The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

From left to right, senior Skyler Ortiz, 2022 alumnus Kaylee York and seniors Tamara Eslava and Eliana Garza pose for a quick picture as they watch a movie screening at last years Austin Film Festival. At the festival, the students listened to screenwriters, watched film screenings and explored the venues scattered across Downtown Austin. “Our group of students got to see exclusive screenings of films in iconic theaters such as the Paramount, for free, all due to the scholarship that accepted us in, Ortiz said.

Flashback on Festival

Iliana Tangarova, Reporter October 4, 2022

Picture shaking the calloused hands of Johnny Depp, watching movies and listening to informational panels featuring some of the top film writers in the world. This is what one might experience at the Austin...

The show choir, a class that mixes theatrical dance with singing, gathers together for a photo. This class, and others, are filled with new faces like freshmen Alexandra Moll and Charlotte Griffin who said they were ready and excited for their first year in a high school choir. “The choir community is so supportive, everyone is incredibly nice and enjoyable to be around, Moll said. I am most excited for the end of the year beach trip. To spend time with my friends during that time sounds like so much fun.”

More Than Just a Voice

Cyrus Van Sickle, Reporter October 3, 2022

Choir. The program that goes roller skating, sings Christmas carols on Riverwalk boats, performs student-written plays and still manages to be a nationally recognized high school choir. Although singing...

The new Tech Theater teacher Zeph Kenna smiles in front of his desk during an interview. After teaching science in Coppell and working in community theaters, there’s a lot of excitement towards starting his new job, according to Kenna. “This is the first time that Ive been kind of involved in a large program like this,” Kenna said. “I used to be able to just kind of teach my class and go on my way. In this case, Im involved in something a lot bigger.”

Behind the Scenes of the Behind the Scenes

Caleb Taylor, Reporter September 30, 2022

The show must go on. Despite a staff change midway through last year’s season, the school’s theater program put on eight different shows in the span of eight months. However, those kinds of numbers...

Senior and captain of the swim team Kamryn Kramer swims a lap at the first swim meet on Thursday. Amid the new experiences of leading the team and having a new swim coach with Les Greenwood, Kramer says she most enjoys the social aspect of swim. “Everyone’s best friends, Kramer said. I’m a captain of the swim team, and I love being a leader where everyone’s friends and being goofy and silly with them at the meets too. The [competitive aspect of] meets are really fun, getting up for each other.”

Dive In With Both Feet

Jaden Kolenbrander, Reporter September 29, 2022

Coming off a boy's state appearance, the swim team is beginning another year with a change: Les Greenwood is the new swimming and water polo coach, replacing Josh Geisinger. Greenwood started his coaching...

From left to right, seniors Aidan Johnson, Brady Allen, Cyrus Van Sickle, junior Braeden Fuller and senior Ryan Taylor pose for a picture at the first football game of the season. After posing for the quick picture, they grabbed water for the Celebrities. “I like being able to help the team with everything they need, Taylor said. “I think serving people brings a lot of joy into my life and so being able to do that for many people is awesome and being able to be close up with the team watching them perform is a whole new level of experience.”

Celebrities’ Helping Hands

Ava Callaway, Reporter September 28, 2022

As the Celebrities dance team kicks off a brand new school year, they introduce a new group to the program, called Honor Guard. It consists of a small group of students who give up their time and energy...

Watching the eyes of the opposing player, sophomore Avery Nelson carefully  waits for her to decide the play. The girl’s water polo team were seated second in their district at the beginning of their season. “[Being a goalie] is very stressful,” Nelson said. “[It] feels like all the pressure is on you because youre the last line of defense, when the offensive opponents are coming at you, you always have to be on your guard. And Its very tough mentally because you always beat yourself up.”

All Worth it

Kassidy Wilkinson, Reporter September 27, 2022

Clinging to the offensive player in front of her, senior Audrey Truman glances at the ball on the other side of the pool. Her right hand tightly grips her opponent's wrist, while her left hand fends off...

