The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

From left to right, senior Skyler Ortiz, 2022 alumnus Kaylee York and seniors Tamara Eslava and Eliana Garza pose for a quick picture as they watch a movie screening at last years Austin Film Festival. At the festival, the students listened to screenwriters, watched film screenings and explored the venues scattered across Downtown Austin. “Our group of students got to see exclusive screenings of films in iconic theaters such as the Paramount, for free, all due to the scholarship that accepted us in, Ortiz said.

Flashback on Festival

Iliana Tangarova, Reporter October 4, 2022

Picture shaking the calloused hands of Johnny Depp, watching movies and listening to informational panels featuring some of the top film writers in the world. This is what one might experience at the Austin...

The show choir, a class that mixes theatrical dance with singing, gathers together for a photo. This class, and others, are filled with new faces like freshmen Alexandra Moll and Charlotte Griffin who said they were ready and excited for their first year in a high school choir. “The choir community is so supportive, everyone is incredibly nice and enjoyable to be around, Moll said. I am most excited for the end of the year beach trip. To spend time with my friends during that time sounds like so much fun.”

More Than Just a Voice

Cyrus Van Sickle, Reporter October 3, 2022

Choir. The program that goes roller skating, sings Christmas carols on Riverwalk boats, performs student-written plays and still manages to be a nationally recognized high school choir. Although singing...

From left to right, seniors Aidan Johnson, Brady Allen, Cyrus Van Sickle, junior Braeden Fuller and senior Ryan Taylor pose for a picture at the first football game of the season. After posing for the quick picture, they grabbed water for the Celebrities. “I like being able to help the team with everything they need, Taylor said. “I think serving people brings a lot of joy into my life and so being able to do that for many people is awesome and being able to be close up with the team watching them perform is a whole new level of experience.”

Celebrities’ Helping Hands

Ava Callaway, Reporter September 28, 2022

As the Celebrities dance team kicks off a brand new school year, they introduce a new group to the program, called Honor Guard. It consists of a small group of students who give up their time and energy...

Posing for the camera, seniors celebrate the start of their last year at this years senior sunrise. This year’s annual tradition was held on Aug. 22 in the Milburn park parking lot and came with complications and confusion that led to obstacles the Student Council had to overcome. “Planning events this year, I would say that it was stressful at first just coming in off of summer and not having done anything and then full on sprinting into the first events,” senior Ainsley Harlan said. “But I think we’ve gotten the hang of it. We’ve kind of gotten our feet under us and we have our group chat, it’s gotten a lot easier to communicate. It can be stressful at times, but I think more importantly it’s fun, I know that some of the people I’m planning it with, like Ariana [Balakrishnan], we have a lot of fun doing it and we enjoy what we’re doing. We like giving the student body a voice. Its kind of why we do what we do, is to tell the admins what the student body wants.”

Power of the People

Isa Morgan, Reporter September 15, 2022

Mass confusion and canceled high school traditions aren't the usual first-day worries, but for Student Council these nightmare situations became their reality. They tried to kick off the year with the...

On Sept. 8, senior Kate Pape was given was recognized by the mayor of Cedar Park, Jim Penniman-Morin, for being the first female in the Cedar Park and Northshore district to earn the Eagle Scout rank. The mayor gave a speech at the Cedar Park City Hall and signed the award acknowledging the work she put in to achieve this goal in only three years, which is rarely done. “Scouts has made me more confident and comfortable when I’m in groups,” Pape said. “I am also more comfortable in taking the lead in the things that I do. It has also helped me with my independence, meaning I don’t mind doing things myself half the time.”

Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle

Penny Moreno, Reporter September 14, 2022

She walks across the stage proudly with a big grin as the crowd cheers to celebrate her. Smiles greet her everywhere she goes as she walks around, a changed person from the accomplishment she achieved.  On...

From right to left, senior Patrick Riordan, junior Jonathan Levinsky, sophomore Krishnan Muthukumar, junior Jackson Whitmire, senior Cyrus Vansickle and junior Aidan Cox, pose after going to an escape room as part of the Choir program’s Pitch Black weekend outing. The group also went to the Museum of Ice Cream and Whataburger. The main reason the event was planned was to strengthen their bond as a group, according to Riordan. “Pitch Black is always a very tightly knit community, so there’s always a lot of close bonding and friendships,” Riordan said. “I think this year, that’s especially true with the new members coming in. They’re all close with each other and so now we’ve grown closer with them as a whole. We’re honestly closer than I was with the last generation of seniors, which is my goal for this year.”

