The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

Posing in their choir dresses, seniors Ava Callaway and Charlotte Newman take a photo at the Region concert. The concert was held on Nov. 12, and 47 of the choir program’s students practiced for 10 hours in preparation for the concert. “I love the Region concert,” Newman said. “It’s the best voices in the region all together, so basically every moment is so musical. I think my favorite part was definitely our ending song “Trinity Te Deum.” It’s just a gorgeous, happy song that is full of so many powerful chords.”

Bring It to Sing It

Madison Shields, Editor November 14, 2022

Singing filled the PAC at Leander High School on Saturday as choir students from around the district participated in a Region concert. Singers who placed high enough at Region auditions on Oct. 15 spent...

Beabadoobee’s album “Beatopia” is the epitome of bringing a dreamworld to life through music. With her beautiful balance of different instruments and the unreal lyrics she creates and voice she garners, enjoying the album is easy. Hearing how she deals with her various problems in love through song is an experience I’ll never tire of.

Beats From ‘Beatopia’

Madison Shields, Editor November 7, 2022

The first time I heard a Beabadoobee song was two years ago on “TikTok” when the song “Coffee” was heavily popular when used alongside people making dalgona coffee (whipped coffee). I didn’t...

Behind the Ballot: What to Know About Props A & B

Madison Shields, Editor October 28, 2022

When pulling into the school parking lot, signs decorate the corner of Cypress Creek and Timberwolf Trail stating ‘Vote yes to Props A & B.’ The reason: the looming elections for Attendance Credit...

Proposition A

Madison Shields, Editor October 28, 2022

Prop A Explained: Prop A is called an Attendance Credit Election and is based on the school district paying their required recapture payment, which is a process that allows the state to remove local...

Proposition B

Madison Shields, Editor October 28, 2022

Prop B Explained: Prop B is a Voter-Approval Tax Rate Election (VATRE). This proposition impacts the  Maintenance & Operation (M&O) budget, which helps pay the daily operation costs of the...

During DEN on Sept. 20, students who were already 18, or who will be turning 18 soon, filled out Voter Registration forms. Rho Kappa president and senior Ariana Balakrishnan helped oversee the voter registration event. “I think it’s really important for high schoolers, or anyone eligible to vote, to get started doing that process at a young age because it’s a part of our civic duties and you might as well start young, Balakrishnan said. It’s a right that everyone should be able to exercise and I’m really glad that Rho Kappa could bring this experience to the school.

Behind the Ballot: How to Register to Vote and Why It’s Important

Madison Shields, Editor October 5, 2022

Turning 18 equates to buying movie tickets to R-rated movies, lottery tickets and getting a Costco card. But the most important addition to a teenager’s abilities is the power to vote, according to student...

“I’m Glad My Mom Died” by Jennette McCurdy is a transcendent memoir that is truly unlike any other book ever released. It provided an equal amount of laughs and tears while telling the life story of McCurdy. McCurdy takes her readers through the rocky road that was her childhood, some of the most developmental years of a person’s life. This memoir does a beautiful job of balancing all of the heartbreak and happiness felt by McCurdy throughout the book, ultimately making you agree with her book’s title.

You’re Glad Your Mom Died?

Madison Shields, Editor September 23, 2022

*CONTENT WARNING: EATING DISORDERS* I was an avid Nickelodeon kid, flipping between “Spongebob Squarepants,” “Fairly Odd Parents,” “Victorious” and most importantly “iCarly.” Since then,...

From right to left, senior Patrick Riordan, junior Jonathan Levinsky, sophomore Krishnan Muthukumar, junior Jackson Whitmire, senior Cyrus Vansickle and junior Aidan Cox, pose after going to an escape room as part of the Choir program’s Pitch Black weekend outing. The group also went to the Museum of Ice Cream and Whataburger. The main reason the event was planned was to strengthen their bond as a group, according to Riordan. “Pitch Black is always a very tightly knit community, so there’s always a lot of close bonding and friendships,” Riordan said. “I think this year, that’s especially true with the new members coming in. They’re all close with each other and so now we’ve grown closer with them as a whole. We’re honestly closer than I was with the last generation of seniors, which is my goal for this year.”

