Amanda Weston, Story Manager

Born on a sunny Orlando day in 1993, I am Amanda Weston. In my senior year here at CPHS (class of ’11 rules!) I am involved in numerous things, including but not limited to: newspaper as co-story manager, the school musical, OAP theatre, NHS, figure skating, Thespian Society and PALs. Next year I hope to attend the University of Missouri to earn a degree in Journalism and French, and then move on to Columbia University to earn my Master’s degree. Afterwards I plan to live in a penthouse in wonderful New York City where I shall see Broadway shows every night and visit CPHS every year to see the musical. Obviously, I am a firm believer in dreaming big.

            In what little spare time I have, I can usually be found in my backyard doing homework, reading Pride and Prejudice (again), or skating at the ice rink working on my sit-spin. I am absolutely addicted to Twilight, Jane Austen, Everlasting Gobstoppers, musical theatre soundtracks, Diet Coke and Icebreakers mints. I drive a stick shift blue VW bug convertible which I love (even though it seems to always be in need of repairs) and love all the wonderful people in my life. You are the ones who keep me sane and make me smile. Thanks for reading!