“I’m Glad My Mom Died” by Jennette McCurdy is a transcendent memoir that is truly unlike any other book ever released. It provided an equal amount of laughs and tears while telling the life story of McCurdy. McCurdy takes her readers through the rocky road that was her childhood, some of the most developmental years of a person’s life. This memoir does a beautiful job of balancing all of the heartbreak and happiness felt by McCurdy throughout the book, ultimately making you agree with her book’s title.

You’re Glad Your Mom Died?

Madison Shields, Editor September 23, 2022

*CONTENT WARNING: EATING DISORDERS* I was an avid Nickelodeon kid, flipping between “Spongebob Squarepants,” “Fairly Odd Parents,” “Victorious” and most importantly “iCarly.” Since then,...

With the finish line in sight and a 15-second lead, junior Isabel Conde De Frankenberg pushes her way through the final stretch of the Cedar Park Invitational. Conde De Frankenberg would go on to win the varsity girls 5K race for the second year in a row. “It was a good turnout, it was really fun,” Conde De Frankenberg said. “I love our school course, it was good being able to run on there and represent your own course.”

Racing Into the Season

Anthony Luparello, Reporter September 22, 2022

Fear, anger, motivation: these are some of the many feelings dozens of athletes felt as they approached the spray-painted starting line of the Cedar Park XC Invitational. As a new school year starts,...

Holding out the ball, varsity quarterback and junior Ayden Arp hands the ball off to senior Tyree Nicholson. The team lost 7-24 to Round Rock on Sept. 9. “I think that once we get into district, it’ll be a whole different story,” Arp said. “We’ll have a lot more toughness when we have our district play.”

When the Going Gets Tough, the Toughness Gets Going

Kacey Miller, Reporter September 20, 2022

The blinding stadium lights streak across his vision as he joins the huddle with his team, warm bodies jumping up and down as they yell their pre-game chants. In these moments, it’s easy to forget the...

“Me Time” starring Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg was released Aug. 26 on Netflix, and was the number one watched movie for several days. The movies is exciting with many funny and ridiculous scenes that left me laughing to myself.

Hart, Wahlberg Entertain in Netflix Original Movie

Penny Moreno, Reporter September 20, 2022

This past weekend, I sat on my bed wondering what I could do because I finally had some "me time."  Lately, I have not been able to watch any TV shows or movies because of my busy schedule with school...

Posing for the camera, seniors celebrate the start of their last year at this years senior sunrise. This year’s annual tradition was held on Aug. 22 in the Milburn park parking lot and came with complications and confusion that led to obstacles the Student Council had to overcome. “Planning events this year, I would say that it was stressful at first just coming in off of summer and not having done anything and then full on sprinting into the first events,” senior Ainsley Harlan said. “But I think we’ve gotten the hang of it. We’ve kind of gotten our feet under us and we have our group chat, it’s gotten a lot easier to communicate. It can be stressful at times, but I think more importantly it’s fun, I know that some of the people I’m planning it with, like Ariana [Balakrishnan], we have a lot of fun doing it and we enjoy what we’re doing. We like giving the student body a voice. Its kind of why we do what we do, is to tell the admins what the student body wants.”

Power of the People

Isa Morgan, Reporter September 15, 2022

Mass confusion and canceled high school traditions aren't the usual first-day worries, but for Student Council these nightmare situations became their reality. They tried to kick off the year with the...

From right to left, senior Patrick Riordan, junior Jonathan Levinsky, sophomore Krishnan Muthukumar, junior Jackson Whitmire, senior Cyrus Vansickle and junior Aidan Cox, pose after going to an escape room as part of the Choir program’s Pitch Black weekend outing. The group also went to the Museum of Ice Cream and Whataburger. The main reason the event was planned was to strengthen their bond as a group, according to Riordan. “Pitch Black is always a very tightly knit community, so there’s always a lot of close bonding and friendships,” Riordan said. “I think this year, that’s especially true with the new members coming in. They’re all close with each other and so now we’ve grown closer with them as a whole. We’re honestly closer than I was with the last generation of seniors, which is my goal for this year.”

New Boys in Town

Madison Shields, Editor September 12, 2022

When thinking of an all-boy acapella group, the Treblemakers from "Pitch Perfect" might come to mind. But the school's program has its own group named Pitch Black, and they've just added three members. Watching...

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The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School
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