New Boys in Town

Madison Shields, Editor September 12, 2022

When thinking of an all-boy acapella group, the Treblemakers from "Pitch Perfect" might come to mind. But the school's program has its own group named Pitch Black, and they've just added three members. Watching...

The newest Crumbl location has made it easy to pick up the weekly menu. The lineup for the first week of May is pictured: Pink Velvet Cupcake, Hazelnut Mudslide ft. Nutella, Mom’s Favorite and Mango Frozen Yogurt. My favorite out of them all would have to be the Pink Velvet Cupcake. The perfect cookie to frosting ratio easily placed it in my top five Crumbl cookies. The slight strawberry flavor gives the cookie a nice flavor profile overall, and the buttercream frosting creates the most perfect cookie.

What’s the Lineup?

Madison Shields, Reporter May 13, 2022

The first time I ate Crumbl was one of the best days of my life. It was the Valentine’s Day lineup which consisted of Birthday Cake, Chocolate Caramel, Sugar and Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake cookies....

Posing with her steer, senior Emma Janysek smiles at an FFA competition. Janysek has participated in FFA since sophomore year and this was her final year she contributed for the school. “I’d get to the barn, then I’d have to feed my cow and my pig,” Janysek said. “They’re both gone now sadly, but then I went to school and typically, if I had Robotics that day, which I normally did, I’d go to my off period to get Chick-fil-a, come back then have to do Robotics for three hours. Then I’d leave the Robotics team to go back to the barn, feed my steer again, and walk him for thirty minutes. Because you know how you walk a dog? You kind of have to do that with a cow, just to get them used to walking. So when you take him to the show they know how to walk in the ring and don’t freak out. But raising a steer was really cool. Not a lot of people do that and it’s a lot of work. But I think it paid off.”

From the Stables to STEM

Madison Shields, Reporter May 6, 2022

Waking up just as the sun begins to rise, driving to the ag barn, going through a full school day, then coming back to manage three hours of Robotics club. Her schedule doesn’t end there. After finishing...

Holding a microphone, junior Abby Martinez, middle, hosts alongside two now-alumnis during last years Cedar Park Tonight. The entire broadcast staff has worked on the event since the beginning of the year, it’s a show that’s been hosted by the Wolfcast anchors every year since 2017. “I’m most looking forward to seeing all the segments on stage,” Martinez said. “Sometimes we don’t always know how things will play out with games like Egg Russian Roulette so it keeps the show interesting. I’m looking forward to bonding with the staff even more throughout the week and getting to show everyone the hard work we’ve been putting on. We spend most of our time featuring other students and programs so it’s cool to be able to have our own show where we still get to feature other programs but also a lot of our own work.”

Taking it to the Stage

Madison Shields, Reporter April 27, 2022

A full live audience watches as a mixture of students and teachers perform various acts, such as singing, bean bag tossing and even a theater performance. Cedar Park Tonight started out as a talent show...

Making finger foods, junior Sophie Dawson prepares a charcuterie board for her soirée table. All junior classes had to read The Great Gatsby in class and then held a 1920s themed party on March 23-24. “I thought the book itself was really eye-opening and entertaining,” Dawson said. “But the party was more enjoyable than the book, which makes sense, but I thought I would’ve enjoyed the book more. It was fun to act like I lived in the 1920s. I encourage next year’s juniors to not blow it off, because that’s lame and the party is really fun if you actually participate.”

Enjoy the Party, Old Sport

Madison Shields, Reporter April 6, 2022

Lavish tables with thoughtful centerpieces and an array of different foods covered the Lecture Hall on March 23 and 24 while juniors bustled around with laughter and smiles on their faces. The Gatsby soirées...

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The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School