The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

Junior Kaelyn Benz holds her show goat and sets up a profile view for the judges at the FFA Jackpot event on Nov. 7. In competitions like the FFA Jackpot and the Greater Leander FFA Show, students animals will be separated and will compete against other animals in the same class. “This allows the judge to see every angle of the sheep and how they’re built,” Benz said.

The Greatest Livestock Show

Cyrus Van Sickle, Reporter January 19, 2023

This year, FFA has been working with their animals and preparing for different shows and events as usual. Starting today and running through Saturday, is one of their bigger events, the Greater Leander...

A woodworking vendor shows off his creations at the annual Project Graduation Holiday Bazaar on Dec. 10. “We’ve been doing this since 2012, and so some of the vendors have actually reached out to us,” Project Graduation president Paula Hufford said. “A lot of them have been here year after year, [but] some of them are new. Some of them are [current] students or previous students, so theyre familiar with the event, and now they’ve started their own little businesses.”

A “Bazaar” Fundraiser

Caleb Taylor, Reporter December 13, 2022

Project Graduation. While it may sound like a government experiment on 18-year-olds, it’s actually a fun-filled evening, historically at Main Event, for the whole senior class. This year’s committee...

From left to right, seniors Lucas Tenrreiro, Jonah Jordan, Clayton Yeoman, junior Rylan Stedman, seniors Julian Rabago, Mikail Sadic, Patrick Riordan, and junior Luke Barsun stand posing together under streetlights.  This group has known each other for a few years and celebrated another Halloween together. “The way we celebrated Halloween this year didn’t really differ from previous years.” Sadic said. “We kind of did the same things we always do, except that some people couldn’t call off of work, so we had a slightly smaller group than usual.”

Halloween’s Alive

Cyrus Van Sickle, Reporter November 8, 2022

After a few years of Halloween being interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems that the spooky holiday may be back to normal. In 2020, the U.S. went into a lockdown period, and for around a year,...

On Nov. 5 and 6, the Cedar Park FFA chapter will host its second annual livestock jackpot show at the school barn. Lambs and goats will be showing on Saturday, and swine will show on Sunday. Students are welcome to attend either day’s shows and watch Cedar Park FFA members show their livestock animals.

‘Show’ing Off

Kacey Miller, Reporter November 4, 2022

This weekend, the Cedar Park FFA chapter will be hosting its second annual livestock jackpot show at the school barn. The show will start at 6 a.m. both days, with lambs and goats showing on Saturday and...

A little girl throws a bean bag at last year’s No Place For Hate booth at Trunk or Treat. This year, the event will run Oct. 26 from 6-8 p.m. in the front parking lot and is open to anyone in the community. “This year, I’m really looking forward to seeing all of the kids, the community, and all of the fun costumes,” Kirkland said. “I really love this event because I get to see everyone’s interests and creativity through their costumes, and it helps me connect with the community too.”

A True Communi-Treat

Iliana Tangarova, Reporter October 26, 2022

The wrinkling of candy wrappers can be heard as sweets are passed out to kids dressed up in Halloween costumes. Clubs and organizations gather around the parking lot and deck out their cars in spooky decorations,...

More than 50 students, all donned in red T shirts, pose for a group picture at the front grounds of the school, holding various signs and symbols. These students all engaged in a silent, peaceful protest regarding the Roe v. Wade and abortion situation as of now. “It felt kind of empowering,” senior Aleksae Watson said. “Because they were all there for the same thing. We all are aware that what’s going on isn’t right. I’d say it’s not appropriate. We all deserve our rights and our freedoms and it’s just being stripped from us.”

A Loud Silence

Ruchi Sankolli, Assistant Editor May 23, 2022

On a sunny afternoon on May 12, more than 50 high school students marched towards the front of the school, donned in bright red T-shirts and holding bright, bold signs. These students are one of the many...

The senior awards and recognition is back during DEN Thursday, May 17 in the main gym.

Feeling ’22

Anthony Whiting, Reporter May 18, 2022

The energy is electric in the filled gym floors with seats of college colors, mascots and mottos. A tradition that has been absent on campus for two years returns. Thursday during DEN will be the much...

Biology and AP Biology teacher Adam Babich sits at his desk, concentrating on his paperwork. Babich is one of the teachers who have been affected by teacher burnout, and feels teachers are not heard enough when it comes to their struggles. “The most stressful part about teaching is not having your voice heard,” Babich said. “At a campus level, I would march off to war for my administration team; Mr Sloan, everybody, they’re great and they’re supportive. The problem comes from the higher ups; a lot of what we deal with, whether it is pay raise, or budget issues, or standards or state testing, we can give our voice, but really, nothing ever comes of it. These are legislative bodies that do a lot of the decision making and we know that, at a government level, things move at a snail’s pace. If an issue shows up, it often takes a very long time to see any results from it. For example, they’re putting together a task force to figure out why teachers are leaving. When we looked at the first task force, there was maybe two teachers on it; everyone else were superintendents, or people who had not been in the classroom for 10 years. So, as teachers, we felt like this was a slap in the face. I’m not saying that all teachers feel this way, I’m saying some of us do, and this is what we’re feeling. It’s like we’re in the trenches, we’re asking for help and we get decisions made for us by people who aren’t in the classrooms.”

The Burnout

Ruchi Sankolli, Assistant Editor May 16, 2022

From the pandemic to providing extra tutoring to student behavior, high school teachers nationwide have been resigning from their positions. Some say it’s the extra workload, while some just want to...

Smiling while forming hand signs, junior Klarah Sosa dances with her peers. For the lyrics uptown funk you up students make the shape of the y = 1/x and y = -1/x. I really gave it my all in class [for preparation]. It was really fun, Sosa said. I think it was really cool way to get kids hopes up to make sure they have a lot of confidence. It wasnt serious but a good mood booster for the day.

Funky Friday

Anthony Whiting, Reporter April 8, 2022

This hit: y = 0. That ice cold:  y = x. Michelle Pfeiffer: y = 0. That white gold: y = x. These are just a few of the choreographed functions Precalculus and AP Calculus students danced in sync to on...

The official 2022 student council election polls are now posted. The officers have been campaigning since March 14th and results will be counted over the weekend. I am excited about what directions this is sending our organization, Babich said. it really is a testimate to what I  hope this organization will lead in the future.

Battle of the Ballot

Isaiah Prophet, Reporter April 1, 2022

It’s that time of year again, and voting season is just around the corner. Cedar Park High School’s best and brightest are stepping up to the ballot to compete for the favor of our peers, which is...

The UIL Academic team poses for a team picture after winning the 25-5A District Championship Saturday. In addition to the district title, five teams earned the championship for their events: Journalism, Current Events, Lit Crit, Comp Sci and Spelling. It was amazing getting first as a school at District, senior Ally JohnPress said. I was especially proud of our Journalism team because I know how hard we have been practicing our writing and editing. As a senior, I am absolutely determined to advance at Regionals, and I have high hopes for State.

Cedar Fever

Ally JohnPress, Editor-in-Chief March 28, 2022

After competing against seven other schools, the UIL Academics team was named District Champions Saturday at Cedar Park High School. With a total point score of 568, Cedar Park beat its rivals Liberty...

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The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School