The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

One of the few stick vehicles in the school parking lot, senior Alex Trebilco’s 1970 Ford Maverick is a restoration project he worked on with his dad. He and his father have worked on cars together for all of Trebilco’s life, and have several finished projects because of it. “[My favorite memory with my car is] honestly just cruising with my dad in his truck and my car,” Trebilco said. “Both of the [cars] are restored. He did the truck and we did the Maverick, so it’s cool to roll down in two cars that we made run together.”

Parking Lot Lottery

Kacey Miller, Reporter January 13, 2023

Pulling into the parking lot, his cream-colored paint reflects the sky above in glimmering distortions. Gliding between cars until he finds an empty spot, he steps on the clutch and slides into the space....

Spotify presents the number of minutes sophomore Em Peterson spent listening to music on their platform. . Peterson spent the most time listening to SZA and her album ‘Ctrl’ over the summer. “I found a large source of comfort in her music but even the songs I didn’t really relate to were still insanely good, plus her songs are agreeable and easy to sing to,” Peterson said.

Year In Review

Heidi Williams, Reporter January 10, 2023

Every year, millions of people who listen to music on the audio streaming service Spotify look forward to their ‘Spotify Wrapped.’ This is when Spotify releases lists of their listeners' top artists,...

Home Alone is a well-known Christmas movie about a kid who is accidentally forgotten at home while his family goes on vacation.  The film was made in 1990 and can be watched on multiple streaming networks like Disney+ and Prime Video.  Its a fun and entertaining movie that will surprise you with its creativity, and is the perfect Christmas movie to watch with friends and family.

The Best Christmas Movie Ever

Cyrus Van Sickle, Reporter December 15, 2022

There are many mediocre, copy-and-paste Christmas movies that have been created and, although some can be pretty alright, most are disappointing and lame. And although I love Hallmark movies during the...

Members of the Robotics club begin discussing the parts of their robot they built. During the scrimmage, part of the robot did in fact break. “A part of our arm broke off because we were using pretty bad screws,” Jia said. “Luckily, everything still worked and we were able to screw it back on for the day.

Rolling Robots

Heidi Williams, Reporter December 15, 2022

Under pressure, most people tend to fall. Every meeting, the members of the Robolobos encounter stressful situations, such as the hardware malfunctioning. Through these tough times, the team sticks together,...

Members of the Mandarin Club assemble dumplings at their Dumpling Social. The social, which occurred in October, is one of the clubs monthly special events, which all try to offer them the opportunity to engage in a special aspect of Chinese culture. “I’m interested in learning more about Chinese culture and Taiwanese culture in general, so it helps me see more into it,” senior Natalia Sanchez-Mejorado said. “[My favorite event] would definitely be the dumplings. We did it step-by-step, basically, and it turned out really good, and we also hung out, with the [club member’s mom] teaching us a few words.”

Mastering Mandarin

Jaden Kolenbrander, Editor December 13, 2022

Foreign languages have a large presence in the school’s extracurricular activities, with clubs and organizations like the Spanish National Honor Society and Spanish Club allowing students to connect...

The wrestling team prepares for their district matches, which will take place on Jan. 27 for junior varsity wrestlers and Feb. 3-4 for varsity wrestlers. The team continues to work on perfecting their techniques and growing their bond as a program. “My favorite thing about the team is definitely the brotherhood that comes with it,” sophomore Miles Jones said. “We are a big family. Knowing you always have your team backing you up is one of the greatest feelings ever.”

Pin It To Win It

Penny Moreno, Reporter December 8, 2022

They step onto the mat solely focused on their opponent, hoping to achieve one goal and one goal only. As they face their opponent, their hope is getting their hand raised in the air to be declared the...

Mobile Maker Magic

Anthony Luparello, Reporter December 5, 2022

An app where Masterclass meets Duolingo, a search service for clean and safe bathrooms and a crypto-currency exchange software. These are only a few of the apps that students in the Mobile Makers program...

Analyzing a gravestone, a student takes a picture for their elegy. The project was due Friday, November 11, and involved students visiting a graveyard, taking a picture of a gravestone and writing a poem about it. “My favorite part was really trying to put myself into the perspective of my poem, which was extremely eye opening,” alumni Hailey Bowerman said. “It really made me appreciate life and the people I love around me and it really opened my eyes to how precious life and love is, especially when we are young.”

To Write or Not To Write

Iliana Tangarova, Reporter December 1, 2022

Visiting a graveyard to write an elegy is pretty atypical for an English assignment. However, English teacher Michelle Iskra assigns this project every year in late October or early November encouraging...

Ashlyn Gazlay poses with her brand new parking spot featuring her car in the background. Trying not to be basic, she said, she decided to mix her pink and green paint both with white to make two new colors and make the lines different sizes. “I looked up some ideas on Pinterest, but those were ones everyone was doing, so I decided to just use the two colors I wanted -green and pink- and just drew random, curved lines that were different sizes and added my name,” Gazlay said. “The process was pretty long and took four separate days to do it.”

Reserved Parking

Heidi Williams, Reporter November 18, 2022

For a second year, the school has brought back seniors being able to paint parking spots. For $75, seniors were able to purchase a parking spot, submit a design to paint on that spot, and park in the painted...

Posing in their choir dresses, seniors Ava Callaway and Charlotte Newman take a photo at the Region concert. The concert was held on Nov. 12, and 47 of the choir program’s students practiced for 10 hours in preparation for the concert. “I love the Region concert,” Newman said. “It’s the best voices in the region all together, so basically every moment is so musical. I think my favorite part was definitely our ending song “Trinity Te Deum.” It’s just a gorgeous, happy song that is full of so many powerful chords.”

Bring It to Sing It

Madison Shields, Editor November 14, 2022

Singing filled the PAC at Leander High School on Saturday as choir students from around the district participated in a Region concert. Singers who placed high enough at Region auditions on Oct. 15 spent...

During the Nov. 11 ceremony, school nurse Tara Jo Frost recites the names of military veterans who have ties to the school as faculty members, former students or family of faculty members. According to Frost, the Veterans Day ceremony gives students an opportunity to recognize the importance of honoring the troops. I think that we dont have the ability to see the people that have fought for our country and know their stories, and [the ceremony] gives a chance for a younger population to see the importance, and see the reverence for why we do certain things we do for our government, Frost said.

Supporting the Troops

Jaden Kolenbrander, Reporter November 12, 2022

After days of planning, preparation and reports of potentially bad weather, Rho Kappa held the annual Veterans Day ceremony Friday to commemorate the federal holiday honoring the service of military veterans. Planning...

From left to right, seniors Lucas Tenrreiro, Jonah Jordan, Clayton Yeoman, junior Rylan Stedman, seniors Julian Rabago, Mikail Sadic, Patrick Riordan, and junior Luke Barsun stand posing together under streetlights.  This group has known each other for a few years and celebrated another Halloween together. “The way we celebrated Halloween this year didn’t really differ from previous years.” Sadic said. “We kind of did the same things we always do, except that some people couldn’t call off of work, so we had a slightly smaller group than usual.”

Halloween’s Alive

Cyrus Van Sickle, Reporter November 8, 2022

After a few years of Halloween being interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems that the spooky holiday may be back to normal. In 2020, the U.S. went into a lockdown period, and for around a year,...

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The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School