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Photo courtesy of Katlyn Weeks

Katlyn Weeks (12)

What were some of your best moments this year?
One of my best moments was finding out I was accepted into UT Tyler, a dream university of mine. I never thought I would make it in, and the odds were all against me, yet I made it in with faith and hard work.

What were some of your worst moments this year?
My worst moment this year was finding out my uncle was diagnosed with a second cancer. There are a lot of things in my life that I have control of, yet when it comes to death and illness, I’m overcome with anxiety because I have no control over it. He is doing fine now, but who knows how long he has left.

Who was someone that made 2018 tolerable?
The people that made 2018 tolerable were my friends. We don’t always get along, but when I am in a crisis or when I just can’t do it anymore, they are there to encourage and hold onto me every step of the way.

What would you change about 2018?

I would change my attitude. I would change how I react when being given a challenge. I would have told myself to go for it, because doing the things that make you scared grows you mentally and emotionally and makes you stronger.

What do you want from 2019?
I want to take 2019 one day at a time. I don’t want a resolution to follow. Instead, I just want to focus on growing myself and giving back to all the people who have blessed me. I want to live more selflessly.

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