After its first year being completely on Zoom, the show choir is finally able to perform on stage with the bright lights and audience they were waiting for. At their first concert of the year on Oct....

The Texas Farmers’ Market at Mueller is open Sundays with fresh produce, delectable food, refreshing drinks and a delightful atmosphere. In the building pictured, there are many booths that cater to food products. There is also seating areas and a fountain. Photo by Madison Shields

Local Madness at Mueller

Madison Shields, Reporter November 9, 2021

Bustling people walk past with smiles on their faces and hands full of fresh fruit or freshly squeezed lemonade while trees provide much needed shade. The booths surround bright, lively grass and benches...

Once again, Netflix takes the world by storm with it’s newest original series ‘Squid Game’. After gaining popularity through TikTok, the show has proven to be well received by older and teenage audiences alike. The result being one of Netflix’s fastest growing original series ever. With its beautiful cinematography and complex storyline, there’s something to be found enjoyable by everyone who watches.

Red Light, Green Light

Madison Shields, Reporter October 19, 2021

WARNING: INCLUDES SPOILERS, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK Reaching the number one spot of most watched original series on Netflix in over 90 countries, ‘Squid Game’ breaks through cultural barriers, while...

Cheering alongside the other student section leaders, senior Emily Rangel tries to keep energy high while watching the football games. The next home football game will be on Oct. 15, at the Gupton stadium. “I wanted to become student section leader because I felt like I would be able to help bring everyone together and be as enthusiastic as possible after COVID made last year really rough, Rangel said. I wanted to make sure I had some sort of leadership position in order to be able to make my senior year and everyone else’s year memorable. My best advice to the underclassmen is to not be afraid to be loud and partake in anything they can. It’s not embarrassing to have school spirit and it makes the pep rally much more enjoyable if everyone participates.”

Prepping to Get Peppy

Madison Shields, Reporter October 14, 2021

Chanting along with the entire student body, watching elaborate dances and listening to the athletes of the season speak about upcoming games. That is what has been missing this past year due to online...

Demonstrating how to make plarn, junior Erin Nam provides club members with help and supplies. Timberwolves for the Environment have been making plarn since their first meeting, they also plan to make wreaths out of unused plastic in the future. Its definitely fun [making plarn], but right now basically all of the members know what theyre doing, said Nam. We do it every club meeting.

A Step Back Into the Soil

Madison Shields, Reporter September 30, 2021

Timberwolves for the Environment is taking a new turn this school year. Students who are interested in changing the world with their own hands should turn to the Environmental club. Activities like making...

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The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School