The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

After running 5 kilometers, senior Sanil Desai finishes his cross country race at Vista Ridge. Desai will be attending Brown University in the fall to pursue an education in medicine. “The feeling of finishing a race is so rewarding,” Desai said. “Being involved in a variety of extracurriculars has taught me how to balance my time and be well rounded. These activities have also allowed me to be involved in my interests and the school.
Photo by Mai Cachila

Time to Scrub in

Mai Cachila, Reporter May 24, 2024

His cursor hovers over the email containing his decision that could decide the next four years of his life. His anticipation fills the room as he reflects back on his hard work and experiences. Giving...

Crossing her fingers tightly, senior Sophie Triche smiles proudly for her senior photo. Triche plans to attend Kilgore college and is hopeful to continue high kicking with the Rangerettes in the fall. “When I first saw the Rangerettes, I was enamored by how professional they were,” Triche said. “It made me absolutely fall in love with them and everything they do. I knew I wanted to dance after high school and the Rangerettes to me, feels like home. I could not be more excited when I made the official decision to try out and let my friends and family know that I was committed to be a hopeful for such a world renowned dance team.” Photo Courtesy of Sophie Triche

Kicking into History

Morgan Nabi, Guest Reporter May 24, 2024

The hours of training, listening and stretching are not quite done as she takes another leap yet again. She carefully makes sure that everything is in line from her training routine to her staying in line...

Standing with his guitar during Garage Band practice, senior Trevor Von Wupperfeld smiles for the camera. Von Wupperfeld was a founding member of the club, along with a long line of other activities at Cedar Park that earned him the title of Most Involved. “All of the music programs at our school are very, very dedicated, Von Wupperfeld said. Its kind of an all or nothing type of deal. And I am not a big fan of the all or nothing. So I kinda found a garage band to house all of the musicians who didnt have a place in the school or people who didnt have a traditional instrument they played. We take guitarists and basses and all kinds of stuff.  Photo Courtesy of Trevor Von Wupperfeld

Rockstar President

Arav Neroth, Guest Reporter May 23, 2024

From making music with his club in the science building to goalkeeping on the water polo team, there almost isn’t anything senior Trevor Von Wupperfeld doesn’t do. Von Wupperfeld is the Senior Class...

Holding her debut novel Lorida, senior Lilly Stone poses with her self-published novel for her senior photos. Stone said that she is optimistic about what her future holds in the literary world, and is proud of how far she has come despite the odds. “It doesnt take a special skill set to write a book, and you don’t have to be anyone special to do it,” Stone said. “If you have the drive and motivation, you have to just keep pushing yourself to write even when you don’t feel like it, because, in the end, you will be proud of what you’ve accomplished.” Courtesy of Lilly Stone

Fresh Face in Fiction

Gaby Coutts, Guest Reporter May 23, 2024

Starting by picking up a journal and pencil when she was just a kid, senior Lilly Stone has had a dream for writing her entire life, but now is making it a reality. Using her imagination to guide her,...

Waterloo swim instructor, Emler swim instructor, and Camp Hope leader are just some of the jobs available for students over the summer. Junior Clara Rabago will be working as a small group leader at Camp Hope for two weeks over the summer where she will be taking care of the children there and participating in activities such as church services, games, art, and science. “I’m excited to have my own kids this year,” Rabago said. “I like seeing how a kid will come in and be super shy, but then they come out all being friends. They’re so happy and energetic and it’s just cool to see how much these kids grow within a week.”

Free At Last… Or Maybe Not

Kaydence Wilkinson, Reporter May 23, 2024

A blaring wake-up alarm rings out in the early morning, and she startles from her sleep. Rising groggily from her bed, she questions if the camp is worth waking up early for, but when she is greeted by...

Posing for a picture, the Destination Imagination team smiles after taking 2nd place at state. The challenge the team did this year was the Service Learning challenge. “We chose to help a local dance school called Art Beat,” sophomore Sindhu Chidambaram said. “Art Beat offers free dance classes for those on the autism spectrum. We raised awareness for the dance school and provided the adaptive class with sensory kits.”

Creative Problem Solvers

Kassidy Wilkinson, Reporter May 23, 2024

Destination Imagination (DI) is a program where students all over the world create teams to compete as creative problem solvers.  For a competition, DI team members choose a team challenge and then...

