XOXO, Timberwolves

Savannah Burchfiel

Twitter drama is all the rage these days.

Accounts that have been created include Cedar Park Anon and Cedar Park Problems. Pages post everything under the sun, from drama to personal attacks to humorous posts. With the anonymous nature, there’s no knowing who the mastermind behind the madness is.

A new account that appeared last week, Cedar Park Posts, took a new approach. The account posted its password on the page, opening up a portal for all students to secretly share their deepest, darkest drama. Some students saw the appeal, while others saw the negative potential. One student saw the flaw in the system and deleted the account just as anonymously as it had been created.

Although no serious bullying has been reported, there is definitely potential for more than just hurt feelings. The seemingly-joking manner can quickly turn for the worst when students are repeatedly targeted.

Common names seem to appear repeatedly in the news feed. It seems that some students are just asking to be talked about, and Twitter is the perfect place for attention-hungry high schoolers to get their fix.

Lately, the drama has extended to other students in Leander ISD. Vandegrift seems to be one of the recurring targets for drama. Now that bored students must find some other unhealthy creative outlet, the rival between schools has extended beyond the football field and onto social media.

The appeal is far and wide. Everybody wants to be a part of it, any nobody is hesitant to jump in. Once you’re in, there’s no getting out.

Some accounts, namely Cedar Park Gossip Girl, had short-lived glory days. Last semester the page popped up in the midst of a plethora of other accounts. When a page has plenty to say but nothing to offer, students aren’t interested.

Students of Cedar Park High School, we do not attend St. Jude or St. Clarence. There is no “Gossip Girl” among us. Let’s rise above the drama before we all become the Blair Waldorfs and Dan Humphreys of Cedar Park’s elite.