The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

Driving is something that all students have come to rely on, especially during their senior year. The question of how interested modern teenagers are in driving is now being brought up in multiple studies, however, high school students still recognize and value the importance of driving as a whole, such as senior Jasmin Gonzales. “I think driving is a super important skill because it allows the person to run personal errands or help out others if they need a ride somewhere,” Gonzales said. “I think that is one of the best parts of high school is being able to start driving yourself to school. There’s something so maturing about it.”

To Take the Wheel or Not

Ruchi Sankolli, Assistant Editor January 26, 2022

Grabbing your keys, running out the door and getting in your car, you are finally ready to start yet another day. Most high school students go through this routine at least once. At the age of 16, teenagers...

The choir students smile for a group photo at Region in November. The choir recently participated in the pre-area auditions, and the top 15 candidates (10 for voice parts and six alternates) advanced to the Area auditions. “I am immensely proud,” Assistant Choir Director Victor Torres said. “I am so proud of them. We’ve been having Sectionals in here just about every day. The kids have been showing up, really working on their music.

In For The Long Run

Ruchi Sankolli, Assistant Editor January 7, 2022

After constant rehearsals and performances, the choir All-State Candidates advance to the next round of auditions for Area. Area is the next step for them in their journey to the All-State choir, which...

Netflix and Chill suddenly got disappointing with how the new heist movie played out. Red Notice had a lot of potential, which kind of went to waste. While the whole movie was not up to my expectations for it, there were some exciting parts to it, such as the cinematography and the action scenes.

Below Egg-Spectations

Ruchi Sankolli, Assistant Editor December 16, 2021

Yet another heist movie has captured hearts and laughs at the same time. Nearly two hours of scheming, dry humor and a pinch of romance, Netflix’s “Red Notice” delivered the basics of a typical heist...

Showing off his gold medal, senior Riley Pritzlaff poses for a picture alongside fellow UIL competitors and seniors Vyacheslav Adrianov and Aiden Seibel. Pritzlaff placed second in the UIL Congress Meet and will be advancing to the next round at the Texas State Capitol in January. “The first kind of debate that I got into when I first joined the Speech and Debate team was Congress,” Pritzlaff said. “So, making it to state my senior year is kind of a full circle for me, and owning my speech skills, learning this kind of thing, and having the opportunity and experience to debate all of these different ideas [with] these different people has been really cool.”

The ‘States’ Are High

Ruchi Sankolli, Assistant Editor December 9, 2021

After competing in the UIL Regional Congress Meet, senior Riley Pritzlaff, who won second place at the meet, will be advancing to the State tournament at the Texas State Capitol in January. Seniors Aiden...

As allergy season hits hard, taking care of yourself is of the utmost importance. There are many homemade and natural recipes, such as pepper soup, are just the remedies we need to keep warm and happy this season. In addition to over-the-counter medication, these natural remedies work just as effectively and are recommended for a fast recovery.

Nature’s Got You

Ruchi Sankolli, Assistant Editor November 24, 2021

Autumn is in full swing, and so is allergy season. Levels of pollen, mold, ragweed and juniper fluctuate along with the climate and breezy temperatures. However, it is the peak time for colds, coughs,...

DC has made some major changes to Superman in their upcoming comic set to release in November. Kent is married to Lois Lane, and together they have a son, Jon Kent, who identifies as bisexual. By doing this, DC is diversifying their stories.

With Great Power Comes a Better Tomorrow

Ruchi Sankolli, Assistant Editor November 1, 2021

Both Detective Comics and Marvel have implemented  innovative storylines and superheroes and have continued to build their fanbase. Marvel’s release of “Shang Chi” was a hit at the box office, and...

While the Devious Lick Challenge is now seen as a threat that encourages theft and vandalism among students, not all of the stunts involved encourage theft and vandalism. A list shown above shows a positive side to the challenge, encouraging giving instead of taking; promoting these kinds of acts are much more professional and have an overall positive impact on students and teachers alike.

