The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The Medical Reserves Corp Partnership team poses as they win fourth place at the state conference in Galveston. Junior Claudia Shen said that even though her team didn’t place, she still benefited from learning about the medical field along the way. “We were confident that we would get top five, so we were excited even though we didn’t place because our hard work paid off,” Shen said.

Born to Care

Rachana Kommineni, Reporter May 24, 2022

The competitor didn’t have time to overthink how her exam went as she normally would, due to her busy schedule. The state officer was very busy throughout the entire conference - after all, she was the...

Hitting their pose for their final performance, the celebrities dance team finishes out their season with their spring show, “Up, Up and Away.” The performance was held on May 6 and 7 in the PAC, which the team has been preparing for this show since the end of the end of football season in January. “It’s been difficult to process the fact that my life as a Celeb is finally over,” Kim said. “Now that the red curtain has closed, it’s finally settling in that my time wearing the glitter and the boots has expired. I’ve known that I would have to face the bittersweet ending at some point, but it’s definitely been harder than I thought it would be to let go of this team. In some ways I’m glad I have something that I will miss, because that means that this was worthwhile and valuable to me. More than anything, however, I just feel fortunate to have passed through such a respectable and enriching organization. The lessons and memories I’ve gained from Celebrities is something I will never take for granted.”

As the Curtain Closes

Isa Morgan, Reporter May 23, 2022

The curtain opens on a dark stage with the sounds of shoes running across the stage to get to their places in time. Suddenly, the sound stops as the voice of senior and social officer Emma Frith comes...

DECA timber wolves Alex Thummalapalli, Gautham Saravanan, Eshan Bharadwaj, Ethne Barnes, Claire Poulter, Paisley Schalles celebrate their placements at the 2022 ICDC competition. this years event took place in Atlanta for the four day duration of the competition. to me the most important components of DECA are the experiences and connections you make there, Schalles said. Through my three years at DECA Ive found the value of partnership and its role in ones ability to lead and accomplish.

Decking the Competition

Isaiah Prophet, Reporter May 19, 2022

DECA students got the opportunity to showcase their business prowess at the 2022 International Career Development Competition. Competing against over 160 schools across the nation, our timberwolves pulled...

Reporter Aahana Mulchandani’s spam account is displayed, showing a variety of posts, from details of her recreational life to her school life. Such spam accounts fall under the category of fake instagram accounts, or FINSTAS, and affect FOMO by increasing engagement with social media due to the daily amount of posts that users get to their feeds. “Sometimes, I find myself scrolling endlessly through social media purely because I follow a lot of accounts that post funny content,” Mulchandani said. “It definitely increased my addiction to social media and especially with the pressure of upkeeping a spam account.”

It’s a Social World

Ruchi Sankolli and Ally JohnPress May 18, 2022

Social media’s effects on today’s youth is more or less defined; it is capable of benefiting and hurting people at the same time, which makes it dangerous. It draws people in the minute they hear about...

The Celebrities Line and Social Officers line up for a professional group picture that brings context to their Spring Show theme for this year, “Up, Up And Away. On April 30, the Celebs hosted a kids dance camp, participants from which will also have the opportunity to participate in the show. “Some kids chose to dance in the show and a few celebs volunteered to be up there dancing with them,” junior Laura Hunter said. “It will be a great way for them to have a performance experience and see the final dance.”

Flying Through the Dance World

Sofya Bashirova, Reporter May 17, 2022

This spring, the Celebrities have been able to bring back their usual spring camp with “Up, Up and Away." Filled with music, dance and laughter, little dancers were able to come back to the stage for...

From left to right, junior Abigail Martinez, freshman Kacey Miller, freshman Jordyn Jones and senior Isabela Johnson pose for a photo at Texas Tech University where the state event for Agricultural Communications is held. Their advisor, agricultural science teacher Shannon Butler, was involved in helping them practice and motivating them for Agricultural Communications, which they placed fifth in as a team, as well as bringing many of them on board in the first place. “I am very purposeful in selecting members for this team who are already well versed in their respective practicums,” Butler said. “I provided resources for the team and formatted practices so they would not feel overwhelmed by the amount of information needing to be learned from the AP and Agricultural Communications textbooks. The girls were a little bummed initially because we had high hopes for Nationals, but were very proud of themselves and their team.”

First State Attempt, First Win

Jaden Kolenbrander, Reporter May 17, 2022

None of them had ever done a competition for the Future Farmers of America before. In fact, none of them were even members of FFA before this year. Yet, as the Agricultural Communications team left Texas...

