From CP to Golden Key and Beyond

Senior Describes Plans For Future Endeavors in Writing, Helping Others


Photo Courtesy of Kieren Garner

Posing in her room, senior Kieren Garner smiles while being surrounded by books. Garner plans to major in English at Texas State in the fall. “I genuinely cannot wait to pursue it and learn more in college. It’s going to be a whole new world full of new opportunities and growth,” Garner said.

Amelia Tapia, Guest Reporter

After creating a strong passion for writing over the years, one of The Wolfpack’s very own, senior Kieren Garner, has decided to pursue an English degree at Texas State University with a concentration in creative writing. 

“I’ve found that writing is, honestly, my passion; nothing has ever been able to amount to it. I want to eventually publish a novel and go as far with my writing as possible,” Garner said. “I genuinely cannot wait to pursue it and learn more in college. It’s going to be a whole new world full of new opportunities and growth.”

Even before her collegiate writing career has begun, Garner has received awards of the highest honor of the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition for her short story, “Scylla.” These awards, a Gold Key and the American Vision Nominee, are just the beginning as Garner hopes to receive more highly esteemed awards in the future. 

“Winning the Golden Key for my short story truly pushed me to believe that I can actually achieve my dreams,” Garner said. “I am always so self conscious and was always doubting my writing, but when I won this award, it told me that I can do it, and it helped me feel more confident in majoring in English, since that’s a passion of mine. It kind of solidified that I am capable, and it even made me want to write and learn more about English to pursue my dreams. The award only fueled my desire to write more, so I knew for certain that I wanted to major in English.”

While Garner plans to study English, she also hopes to minor in psychology. Garner said that she wants to help those in need and hopes to better the lives of refugees in the future with her COOL Week experience at Casa Marianella, a shelter in Austin for displaced immigrants, being the pivotal moment for her choice. 

“At Casa Marianella, I was able to work with people who had gone through so much, who had been through more than what I could have ever imagined, but they were still all so kind and compassionate and the most lovely humans I have ever met. I was even working with children who had seen more than I ever had, who were just happy to have people care for them,” Garner said. “They had all escaped horrifying situations and being able to hear their stories and help in any way I could was a dream come true and I decided there was nothing I’d rather be doing than helping people like them.  It was such an eye opening experience that I could never possibly put into words, but working there solidified my wanting to work with refugees completely.”