The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The Medical Reserves Corp Partnership team poses as they win fourth place at the state conference in Galveston. Junior Claudia Shen said that even though her team didn’t place, she still benefited from learning about the medical field along the way. “We were confident that we would get top five, so we were excited even though we didn’t place because our hard work paid off,” Shen said.

Born to Care

Rachana Kommineni, Reporter May 24, 2022

The competitor didn’t have time to think about how her exam went, due to her busy schedule. After all, she was the one running it as the president of all Health Occupations Students of America chapters...

The cast of “Something Rotten” perform “Will Power” at the Heller Awards on Apr. 14. As a stage manager, senior Emma Frith was back stage and felt emotional watching the cast perform. “It was so fun getting that experience and taking the cast back stage and watching the performance at the Heller Awards, and them having fun made me have fun. I was doing my job, like my part of the show.”

The Bigger Stage

Rachana Kommineni, Reporter May 5, 2022

Theater has had many accomplishments over the year, including getting to perform at the Heller Awards. For “Something Rotten," the department was nominated for Best Production, Best Musical Direction,...

Senior Sabrina Blount poses for her soccer picture for Purdue. Blount said that she has always wanted to pursue soccer as a profession, and Purdue is the perfect place for that. “I fell in love with Purdue because of how nice people are, and I love the agriculture program, which is what I am majoring in,” Blount said.

Here’s the Kicker

Rachana Kommineni, Reporter May 4, 2022

For most of the year, she would go to the barn at 5:30 a.m. and feed, water and clean up her lambs' pen. Then she would head to school, then to soccer practice and then straight home. She completed most...

The Celebrities pose after finishing learning a very intense choreography. The Celebs learned a Hip Hop and contemporary routine while at their stay in Honolulu. “I really enjoyed that the teachers used their own style and let us make it our own, it was so much fun,” sophomore Brady Vacek said. “I really enjoyed the hip hop routine because it was kind of more down my alley, it was so fun and the vibe was great.”

Two Sides of the Hemisphere

Rachana Kommineni, Reporter April 7, 2022

Waking up early in the morning, packing jackets, sweatpants, lots of thick shirts, money. Packing bikinis, shorts, sunglasses, hats. This year, the Celebrities went to Hawaii for their dance trip, whereas...

Senior and president of HOSA Aashna Ravi explains what Be the Match is and why HOSA is fundraising for it. Last year, they did fundraising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society, but this is their first year doing it for Be the Match. “The HOSA trivia night is something we’ve done for the last two years, and it’s just a fun way of doing fundraising where the community can come together and test their knowledge,” Ravi said.

A Work of 36 Years

Rachana Kommineni, Reporter March 22, 2022

HOSA’s trivia night has been an event for the past two years. They started it during COVID-19 because it was easy to do online while making money to support their fundraiser. This year, HOSA is fundraising...

Last year’s seniors take a selfie in the cafeteria at Prom-ish last year.  Due to COVID-19, prom was hosted in the courtyard and cafeteria, but the STUCO committee hoped to change that with this year’s plans. “I am really excited for this year’s prom because we are doing it at a different venue than normal, and hope that the things we have planned will make it a night you will never forget,” Student Council co-head Ariana Balakrishnan said.

A Night Out of This World

Rachana Kommineni, Reporter March 6, 2022

Going to a friend’s house, dressing up, dancing, eating food and taking pictures. A typical high school prom. For the past two years, students have not had actual prom, so, as co-heads of the events...

Above is one of my performances in Hutto High School during a dance recital in 2019, in which I tell a story from Indian mythology. Dance has always been a part of my life, and helped me gain self confidence as well as being able to learn more about my culture. By learning about it, other people could be more aware about the different traditions of Indian culture.

Conversation Between the Body and the Soul

Rachana Kommineni, Reporter February 15, 2022

I run the dance steps in my head over and over again, waiting for my dance item to be called. The cheering of the audience entices me to perform to the best of my ability. I make sure my ghungroo (bells...

Posing with the photo prop, sophomores and color guard members Lily Dodds and Hope Gibbs smile at the audience at the Band Gold Ceremony on Jan. 26. Gibbs said that it was a really exciting experience to receive the medal because she had been waiting for it for a long time and it was really satisfying to finally receive it. I was mostly just really proud of my team, Gibbs said. I wouldn’t have gotten here without them and they all absolutely deserve their medals.

Crowned for a Fourth

Rachana Kommineni, Reporter February 9, 2022

The lights shine bright and applauses are heard as members of the marching band await the moment they receive their medals. With bright smiles, they face their supporters with pride, reflecting on the...

Coaching the Cedar Park Bulldogs, a youth football team, senior Eric Skinner discusses the plays with the team. As part of his training company, Skinner Elite Training, Skinner develops the skills of the next generation of football players. “‘Next play’ mentality means if you make a mistake that’s okay,” Skinner said. “The play is over and move on. It’s not about if you make a mistake or not, it’s about how you react and recover from that one mistake.”

My Turf is Yours

Rachana Kommineni, Reporter January 5, 2022

Playing sports from fifth grade through his freshmen year, senior Eric Skinner has gained a lot of real world experience to become a coach, ultimately leading up to the creation of his company Skinner...

Holding up her computer, psychology club president and senior Naomi Stein speaks about how people in the military are classically conditioned to do their job without medical consequences at a club meeting in November. Stein said that she liked how everyone is able to collaboratively discuss the topics at hand, and learn more about others opinions on those matters along the way. “I like how everyone gets to learn more about others perspectives, like their standpoint on nature vs nurture, which is a big topic in psychology,” Stein said.

Enter the Human Mind

Rachana Kommineni, Reporter December 14, 2021

After taking a year off, the psychology club aimed to reinvent itself and create more opportunities for others to learn more about psychology through various activities, experiments and group discussions....

With green and white, senior Mckenna Lemons paints her picture of a splattered run over Plankton from ‘Spongebob’. She painted this in order to embrace her inner child even when she graduates high school and enters college. “I chose to paint Plankton because ‘Spongebob’ is one of my favorite shows,” Lemons said. “I felt that the splattered paint was humorous, as I would be parking on him every day, as if I ran over him.”

Painting Memories

Rachana Kommineni, Reporter December 7, 2021

The school has many senior traditions such as senior overalls, prom and Senior Summit, however a new tradition is painting parking spaces. Students decided to embrace their creativity by expressing their...

Senior Diego Salazar Lopez competes in the 50 yard butterfly on Nov. 5 at the Leander and Gateway Tri Meet, where he won fourth place out of 22 other boys. Salazar is one of the top swimmers in the boys division, and one of the qualifiers for the Texas Interscholastic Swim Coaches Association meet. Since freshman year, it feels that I have received more respect than how I was my previous years, more trust in the team, and more relaxed, Lopez said. I feel as though I have improved greatly each year. I’ve gotten faster and stronger physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Something Bigger Than Yourself

Rachana Kommineni, Reporter November 23, 2021

As she dives into the pool, she can feel the smooth water against the surface of her skin. She breathes through her nose, and after every third stroke, she lifts her head to get a breath of air and then...

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The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School