Experiencing Blue Man Group

Amanda Weston

     Since 1991 the Blue Man Group has astounded audiences with its heart-pounding percussion, unbelievable stunts, creative skits and music. The famous blue-painted performers were featured at Austin’s Long Center for the Performing Arts from February 22 through 27.

     Blue Man Group premiered in 1987 in New York and has since expanded into five permanent shows across the country, the national tour and several international venues. The group has been featured multiple times on late night television and will be premiering an IMAX 3D movie later this year. The acts featured in each show vary depending on location and evolve each year. The national tour is no exception to the group’s outstanding performances.

     The show stars three mute performers engaging in a variety of skits, including taking an audience member on stage for a high class Twinkie dinner, creating sculptures from incredible amounts of marshmallows caught in the performers’ mouths and bringing digital dancing figures to life. But the group is most famous for their stunning music on not-so-conventional instruments. Different paints are poured on the tops of drums so colors burst with every beat, and elaborate pipes of the group’s signature “drumbone” create a unique sound not found anywhere else.

     The performance also makes humorous social commentary, mainly in the form of parodies of modern technology. Early on in the show three enormous “GiPads” are brought on stage, presenting a host of useless yet entertaining apps. The GiPads measure the sound frequency of the blue men’s Cap’n Crunch cereal eating contest, provide a medium for an impromptu dance party and much more.

     Throughout the show several rock concert dance moves are presented to the audience, including the famous fist-pump and raise the roof. The audience then embodies these moves during the blue men’s attempt at “the world’s largest dance party.” The men use giant color-changing balls as drums which soon fly out into the audience along with confetti and white streamers, creating a rave-like atmosphere. An explosive drum beat concludes the show, leaving the audience in awe of the performers. Blue Man Group has been hailed by numerous critics around the globe saying there is no other show on earth like it.

     For those who missed the Austin performances, Blue Man Group will be returning to Texas later this spring. They will be in Houston March 9 through 13 and El Paso April 27 and 28. Tickets can be purchased from major ticket retailers or the show’s official website, www.blueman.com. The show is an absolute must-see for any audience seeking a unique and memorable experience.