Letter from the 2009-2010 Editors

Mercedes Ordenez & Laura Sirrianni

     Though it may be cliché and unbelievable, it truly is amazing how quickly the first days of school can turn into the last. Looking back on a year from now, when we were junior section managers tackling the daunting task of putting out our first real paper, we are truly amazed and proud we made it to our very own May issue.  With five crazy issues full of deadline crunches, late work nights, story cycles, picture taking, page designing and food ordering, we feel very positive about our experiences as the 2009-2010 editors and the work we have done together and with the rest of The Wolfpack staff.

      This isn’t all about us though- a lot of the effort we have put into the papers is not for our gain, but for the benefit of you, the reader. We have worked hard to bring you news ranging from worldly affairs to school functions, stories of triumph and stories of misfortune, columns full of opinion and objective views on current events. We commend you, for not only supporting our paper, but for being proactive in educating yourself in this vast, complicated world.

     That being said, how do you plan on sharing the knowledge you hold with your peers? We, the class of 2010, have finished making our mark at Cedar Park High School, but all of the younger classes still have time to make an impact. And we encourage you to do just that- get involved! We can all speak from experience that high school years are much more fulfilling and beneficial when you do.

     So as we get ready to pack our things and head off to college, our new editors and staff for the 2010-11 school year will begin to make their mark by creating papers full of new and exciting material that you’ll be sure to love. So, with full faith in the new staff for next year, we will be signing off for the last time. Thank you for all of your support over the past year.