The Wolfpack

2020 Senior Spotlights

Though this spring is not ending how we imagined, we still want to celebrate seniors! The Wolfpack will be posting Senior Spotlight articles to recognize just some of the notable students of the senior class. Follow CPHS News’ Instagram and Twitter for daily posts on new Senior Spotlights. 

2020 Senior Spotlights:

Kieren Garner

Randy Thompson

Michael Ernand

Logan Johnson

Alison Dye

Gracyn McGathy

Lindsay Dove

Nathan Wright

Tiras Pie

Romeela Kar

Marlowe Lynch

Cally Hall

Ryan Sawicki

Kyle Blount

Shelby Smith

Kyle Redfern

Faith Elliott

Abby Mitchell

Nicole Leff

Carson Vickers

Cassie King

Jeffrey Morphis


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2020 Senior Spotlights