Hallie Noble Senior Columns

Halie Noble

     I shouldn’t be writing a senior column. I fill in my grade as 11 on every form and I get no privileges like the class of 2009 does, and yet come June 5 I will forever be done with compulsory school. Due to a rather unconventional high school experience, I find myself graduating a year early.

     I graduated from an itsy-bisty middle school where a grade with more than twenty kids would be stretching its limits. I was then thrown into St. Michael’s Catholic Shark pit, where freshmen are actually hazed and mass meant I had to wear a dress to school once a week. I quickly learned the St. Mike’s was not the right environment for me.

     Cedar Park was a monstrous change, suddenly I was going to school with over 2000 students and there were endless opportunities (such as newspaper) that I had never dreamt of at private school. My first Pep Rally at CPHS was the first time I really felt like I was in high school. Cedar Park was a nice step up from the life of Catholic School, but I guess I just not a big fan of high school. At the last possible minute I could make the decision, I told my counselor I wanted to graduate early.

     Right now, I am in the midst of the only time high school has ever been challenging for me. Along with my junior classes, I have crammed in any credits I was required to complete for my senior year. Every Monday and Wednesday I spend three hours with a very uniquely horrendous ACC professor, and I log in daily to NOVANET for my English 4

     All in all, high school has taught me to adapt. From 100 kids, to 400 kids, and finally 2400 kids, I can only hope I have been prepared for college with 25,000 adults.