Mallory Robertson, Co-Editor

Hey guys! I’m Mallory, I’m a SENIOOOORRR and I am one of the editors of The Wolfpack for the 2010-2011 school year.  Beth and I share the position and I am very excited to see what this year’s staff has to bring to the table. When I am not in newspaper, I am in the student broadcast staff of cphs-tv, The Wolfcast. During those periods I am a news anchor and that’s a really fun and interesting experience. Along with being an editor I take some of the pictures for the newspaper. Taking pictures is something I’m really into. Hit me up, I’ll take your senior pictures 😉 Journalism is basically where I live during the school year, out of seven periods I attend school I am in the news room five of those. Kinda ridic if you ask me. When I graduate I plan to move to New York City to get certified to become a preschool teacher, and I would also like to start my own photography business on the side. I’m eighteen, I have senioritis, and I wish for this year to go by fast so I can graduate and finally be out of high school. I have an unhealthy addiction to Sonic and I attend almost every day to get myself a strawberry Sprite with extra strawberries. I live downtown; going to shows or Mozart’s when everything else has closed late at night.  I’m hardcore. I don’t mess around. I play for keeps.  That is all. J