Biology and AP Biology teacher Adam Babich sits at his desk, concentrating on his paperwork. Babich is one of the teachers who have been affected by teacher burnout, and feels teachers are not heard enough when it comes to their struggles. “The most stressful part about teaching is not having your voice heard,” Babich said. “At a campus level, I would march off to war for my administration team; Mr Sloan, everybody, they’re great and they’re supportive. The problem comes from the higher ups; a lot of what we deal with, whether it is pay raise, or budget issues, or standards or state testing, we can give our voice, but really, nothing ever comes of it. These are legislative bodies that do a lot of the decision making and we know that, at a government level, things move at a snail’s pace. If an issue shows up, it often takes a very long time to see any results from it. For example, they’re putting together a task force to figure out why teachers are leaving. When we looked at the first task force, there was maybe two teachers on it; everyone else were superintendents, or people who had not been in the classroom for 10 years. So, as teachers, we felt like this was a slap in the face. I’m not saying that all teachers feel this way, I’m saying some of us do, and this is what we’re feeling. It’s like we’re in the trenches, we’re asking for help and we get decisions made for us by people who aren’t in the classrooms.”

The Burnout

Ruchi Sankolli, Assistant Editor May 16, 2022

From the pandemic to providing extra tutoring to student behavior, high school teachers nationwide have been resigning from their positions. Some say it’s the extra workload, while some just want to...

Since the beginning of COVID-19, the number of tutors for the AVID program has dropped off. “We can’t really even do tutorials without tutors; it’s really just asking a friend for help,” AVID student Camdyn Davis said. “I’d really like to have tutors because when we had them it was always really easy to learn stuff I didn’t know.”

Pupils for Profit

Ty Cathey, Reporter May 13, 2022

Students now have the potential to earn $15 an hour or community service hours for tutoring their peers. The AVID (Advancement via Individual Determination) program, since the start of the pandemic,...

The cast of “Something Rotten” perform “Will Power” at the Heller Awards on Apr. 14. As a stage manager, senior Emma Frith was back stage and felt emotional watching the cast perform. “It was so fun getting that experience and taking the cast back stage and watching the performance at the Heller Awards, and them having fun made me have fun. I was doing my job, like my part of the show.”

The Bigger Stage

Rachana Kommineni, Reporter May 5, 2022

Theater has had many accomplishments over the year, including getting to perform at the Heller Awards. For “Something Rotten," the department was nominated for Best Production, Best Musical Direction,...

Smiling, senior Hailey Bowermon holds her CCMA certificate. Practicum Health Science students had the opportunity to test their skills in different fields, ranging from collecting labs to general patient care, by taking the CCMA test. “Now that I am certified, I can not only start my experience with patients and experienced medical professionals early, but I can also discover what scope of practice I am truly passionate about, which is what I am so excited for,” Bowerman said.

A Pass Into The Professional World

Sofya Bashirova, Reporter April 29, 2022

Over the last few years, professions in the health science field have been gaining popularity. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in healthcare occupations are projected to grow 16%...

Flag flying high in the background, Veteran Rock Snyder stands with his vehicle at the cookout. Snyder wants to spread awareness about PTSD, a mental condition that  he has to overcome. “You know, reach out to one person who may have a friend or a loved one with this and it saves their life,” Snyder said. “Thats what Im here for.”

A Drive to Awareness

Aahana Mulchandani, Reporter April 29, 2022

With a silent auction, toy shops and truckloads of food, the Leander Car Show and Cookout took place mid April. This event was hosted by the AFJROTC Booster club, and all proceeds were used to help the...

Holding a microphone, junior Abby Martinez, middle, hosts alongside two now-alumnis during last years Cedar Park Tonight. The entire broadcast staff has worked on the event since the beginning of the year, it’s a show that’s been hosted by the Wolfcast anchors every year since 2017. “I’m most looking forward to seeing all the segments on stage,” Martinez said. “Sometimes we don’t always know how things will play out with games like Egg Russian Roulette so it keeps the show interesting. I’m looking forward to bonding with the staff even more throughout the week and getting to show everyone the hard work we’ve been putting on. We spend most of our time featuring other students and programs so it’s cool to be able to have our own show where we still get to feature other programs but also a lot of our own work.”

Taking it to the Stage

Madison Shields, Reporter April 27, 2022

A full live audience watches as a mixture of students and teachers perform various acts, such as singing, bean bag tossing and even a theater performance. Cedar Park Tonight started out as a talent show...

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The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School