New Boys in Town

Madison Shields, Editor September 12, 2022

When thinking of an all-boy acapella group, the Treblemakers from "Pitch Perfect" might come to mind. But the school's program has its own group named Pitch Black, and they've just added three members. Watching...

Speech and debate teacher Bianca Rocha works in her classroom. According to Rocha, her challenge as the new speech and debate teacher and as the new debate team coach is to uphold the standards and success that debate teams in previous years had seen. “[The challenge is] upholding what the previous teachers have done and maintaining that structure, [and] making sure that all students still have all of the opportunities for success. It’s using the inspiration of what they left behind, but building on that for this new year and hoping that the students can grow [and] learn those new opportunities [so that] new students come join the team and they can see all the trophies that they’ve won.”

New Year, New Challenges

Jaden Kolenbrander, Reporter September 6, 2022

The teacher prepares the material for her next classes, calmly working as her keyboard and the air conditioner provide the only sounds in the room. Above her, rows upon rows of trophies sit atop her cabinet,...

The Medical Reserves Corp Partnership team poses as they win fourth place at the state conference in Galveston. Junior Claudia Shen said that even though her team didn’t place, she still benefited from learning about the medical field along the way. “We were confident that we would get top five, so we were excited even though we didn’t place because our hard work paid off,” Shen said.

Born to Care

Rachana Kommineni, Reporter May 24, 2022

The competitor didn’t have time to think about how her exam went, due to her busy schedule. After all, she was the one running it as the president of all Health Occupations Students of America chapters...

Hitting their pose for their final performance, the celebrities dance team finishes out their season with their spring show, “Up, Up and Away.” The performance was held on May 6 and 7 in the PAC, which the team has been preparing for this show since the end of the end of football season in January. “It’s been difficult to process the fact that my life as a Celeb is finally over,” Kim said. “Now that the red curtain has closed, it’s finally settling in that my time wearing the glitter and the boots has expired. I’ve known that I would have to face the bittersweet ending at some point, but it’s definitely been harder than I thought it would be to let go of this team. In some ways I’m glad I have something that I will miss, because that means that this was worthwhile and valuable to me. More than anything, however, I just feel fortunate to have passed through such a respectable and enriching organization. The lessons and memories I’ve gained from Celebrities is something I will never take for granted.”

As the Curtain Closes

Isa Morgan, Reporter May 23, 2022

The curtain opens on a dark stage with the sounds of shoes running across the stage to get to their places in time. Suddenly, the sound stops as the voice of senior and social officer Emma Frith comes...

DECA timber wolves Alex Thummalapalli, Gautham Saravanan, Eshan Bharadwaj, Ethne Barnes, Claire Poulter, Paisley Schalles celebrate their placements at the 2022 ICDC competition. this years event took place in Atlanta for the four day duration of the competition. to me the most important components of DECA are the experiences and connections you make there, Schalles said. Through my three years at DECA Ive found the value of partnership and its role in ones ability to lead and accomplish.

Decking the Competition

Isaiah Prophet, Reporter May 19, 2022

DECA students got the opportunity to showcase their business prowess at the 2022 International Career Development Competition. Competing against over 160 schools across the nation, our timberwolves pulled...

Reporter Aahana Mulchandani’s spam account is displayed, showing a variety of posts, from details of her recreational life to her school life. Such spam accounts fall under the category of fake instagram accounts, or FINSTAS, and affect FOMO by increasing engagement with social media due to the daily amount of posts that users get to their feeds. “Sometimes, I find myself scrolling endlessly through social media purely because I follow a lot of accounts that post funny content,” Mulchandani said. “It definitely increased my addiction to social media and especially with the pressure of upkeeping a spam account.”

It’s a Social World

Ruchi Sankolli and Ally JohnPress May 18, 2022

Social media’s effects on today’s youth is more or less defined; it is capable of benefiting and hurting people at the same time, which makes it dangerous. It draws people in the minute they hear about...

The Celebrities Line and Social Officers line up for a professional group picture that brings context to their Spring Show theme for this year, “Up, Up And Away. On April 30, the Celebs hosted a kids dance camp, participants from which will also have the opportunity to participate in the show. “Some kids chose to dance in the show and a few celebs volunteered to be up there dancing with them,” junior Laura Hunter said. “It will be a great way for them to have a performance experience and see the final dance.”

Flying Through the Dance World

Sofya Bashirova, Reporter May 17, 2022

This spring, the Celebrities have been able to bring back their usual spring camp with “Up, Up and Away." Filled with music, dance and laughter, little dancers were able to come back to the stage for...

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The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School