Fighting for nothing: Batman V. Superman

Anjali Sudaram, Reporter

There were many anticipated movies for this year, two being both “Captain America: Civil War” and “Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice.” Two superhero moves. Both putting two superheroes that the world loves against each other, making way for many more. However, while “Captain America: Civil War” has yet to be released, “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” was, and it was disappointing.

DC Comics are set to have a good couple of years, with movies like “Suicide Squad” and Wonder Women finally getting her own movie, unfortunately however, their first movie in their long strong was severely lacking.

There were many things wrong with the movie, but starting, is the fact that Ben Affleck played Batman. Affleck cannot play Batman. Batman needs to be portrayed by someone moody and broody with the quiet need to avenge his family and himself. The only actors able to pull off a character like Batman have been Tim Burton and Christian Bale. Everyone has failed drastically much like Affleck has.

While Superman, played by Henry Cavil, was portrayed in decent fashion, as Superman is a pretty face that must seem unbreakable, there were very few Superman moments with any real substance.

Then there was the placement of the other superheroes. With little moments with heroes such as: Wonder Women and Aqua Man, this led to the number one problem with this movie: the plot line was shaky and all over the place.

While it is understood that this is the bases of many of the other movies getting released later, like Aqua Man and Wonder Women, it is severally lacking in keeping a coherent stream. For instance, there were weird moments with Lux Luther that weren’t necessary to the main part of the plot.

Then there was the fact that the entire movie was about Batman and Superman fighting. We wanted them to fight for longer than four minutes and have something really emotional happen before they become lovey and fall in love with each other.

While this is what the world wanted, what they were hoping for, this is definitely not what they got. The entire fight scene between two of what was supposedly the two best and strongest superheroes lasted less than five minutes, ending with Batman about to shove a stick in Superman’s throat but Superman begging for Batman to save his mother who coincidentally has the same name has Batman’s deceased mom.

Honestly the best part of this movie was Gal Godot who played Wonder Women and just Cavil’s pretty face. This is a solid 2 out 10.