The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

“Me Time” starring Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg was released Aug. 26 on Netflix, and was the number one watched movie for several days. The movies is exciting with many funny and ridiculous scenes that left me laughing to myself.

Hart, Wahlberg Entertain in Netflix Original Movie

Penny Moreno, Reporter September 20, 2022

This past weekend, I sat on my bed wondering what I could do because I finally had some "me time."  Lately, I have not been able to watch any TV shows or movies because of my busy schedule with school...

The movie “The Adam Project,” is available to watch on Netflix as a Netflix original film. The movie is filled with popular actors such as Ryan Reynolds, Mark Ruffalo, Zoe Saldaña and Jennifer Garner. The movie is an action filled adventure movie about the existence of time travel.

Future Me

Penny Moreno, Reporter April 25, 2022

After a long weekend in Dallas for a volleyball tournament, I sat on the couch at my house and decided to watch a movie with my mom. I quickly explained that I very much wanted to take a nap, but I was...

South by Southwest is a city wide festival held here in Austin that showcases Music, Film and technology. This year, after a two-year hiatus due to COVID-19, South By Southwest was held from Mar. 11-20 and had venues spread around the city containing conferences, movie premieres, live music and many appearances from celebrities. “It was pretty cool,” junior Jack Polishook said. “I only did the free stuff because I didn’t have one of the passes but there was a lot of variety. There were cool art shows, there was a lot of cool music, there were a lot of people giving out free stuff, all of these companies giving out free things.”

Back and Better Than Ever

Isa Morgan, Reporter April 11, 2022

It’s back. Returning to its wide audience of high-end media connoisseurs, after a two-year hiatus, showcasing new and upcoming entertainment exclusively premiered at this city-wide event. Talk spreads...

Monster High is back with the introduction of the new doll line, Haunt Couture, after a very long hiatus. Their last project was the Skullector line, featuring freak fabulous adaptations of classic horror icons such as Beetlejuice and Pennywise. I am so pleased to see that the franchise from my childhood is back with new modern renditions of the beloved main characters, and I can’t wait to see what the brand will do in the future.

The Ghouls are Back

Isa Morgan, Reporter March 8, 2022

School is back in session for "Monster High," with an introduction of renditions of classic characters and a new live-action movie confirmed. The new line of dolls, “Haunt Couture," will feature five...

At the end of march, choir presented a magical performance featuring many Disney princesses and their friends. This April, Anna and Elsa are coming back with the theatre department with Frozen jr. Come see this show to remember a well loved movie from our childhoods, Brant said. Its also a great show for kids and a chance for them to see their favorite Disney princesses.

A Freezing Spring

Sofya Bashirova, Reporter March 8, 2022

Birds chirping, flowers blossoming and sunshine rays everywhere tell us that spring is coming. But this is not the case in the theater department, where students are working hard to bring back winter wonderland...

I feel the “i love you so much” mural is famous for being one of the most photographed places in Austin. People visit Jo’s coffee, where the mural is located on South Congress, to take pictures with it every day. I enjoyed visiting the mural again, and even though it is a simple mural it is also my favorite mural in Austin.

Art For Everyone

Penny Moreno, Reporter February 17, 2022

The sun slowly rises on a chilly day in Austin, Texas, and the breeze blows by as people walk the streets of downtown, passing numerous sky-high buildings. Every street has a wall filled with magnificent...

Before I started watching this movie, I truly did not know what to expect. But, as time passed by, the bigger picture started slowly forming, and I started to become truly involved in the story, sympathizing with the characters and transporting myself into their world. After watching this movie, I reinforced the idea of living life to the fullest and the importance of always being there and present for the people in my life.

The Sound of Time

Sofya Bashirova, Reporter February 15, 2022

A tear-dropping turn of events combined with a heartwarming story and harmonious songs create this constantly changing movie, “Tick, Tick Boom!” Before I started watching this movie, I truly did...

“The Royal Treatment,” a romance film, was released on Jan. 20 on Netflix. It has appeared in Netflix’s top 10 movies and sat at number one for a while.  number one for movies on Netflix and has appeared on. The movie focuses on the two main characters lives and is a beautiful love story.

Can’t Get You Out of My Hair

Penny Moreno, Reporter February 14, 2022

Valentine’s day is coming up, and watching movies could be a great way to spend your day with your loved one. “The Royal Treatment” is a newly released heartfelt romance film starring Laura Marano...

New series of anime are coming out from their manga panels, and for people like me its very important to know where to find the new series that are coming out and where to watch them.

From Manga to the Big Screen

Aahana Mulchandani, Reporter February 14, 2022

Anime has captivated the hearts of billions, hooking various people, including myself and my peers, into their well-written plots, music and exquisite character designs. The entirety of the anime community...

There There by Tommy Orange is a mesmerizing story in which multiple people are able to reconnect with each other through one crucial cultural event. Since culture is an important part of a persons life, more people should know about their own stories and other peoples stories. This novel does a wonderful job of explaining the importance of culture and why being attentive to different cultures is important for our own knowledge and growth as human beings.

Culturally Connected

Ruchi Sankolli, Assistant Editor February 11, 2022

I have always loved learning about the different cultures and hearing stories of them. I feel more connected to other cultures because of my own, and over time, this curiosity about cultures grew. The...

Japanese writer Haruki Murakami first released the novel that propelled him to international recognition, “Norwegian Wood” in 1987 and has released 28 books in total. The red, white and black cover depicted shows what appears to be shadows cast under slender tree trunks correlating to the title, but the more detailed visual shows pairs of feet with two people facing left and one right.

Not the Beatles, Murakami

Anthony Whiting, Reporter February 7, 2022

In a train-ride distance from greater-Tokyo to the more remote forests of Kyoto, the novel “Norwegian Wood'' by Haruki Murakami presents the ordain youth problems of university education, identity, isolation...

Welcoming back the familiar faces of Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox and David Arquette, this new addition to the “Scream” franchise also adds new faces such as Jenna Ortega and Dylan Minnette. This new installment to the series wasn’t as perfect as I had hoped but it was still exciting to see this modern adaptation to the franchise. The film keeps it’s classic “who done it” attitude and makes sure to keep viewers guessing who’s behind the mask.

Don’t Pick Up the Phone

Isa Morgan, Reporter January 28, 2022

WARNING: INCLUDES SPOILERS, ONLY READ IF YOU’VE SEEN THE NEW 'SCREAM,' AKA SCREAM 5  “Scream” is back on the big screen with the newest addition of the fifth movie. The film was released on Jan....

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