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From CP to Golden Key and Beyond

Posing in her room, senior Kieren Garner smiles while being surrounded by books. Garner plans to major in English at Texas State in the fall.

Amelia Tapia, Guest Reporter

May 29, 2020

After creating a strong passion for writing over the years, one of The Wolfpack’s very own, senior Kieren Garner, has decided to pursue an English degree at Texas State University with a concentration in creative writing.  “I’ve found that writing is, honestly, my passion; nothing has ever been abl...

Rapping ‘Til the Sun Goes Down

Senior Randy Thompson has aspirations of turning rapping from a hobby into a career. He said he has a mindset that anything is possible if you have the patience, skill, mindset, and drive to get it done. “Life isn’t easy,” Thompson said. “However, you don’t have to be miserable. Do what you love.”

Justin Ballou, Reporter

May 29, 2020

The newest aspiring rapper from Cedar Park is senior Randy Thompson. Thompson has been writing music since the start of his freshman year of high school, but has been rapping since he was five years old. “I used to sing along to all the hip-hop music,” Thompson said. “I would memorize every ...

Walking Off The Field

As high school comes to a close for senior Logan Johnson, she looks back on her four years balancing softball, school and AP photography. Johnson said she will be attending Texas State University in the fall and hopes to pursue her passions. “I am looking forward to the art and photography I am going to be doing at college,” Johnson said. “I am also so excited for all of the fun that I will be having with my friends and new friends I will make when I go to Texas State.”

Kieren Garner, Reporter

May 27, 2020

As high school comes to a close for the class of 2020, senior Logan Johnson looks back on her high school years swinging the softball bat and running bases on the field while her teammates cheer her on from the dugout and practicing photography, as well as looking forward to her future and the path she ...

Celebrating The Graduates

Holding her basket of gifts, senior Sarah Rodriguez thanks her adoption family.

Lacie Perry, Reporter

May 27, 2020

 The COVID-19 virus may have taken away spring sports, prom and traditional graduation plans, but it can’t take away their celebration, thanks to one mom, Lisa Hunt, who started the “Adopt a Senior” group on Facebook for LISD seniors.  The “Adopt a Senior” was created in central Texas during the...

Nature to the Rescue

Milton Reimers Ranch Park is located in Travis County and allows for activities such as hiking, fishing, swimming and bike riding. Senior Mathew Minor has been participating in activities like these to take his mind off of the COVID-19 pandemic. “The lake has been a way to go outside and get fresh air without being close to other people,” Minor said. “I have been spending more time outside and on the lake than before.”

Addy Bates, Reporter

May 27, 2020

With school being over and graduation postponed, summer now begins earlier than expected and with entertainment facilities still being closed, students have been relying on nature as a getaway from the pressures from the COVID-19 outbreak.  Because Texas parks reopened before restaurants and stores, plac...

Best of Both Worlds

Senior Alison Dye smiles for the camera. Dye has been a member of many organizations in school, from playing the role of Mary Poppins in Princess Tea, to being a member of PALS and the Spanish Club, and reflects on her experience in these activities. “All of these activities have helped me come out of the shell,” Dye said. “I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve been blessed with, [and the chance] to meet so many awesome people.”

Ruchi Sankolli, Reporter

May 26, 2020

As she leaves the choir room filled with melodic sounds, she enters a Spanish club meeting greeting members with  "Hola!" or her car for an eventful day as a PAL. From PALS to Spanish Club to choir, senior Alison Dye has a lot on her plate. However the workload is worth it for Dye as she said th...

Creative Quarantine

Sophomore Lexi Hall and Senior Cally hall show off their newly painted door.

Emily Mahoney, Reporter

May 25, 2020

While the world is in distress and the 2020 school year comes to an unceremonious close, it may seem as if everyone is in idle anticipation for life to return to normal. However, some students are taking advantage of extra time they may have to increase their creativity and enrich their lives, despite ...

Aid Through Art

Senior Gracyn McGathy plans to paint as many graduation caps as she can in exchange for student's donations to the One Fair Wage fund. “I wanted to find a way to safely do my part to spread goodness in a time when so many people are suffering physically, emotionally, and financially,” McGathy said.

Kaley Johnson, Reporter

May 25, 2020

With COVID-19 numbers continuing to rise and many businesses opting to continue to keep it’s doors shut despite the recent relaxing of some restrictions, many people are still struggling to stay on their feet financially. This is why senior and art student Gracyn McGathy has decided to use her talent t...

Teaching Blues

With changes due to COVID-19, students are now expected to complete a series of virtual assignments and attend meetings as needed. Given the status quo, academic learning has been modified to better fit the variety of situations students are in. “For the most part, and for the majority of the students I would say [that they are meeting expectations],” AP Human Geography and AP Seminar teacher Cassandra Gray said. “I teach both AP Human Geography and AP Seminar and AP Exams are still happening, so there is a lot of review and prep work going into the next few weeks. For the most part, [the] majority of the students are completing the assignments as they are intended and are trying their best on them in order to get accurate feedback.

Ruchi Sankolli, Reporter

May 22, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all people equally, from closed schools to confinement at home. Although the response towards this unfortunate disaster is common, the ways people have been affected are far from common.  As this phase of quarantine drags on, schools and districts have shifted ...

Taking the Lead

Smiling, senior Lindsay Doves poses for the camera. Dove has played eight theatre roles in her high school career, all varying in genre. However her favorite was Elle Woods in

Estefani Rios, Editor-in-Chief

May 22, 2020

As the curtains rise, she checks for all her props and costumes one last time and takes a deep breath. When she walks out of the wings and as steps on stage, she transforms into Dorothy or Ursula or Ambrosia Jekyll.   Senior Lindsay Dove has played eight theatre roles in her high school career,...

Pursuing Voice

Posing in character, senior Nathan Wright helps to promote the musical,

Ximena Martinez, Guest Reporter

May 21, 2020

From the moment he could sing, get on stage, be the class clown, or catch people’s attention, senior Nathan Wright has been passionate about performing. Wright has performed on many stages, but his most frequent is the CPHS performing arts center auditorium stage. As a member of choir and thea...

The Next Trending Elective

Demonstrating the start of a front choke defense, owner of The Mat and instructor Alec Rains teaches a defensive options class. This class is all about the fundamentals of Krav Maga, or self-defense, and is a great opportunity to begin learning specialized techniques and training the mind. “[Self-defense is] the foundations of what we call “life skills” that build character and good habits for living,” Rains said. “[These] life skills develop into awareness of the self and those around us. Having knowledge in protecting yourself physically plays a part [in training self-defense], but the actual reality of needing any physical skills to the degree we practice is nearly 100% avoidable.”

Ally JohnPress, Reporter

May 20, 2020

On a day to day basis, many people face threats they aren’t even aware about. A person of any age, gender, or status is susceptible to harm in today’s social climate. As much as it is beneficial to understand basic defense against danger and simple solutions for less stressful situations, sometimes...

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