Parking Lot Attendant Alan Gallagher poses next to his sign notifying that students can no longer purchase parking passes. Students without passes will not be able to park in the school parking lot, and if they do, AP’s will be notified. ““[When I catch people skipping] I notify the students AP and from there Im not sure what happens,” Gallagher said. “[I can also stop people for] speeding through the parking lot [since] the speed limit is 10 mph on campus.”

Confining the Chaos

Heidi Williams, Reporter May 21, 2024

Once school gets out, it starts. Students rush to their cars to try to get out first, and parents block up spaces, annoying others. People hurry and speed off, ignoring everyone else, yet somehow avoiding...

Following through, senior Kade Davis throws a pitch in the game against Lockhart on March 26. Davis threw the first no hitter in Timberwolf Baseball history that night as the team won 15-0. “I was pumped, our team was pumped, everybody was happy, and we were winning the ball game,” Davis said. ““During the game I tried not to think about it because youre not supposed to think about a no hitter while youre still in the game or you could jinx it. I was just worried about winning the game, I didn’t care so much about the no hitter during the game, I just wanted to win.” Photo by Jim Cowlishaw

No Hitter, No Problem

Alyssa Fox, Reporter May 21, 2024

As he takes a deep breath, he rolls the ball over in his hands as the batter looks him down from across the way. The dirt under his cleats grounds him and beads of sweat slowly fall down his forehead,...

Smiling for the camera, Junior Adhit Eswaramoorthi and his fellow DECA member Justin Khadivi and Aryan Anarkat as they stay in their room during the state competition in Houston. Eswaramoorthi, Anarkat, and Rushil Mehta participated in the event Franchise Business Plans and advanced to the DECA International Competition. “I think being in DECA and talking to different people from different schools allowed me to expand how I view and go about meeting new people, Eswaramoorthi said. Which connects to robotics and the work ethic you have to have.

The Man, the Myth, The Legend

Penny Moreno, Reporter May 21, 2024

He sits at his desk, focused and locked in as he finalizes his twenty-pager. He taps on his keyboard as he thinks about the proposal that he is writing up and the hard work that he has put in. He further...

Senior Andrew Giguere strikes a pose with his car before prom in April. Giguere said he’s proud of his car after saving money for a year. “I really like the way it looks,” Giguere said. “I looked at a lot of cars before buying this one, but the Mustang was my best bet.” Photo Courtesy of Andrew Giguere

A Penny Saved is a Sports Car Earned

Raegan Ford, Guest Reporter May 21, 2024

Hours spent working, and months worth saving, he finally has the car of his dreams. He sits in his garage, adding tons of modifications, wanting to perfect the look of his car. Senior Andrew Giguere didn’t...

The Freshman Four together at Gupton Stadium with their UIL medals. Seniors Trey Thompson, Randy Griner, Harris Garner and Aidan Gonzales have been on the school’s snare line since 2020 and will now be graduating this year. “My favorite moment was this year after the state finals which is our final performance of marching season,” Thompson said. “It was a very emotional performance, I was sobbing going off the field, I remember the last note and putting my sticks down, the crowd was cheering. The last thirty seconds of the show I was like oh this is it, my last thirty seconds of marching band.”
Photo Courtesy of Randy Griner

A Run Four the Books

Mai Cachila, Reporter May 17, 2024

The players, cheerleaders and Celebrities are off of the field, opening up the space for the band. The crowd silences and it is not only all eyes on them, but all ears too. The band makes way for the snare...

The team jumps in celebration during a game in the series against Medina Valley High School. The win moved them on to the Regional Quarterfinals to play Rouse on May 16 and 17, with a third game Saturday if necessary.  “Obviously the third round curse has been around for a couple of years now,” freshman Hudson Cuevas said. “Hopefully we change that this year and beat them. We just need to get it out of our head that it’s a curse and hopefully make it to the fourth round.”
Photo Courtesy of Jim Cowlishaw

A Familiar Foe

Mai Cachila, Reporter May 15, 2024

Cheers of celebration echo from the dugout as the sevent inning comes to an end and the team secures the win in the second round of playoffs. Their success is a win, but now their determination to break...

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The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School
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