The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

Lying on the shelf in the science fiction section of the library are a wide variety of novels, with classics  such as “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins and “The Maze Runner” by James Dashner. Reading is a gateway to different worlds and can take readers on an adventure they can’t experience in their own life, giving them the opportunity to escape from their current reality, according to English teacher Jessica Logsdon. “Reading has given me a much-needed outlet.  [It has] provided stability [and] consistency in times of uncertainty, and allowed me to build a community of readers around me.”

Fully Booked

Kassidy Wilkinson, Reporter May 23, 2023

Lucy Pevensie opened the door to a wardrobe, Harry Potter opened a letter and Elizabeth Bennet opened her mouth. Any individual can do the same and begin their journey by opening a book. As the long-awaited...

Holding up the DECA Diamond hand symbol, DECA advisor Kimberly Stapleton poses with all of her students at the Texas Collegiate DECA State Conference in March. At the competition, seven of her students advanced to the International Career Development Conference, including seniors and eventual national champions Ethne Barnes, Paisley Schalles and Claire Poulter. “We have done integrated marketing campaigns for the past three years,” Barnes said. “Weve gone to ICDC in all three of them, but this year we placed first in the whole thing, so its kind of surreal. Its kind of crazy that weve been doing it for three years and last year we didnt even place in finals, and now this year we were literally first in the world.” (Photo Courtesy of Kimberly Stapleton)

A Staple of the Past

Anthony Luparello, Reporter May 22, 2023

Communication, problem-solving and teamwork are just a few of the skills students demonstrate in DECA, a student organization whose mission is to prepare emerging leaders in hospitality, marketing, finance...

Senior and HOSA officer Ryan Liu poses for a photo during his visit to Brown University. Brown University, an Ivy League college in Providence, Rhode Island, is where Liu was accepted and plans to major in both psychology and public health. “I want to [major in Public Health] because that connects with health equity and helps me develop policy skills to combine it with health care,” Liu said. “I’m also in their eight-year medical program, so I’ll just matriculate into their medical school after graduation.” (Photo Courtesy of Ryan Liu)

Never Liu-sing

Jaden Kolenbrander, Editor May 2, 2023

HOSA officer. Valedictorian. Coca-Cola Regional Finalist. Captain of the Medical Reserve Corps. And, on top of it all, he cares about you.  Despite his extensive track record in medicine, senior Ryan...

The van of We Are Blood, the primary blood donation organization in the Austin area, sits outside the school. According to senior and HOSA officer Jennifer Pham, the blood drive required coordinating with We Are Blood and the school. “Planning the blood drive required many months of planning and lots of communication with the company We Are Blood and the school,” Pham said. “For us to have a successful blood drive, there were lots of requirements that we had to meet. We had to have a certain amount of donors to even be considered.”

Out For Blood

Jaden Kolenbrander, Editor April 13, 2023

Just one donation can save three lives. That's why HOSA organized the first schoolwide blood drive to take place since the COVID-19 pandemic on March 30, taking blood from a total of 55 donors. The...

Posing with their first place medals, the FTC Robotics team takes a picture after winning gold at the UIL Robotics competition in March. The Robotics team  qualified for Worlds, which will be held on April 18. “It was pretty good to win,” senior Austin Jia, who is president of the FTC team, said. “The competition for UIL state is a lot more lax than the normal robotics state, and it’s just lower stakes so it wasn’t that stressful, but it still felt nice to win.” (Photo Courtesy of the FTC Robotics team)

Goose Against the World

Madison Shields, Editor April 12, 2023

September of 2022 marked the beginning of Goose’s life in the FTC Robotics world. Goose the robot was built within eight weeks after the kickoff of their season in September and garnered its name because...

Posing around the front office Timberwolf, the district champion UIL team celebrates their team and individual wins. The district UIL Academics competition took place on March 24, 25 and 30 and Cedar Park has 25 students advancing to Regionals on April 21-22 at the University of Texas at San Antonio. “I had a lot of fun and I’m excited to continue onto Region,” senior Ashley Chikkala said.

UIL Academics: District Destroyers

Iliana V Tangarova, Reporter April 10, 2023

For the second year in a row, the UIL Academics team are 25-5A district champions. "I'm very happy and pleased with the success that we've had the past two years," AP United States History teacher and...

