Robotics Club


CPHS FRC Robotics Team 5052, The RoboLobos

Purpose of the club:

To build, fund, program, and design a robot from scratch. Every year there’s a new game field with a different theme and the team makes a new robot to meet new requirements. The team also applies for awards that will allow students to learn public speaking skills and business skills.

Who may be interested in joining this club?

Anyone can join Robotics. Members do not need any prior experience in anything to join. In Robotics, members can then learn more about programming, hardware and engineering (power tools), business skills, how to use Photoshop to make flyers and t-shirt designs, how to edit videos, or write up a budget and business packet documents in their business department.

Club Events:

Competitions will be in March and April and will start on the district level. After district, the team can advance to regional and then the world championship. Robotics also participates in various off-season competitions.

They have annual Halloween and Christmas parties, a Chili Cook Off in February and a Mario Kart tournament.


$25 dues to go towards the cost of building the a robot

There will be and once build season starts, the hour requirement will be higher, but there will be tons of meetings and hour opportunities for y’all to meet them.


When- Thursdays from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m.

Where- Mr. Kalb’s Room, S105

Quotes from the President:

“We honestly become a family, and it’s an incredibly cool experience because you learn so much from your time on the team,” senior Sanjana Gagrani said. “Also it looks incredibly good on college applications and there are a ton of scholarships available.”

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Snapchat: @frc5052

Facebook: 5052 RoboLobos

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