Helpful Vs. Harmful

Ruchi Sankolli, Assistant Editor October 7, 2021

WARNING: MAY CONTAIN SENSITIVE CONTENT FOR SOME Online trends have become increasingly popular over the past few years, and come in many varieties as well. From dancing and outfits to food and gaming,...

Marvel really impressed audiences with Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. The movie is a perfect blend of every element, from humour to sadness, and also included amazing scenery. This, combined with a compelling storyline, is what truly makes it one of Marvels finest works.

Ten “Rings” Why You Should Watch This

Ruchi Sankolli, Assistant Editor September 14, 2021

Marvel Studios is back with yet another superhero. They tackle another cultural story, one similar to their idea with Black Panther, but they tell it in a completely different manner. With the creation...

Actively engaging in a conversation with her students, AP English IV teacher Michelle Iskra teaches her students about the importance of reading multiple stories to get proper context. Iskra is one of the teachers who implemented an approach designed to prevent academic dishonesty, and said she believes everyone should work together to ensure an honest academic policy for students. “I think everyone [plays] a role in minimizing academic dishonesty,” Iskra said. “I’m very straightforward about it. But, I also give students many opportunities to show me what they can do, to be successful in their own way, and to work with other students collaboratively in terms of thinking and ideas, and then to prepare their own work.”

Are You Cheating on Me?

Ruchi Sankolli, Assistant Editor September 5, 2021

After a year of being online, students find themselves, once again, having to adjust to the academic environment of schooling. Getting up early, having to go to class in-person,and testing are just some...

Eyes on his target, senior Rahul Kannam prepares to hit incoming tennis ball at the match against Leander on Oct. 2. Alongside his involvement in tennis, Kannam also wants to get involved in the process of business, particularly the financial aspect of it. “I would like to work in the finance area for business and understand companies’ finances and logistics,” Kannam said. “I would like to start a business, and I have tried to start one about t-shirts with a friend which ultimately fell through. I still had fun planning and designing it with him, though. In the future, maybe starting a business is very possible, but I would like to rather join a startup so I can learn more about the growing process before starting my own business.”

Getting Down To Business

Ruchi Sankolli, Reporter May 20, 2021

Business has become a dominant factor in modern society, with its appeal reaching out to masses around the world, including young people. Senior Rahul Kannam is one of these students drawn to the attraction...

Jasmine Cooper sits on the steps of her house, dressed up for the ACDA After Party. Cooper was one of the students who participated in the ACDA and was proud of the effort that the team put in. “For the people who wanted to view our recorded concert in-person, [which had] limited seating,  just choir students and their families and friends [were allowed],” Cooper said. “We had an ACDA watch party in the PAC ,because us seniors, who were juniors last year, didn’t have a prom, and we had a great idea to make the event formal. Our recording and video, our concert, was amazing. To see our hard work and our choir directors’ efforts pay off was truly a sight.”

Fa La La Through Life

Ruchi Sankolli, Reporter May 7, 2021

Think about something that we still continue with today. Something that cannot be forgotten because of the memories. For Senior Jasmine Cooper, this couldn't be more true. One of the many voices in the...

Junior Hemani Goje poses in front of a classroom with a HerDrive donation box. Donation boxes like these are available for students in front of classrooms throughout the school, and the items will be donated to womens shelters to provide hygienic support. “I really hope that we, the community of Cedar Park, donate and impact the betterment of the community, Goje said. “By giving resources to the women in shelters, I want to be able to empathize with them and support the often understocked shelters.”

Her Needs Come First

Ruchi Sankolli, Reporter May 6, 2021

Aiming to make lives better, juniors Hemani Goje, Arina Gart, Hailey Bowerman, Lindsey Lopez and Vista Ridge High School student Elif Sahin have partnered with HerDrive, a nonprofit organization that aims...

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The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School