Junior Alexander Gilsbach poses with Karl, a resident at the Lakeline Oaks Retirement Community where Gilsbach works. Gilsbach said the interesting stories residents tell will motivate him to remember his life experiences as well. “Ive also learned to appreciate my time now, and to remember everything that I can - so many of our residents have fascinating stories, and they are always willing to share them with everyone.” (Photo Courtesy of Alexander Gilsbach)

One Man’s Work Is Another Man’s Retirement

Jaden Kolenbrander, Editor April 4, 2023

The then-sophomore would have done any job. Two years later, he was playing piano for retirees, organizing Christmas Eve parties and learning about the little things that made a person’s day. The...

Sophomores Mathew Sniffen, Mina Danesh, Cara Allen, Erica Mihealsick, Erin Alexander and  Gabrielle Merrill pose after placing second at the Regional competition. The State competition took place last Saturday in Arlington, Texas. “It’s a really low-key group to be a part of,” Danesh said. “It looks good on college transcripts [and] resumes, and it can be a really friendship-building thing to meet more people and to strengthen bonds that you already have.” (Photo Courtesy of  Cedar Park High School Destination Imagination)

Destination: State

Caleb Taylor, Reporter March 31, 2023

Imagine an extracurricular activity that combines theatre, construction and team building. Destination Imagination, or DI, is defined on its website as a “global, volunteer-led nonprofit organization...

Seniors Matthew Chater on the right and Caleb Chandler on the left pose with their first place trophy after competing together at the Toyota T-Ten Competition.  “It’s all for experience, and I just love the technical side of it, like the problem solving,” Chater said. “I don’t actually know when [I became interested in cars]. I’d assume when I was really young, something about engines and cars and stuff, it kinda just piqued my interest. Ever since then, I’ve been doing a whole bunch of stuff, and I’ve rebuilt my car because I bought it as a wrecked car. (Photo Courtesy of Matthew Chater)

The Automotive Ace

Cyrus Van Sickle, Reporter March 29, 2023

As an automotive worker, customers could come in with loads of questions that need a proper answer: Why can’t the passenger side window roll with the switch on the driver’s side? Why has the engine...

The sign at the front of the school will soon be replaced with a new top designed by the students and teachers of the Agricultural classes. Seniors Thomas Chavez and Connor Ross plan to finish their project soon to be put up before they leave for their senior year. “I think it would be a good experience to get to see how to make things,” Chavez said. “So maybe down the road I can make something similar.”

Fiery Fuse

Heidi Williams, Reporter March 23, 2023

Sweat droplets slowly dripping down his face. Music blaring in the background. Sparks flying. Senior Thomas Chavez moving the electrode in a circular motion, careful for the right distance between it...

Whereas classical art depicts a scene and tells a story, often of mythology or religious references, artists of modern times focus more on expressing ideas and feelings. The style of back then has since been replaced by splashes of color, curvy lines and other new art techniques. [Over time] I think art has shifted more to emotion rather than human beauty,  sophomore Braeden Murray said. Modern art is significantly more abstract and doesnt have an obvious theme in mind. Very simple shapes, no people to be seen, and more colorful. I think in the older [time period] the art was definitely more human based, with biblical [references] while modern art is more emotion based because its not depicting a particular scene or action thats happening.”

The Vanishing Point of Art Styles

Kassidy Wilkinson, Reporter March 21, 2023

Leonardo da Vinci wrote in reverse so his journals could only be read in the reflection of a mirror. Michelangelo created a name for himself after a failed attempt at art fraud. Donatello destroyed his...

Alumnus Jorge Chong poses in front of the Orion spacecraft used in NASAs Artemis I mission, the first phase in the Artemis programs plan to land the first astronauts on the moon in over 50 years. Chong is one of the engineers responsible for the next groundbreaking lunar mission. “I began becoming very interested in aerospace in high school and started becoming passionate about it then,” Chong said. “I honestly thought I would work in the aeronautics sector, working with aircraft and airplanes. I didnt anticipate working with spacecraft or working in the space world at all. So that was kind of unexpected, but thats where the doors ended up opening, and it became something that I really love.” (Photo Courtesy of Jorge Chong)

To Infinity And Beyond

Jack Polishook, Reporter March 14, 2023

Graduating in 2012, alumnus Jorge Chong is now working at NASA as an aerospace engineer handling navigation systems on the latest Artemis mission launches and collaborating on some of the latest innovations...

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The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School