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Best of Both Worlds

Senior Alison Dye smiles for the camera. Dye has been a member of many organizations in school, from playing the role of Mary Poppins in Princess Tea, to being a member of PALS and the Spanish Club, and reflects on her experience in these activities. “All of these activities have helped me come out of the shell,” Dye said. “I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve been blessed with, [and the chance] to meet so many awesome people.”

Ruchi Sankolli, Reporter

May 26, 2020

As she leaves the choir room filled with melodic sounds, she enters a Spanish club meeting greeting members with  "Hola!" or her car for an eventful day as a PAL. From PALS to Spanish Club to choir, senior Alison Dye has a lot on her plate. However the workload is worth it for Dye as she said th...

Teaching Blues

With changes due to COVID-19, students are now expected to complete a series of virtual assignments and attend meetings as needed. Given the status quo, academic learning has been modified to better fit the variety of situations students are in. “For the most part, and for the majority of the students I would say [that they are meeting expectations],” AP Human Geography and AP Seminar teacher Cassandra Gray said. “I teach both AP Human Geography and AP Seminar and AP Exams are still happening, so there is a lot of review and prep work going into the next few weeks. For the most part, [the] majority of the students are completing the assignments as they are intended and are trying their best on them in order to get accurate feedback.

Ruchi Sankolli, Reporter

May 22, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all people equally, from closed schools to confinement at home. Although the response towards this unfortunate disaster is common, the ways people have been affected are far from common.  As this phase of quarantine drags on, schools and districts have shifted ...

Giving Back One Step At a Time

Junior Celebrities captain Rylee Tonacao (last from left to right), poses and smiles with fellow participants at the Colon Cancer Walk. Tonacao and her teammates wish to continue giving back to the community and helping to resolve community issues.

Ruchi Sankolli, Reporter

March 13, 2020

Ever since her death in 2018, Stacy “D” Danielson left an everlasting legacy at CPHS. In her honor, the Celebrities Dance Team hosted a walking marathon to support the funding of cures for colon cancer on  Feb. 29.  “We started doing this walk two [years] ago,” Celebrities Dance Team Dir...

You’re Gonna Need Some Extra Zzz…

Many high school students suffer from sleep deprivation. Whether it be from stress or the downright lack of desire to sleep, depriving yourself of sleep is dangerous, especially at this age. Learning to adopt better sleeping habits is advised.

Ruchi Sankolli, Reporter

February 20, 2020

Sleep is one of the most important, but, sadly, one of the rarest parts of our day to day schedule. As we get older, the hours we need to sleep decreases, and so does our need for sleep. For many high school students, sleep is the last, and least significant, item on their agendas. But, believe it or not...

The Robolobos Are Back

Sophomore Barbara Sylvester smiles at the camera as she designs the drive train of the robot. The robotics team is working on a new robot for this build season.

Ruchi Sankolli, Reporter

February 12, 2020

The Robolobos are back and cooking up a new robot.  This build season, they will be making a new robot and presenting it at different competitions. This robot consists of several abilities and techniques that it will demonstrate in the competitions, which consists of games that the robot must pl...

Crafts For Lives

A few birds nests that Debby Barne's Crochet group had made. Barnes had started a crochet group in order to help the displaced wildlife in Australia.

Ruchi Sankolli, Reporter

January 20, 2020

In October of 2019, the continent of Australia broke out in a series of wildfires. Less than a month into the new year, and these wildfires are still raging over many major cities. Trees have been burned to ashes, animals have been displaced and families have been forced to evacuate.  According...

Would You Rather Do it or See it?

Anatomy and Physiology teacher, Nancy Matthias supervises a kidney dissection. Matthias believes that dissecting real organs and specimens enhances the learning abilities of the students.

Ruchi Sankolli, Reporter

January 3, 2020

In their later years of school, students learn to dissect animals in their biology classes in order to get a closer look at how the body systems of different beings are structured and how they function. For example, when the students are dissecting a heart, they can feel the valves and see the differen...

Booked for a Lifetime

CPHS Librarian, Debby Barnes poses with a copy of

Ruchi Sankolli, Reporter

December 9, 2019

CPHS Librarian Debby Barnes has been selected to be a reader for the TAYSHAS reading program. This is one of the reading programs created for high schools and is equivalent to the Bluebonnet reading program for elementary schools and the Lone Star reading program for middle schools.  “I think it...

How to De-Stress

As high schoolers, our lives are constantly busy and we find little, to no, free time. Our busy schedules often result in the increase of our stress levels. This can result in a lot of health issues, from thyroid diseases to asthma to gastrointestinal disorders. Stress isn’t a good thing for either our body or mind, but how do we prevent it?

Ruchi Sankolli, Reporter

November 19, 2019

As high schoolers, our lives are constantly busy and we find little, to no, free time. Our busy schedules often result in the increase of our stress levels. This can result in a lot of health issues, from thyroid diseases to asthma to gastrointestinal disorders. Stress isn’t a good thing for either...

Words of Wisdom

An excerpt of 'Lighthouse' by sophomore Ireland Weaver. Weaver often writes things that tell stories that highlight the pain and emotional experiences in people’s lives. 

“For me, talking about great tragedies, like losing people, losing yourself and then getting that back, struggling, finding out who you are, that’s what it's about,” Weaver said. “For a lot of people that have read my stuff, this seems kind of sad to them, but for me, it's like surviving. Telling the stories of people persevering.” 

Ruchi Sankolli, Reporter

November 6, 2019

From short stories, to poems, to screenplays, sophomore Ireland Weaver has written it all. Some of her works include “The Lighthouse,” “Advice from 16," “Midnight Swim," “1985” and “The Sky Between Us." Weaver said her passion for writing began from a very young age, when she would often...

Leaving a Mark on the Nation

Junior choir student Zain Jabbar (third from left to right) sings in the fall concert. The varsity mixed choir had prepared extensively for their TMEA performance, dedicating every minute to preparation. Jabbar reflects on this work. “For four months, every Wednesday after school, we practiced for an hour and fifteen minutes on the four songs,” Jabbar says. “And these weren’t easy songs. Ms Holt made sure we chose really hard songs that the professional choirs do. I was really happy that all the hard work was recognized.”

Ruchi Sankolli, Reporter

October 23, 2019

For the second year in a row, the CPHS Varsity Mixed Choir has won the National Mark of Excellence Award from the Foundation for Music Education after their performance at the Texas Music Educators Convention (TMEA) last February.  “We have only performed in this competition in the last five y...

Book Review: Challenger Deep

“Challenger Deep” will take you through a portal and switch you back from normal school life and adventures among the unforgiving sea.

Ruchi Sankolli, Reporter

September 26, 2019

Author Neal Shusterman, who has written other books such as the Arc of Scythe and Unwind series, presented "Challenger Deep" in 2015,  a book that won the National Book Award for Young People's Literature the same year it was published and the Golden Kite Award for Fiction in 2016. The novel ...

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