Drink, Drive, Danger

Chris Collins

Shattered dreams, where the hidden dangers of drinking and driving are laid out in plain sight for students every other year with a dramatization of an alcohol related car accident.  

The event started on Mar. 7 with a movie screening acting out a real life scenario that students could relate to in the PAC, and then students were led outside to a mock crash site where actors were playing out a drinking and driving crash incident. Soon after the audience of students was outside, first responders such as the Cedar Park Police and Fire Department arrived to tend to the victims. 

“The story doesn’t end with the accident,” David Looney, senior and director of the Shattered Dreams production, said. “It shows that there are consequences people have to live with for the rest of their lives.”

Shattered Dreams intends on making juniors and seniors realize the consequences of drinking and driving, and hopefully encourage them to make better, safer choices.

On Mar. 8 Shattered Dreams continued with students watching the aftermath of the crash in the PAC, such as the driver going to jail and seeing a couple of the victims dying.