Princess of Myth

Lizzy Lamm

Book: Princess of Myth Series

Author: Esther Friesner

Rating: 9/10

Price: $8 to $11 paperback, depending on publication date, and $13 hardcover at Barnes and Noble

Esther Friesner is the author of over 30 novels and 150 short stories. She is also the author of the Princess of Myth novels, which tell the story of princesses in different historical periods that stand up to the fact that women were not treated as equals of men. Each set of two books (the original and its sequel) describe the adventures of teenage girls in different places at different historical periods.

Friesner’s first Princess of Myth novel, “Nobody’s Princess”, described the adventures of a young Helen of Sparta, before the Trojan War. The story was continued in “Nobody’s Prize”, when Helen sneaks onto the Argo to follow her brothers on their quest for the Golden Fleece.  

Friesner’s next installment of the Princess of Myth series was “Sphinx’s Princess”, which told the story of the Egyptian Princess Nefertiti before she ruled Egypt. Its sequel is “Sphinx’s Queen”.

The newest addition to the series, “Spirit’s Princess”, is the story of Himiko, who is the daughter of her tribe’s leader of the Matsu people. She is expected to marry, but she follows the road of a shaman instead, and finds that she has the ability to communicate with the gods and spirits. The sequel is Friesner’s newest book, “Spirit’s Chosen”. This newly published novel is about how Himiko’s people were conquered by the Ookami (Wolf) tribe, and many of her family was killed or taken as slaves. She goes to the Ookami’s land to rescue what is left of her family and tribe, but instead finds herself a captive as well.

Friesner is now working on another book, called “Deception’s Princess”, about Maeve, in Iron Age Ireland, who is the daughter of King Eochu of Connacht. The publication date is uncertain, but will be released sometime in 2014.

Friesner’s books are amazingly written, and even if you are not a big fan of historical fiction, I think that you will like this series. Unlike other historical fiction books, which are based on actual events, the only thing that makes these books historical fiction is that they take place in the past, and are based on real people. The plot lines and events are completely original. They keep you on the edge of your seat, and there is never a boring moment when you are reading these books.