Humans of CP: Lacey Hurley


Under the spotlight performing in the show “Thoroughly Modern Millie” last March, freshman Lacey Hurley participates in her fifth theater production. Apart from her involvements in choir and dance, Hurley tells why she feels theater is unique. “I love that you get to escape from the real world and discover a whole new one,” Hurley said. Currently she is working on her performance in the play “The King and I”.

Deana Trautz, Reporter

Having grown up in an expressive and musical family, freshman Lacey Hurley is now involved in advanced women’s choir, theatre, as well as the Emeralds dance team. Hurley talks about how her family always has jam sessions and creates harmonies together.

“My siblings and I can all vibe together over music,” Hurley said.

She says that growing up, her brother and sister always had their guitars out and play new songs on the daily. Always having felt inspired by her family, Hurley wishes to grow up to be just like them.

“They are biggest and inspirations and my best friends,” Hurley said. “They have gotten me to where I am today.”

Hurley is currently part of the theatre production “The King and I” with the Christian Youth Theatre. Hurley tells why she has always loved theatre.

“You get to escape from the real world and discover a whole new one,” Hurley said.

She has grown up in an environment that taught her to always express herself. Through her years she has one question that she often asks herself, as well as some insight into self-expression.

“I ask how I can use my talents to reach the lives of others,” Hurley said. “There is someone inside of everyone that is screaming to get out, you just have to let them. Find the thing you love and run with it.”