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The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

Echo is a short TV series about a deaf Native American assassin who tasks herself to discover the secret behind her extraordinary ancestral gifts, while trying to fall her uncle’s empire in the process. Graphic by Cason Johnson

Sight of Sound

Cason Johnson, Reporter February 16, 2024

I was lazily scrolling through Disney+ for something to binge on a late Monday night. I realized that Marvel had released a brand new original series titled "Echo." The star of the show was Maya Lopez,...

The movie “The Boy and the Heron” released on Dec. 8 in theaters tells the story of a young boy coping with the loss of his mother and the secrets he discovers about his familys past, which ultimately bring him closer to accepting his mothers absence. The film is heartwarming and is the perfect final film from the director Hayao Miyazaki.

Miyazaki’s Final Goodbye

Mai Cachila, Reporter February 14, 2024

As I walked into the Cedar Park Cinema on Dec. 26 with my friend, I carried a high expectation for the film we were planning to see. The 7-year-old inside of me was beaming with excitement to see the final...

“Lethal Company” skyrocketed to the top of many video game charts. A game of exploring and surviving, the best part is obviously the emotes. Always before entering, a quick dance break is key to ensuring the trip will go just right.

New Game on The Block

Heidi Williams, Reporter February 7, 2024

Hearing friends scream from across the railings becomes a typical occurrence almost every new landing. Out of the ordinary and exciting are the words to describe this new game, which puts players in these...

The movie “Anyone But You” released on Dec. 22  in theaters, and tells the love story of a young couple and their travels to Australia. The movie stars popular actors Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell in the newly released rom-com. “Anyone But You” is a hilarious and heartwarming movie that would be perfect for anyone during the upcoming Valentines Day season.

G’day To Love

Penny Moreno, Reporter February 1, 2024

We walked into the movie and impatiently waited for the previews to come to a close. All over my TikTok “For You” page, TikTok after TikTok had been talking about the new “Anyone But You” movie...

The movie “Priscilla” released on Oct. 27 in theaters, Priscilla Presleys perspective of her life with Elvis is finally told. In the movie, Priscilla is played by Cailee Spaeny while Elvis is played by popular actor Jacob Elordi, and the often untold story of Elvis and Priscilla’s marriage are exposed. The movie gives insight into Elviss true nature and how he acted outside of his stardom.

The Queen of Rock and Roll

Penny Moreno, Reporter December 16, 2023

My friend and I walked into the Violet Crown Cinema in awe because we had never seen a theater like this one. We had found the “Priscilla” tickets thirty minutes prior on a sketchy website, so we really...

“1989” Never Goes Out Of Style

Julia Seiden and Caroline Howard December 14, 2023

When I was eight years old and before I had my own phone or computer, I would watch YouTube videos on my dad’s computer. When he wasn’t working, I would spend hours and hours there watching all sorts...

A list of 12 Christmas movies you should watch this holiday season!

The 12 Movies of Christmas

Mia Morneault, Reporter December 6, 2023

It’s the most wonderful time of the year - again. My second personal favorite time of the year. Christmas is about the season of giving, and there is nothing more I would love to give you than my opinions...

In his documentary released on Sept. 12 on Amazon Prime Video, Philadelphia Eagles football player Jason Kelce, shows off different aspects of  his life throughout the 2022-2023 NFL season. His brother, Travis Kelce, is the tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, and defeated the Eagles during the last Super Bowl in February. The documentary gives insight on the popular Kelce family and provides some perspective on the struggles of being a professional athlete.

Big Reputation (Jason Kelce’s Version)

Penny Moreno, Reporter November 16, 2023

This past weekend, my cousin and I jumped on the couch and browsed through Prime Video to see what had been recently released. Being big fans of the Dallas Cowboys, we love watching football, so when I...

Olivia Rodrigos newest album, GUTS was released in September. in All 12 songs included were rated from 1-10, and attached is my favorite lyric from each song. Graphic created by Kacey Miller

Cason’s Controversial Album Review

Cason Johnson, Reporter November 7, 2023

Olivia Rodrigo’s new album "GUTS" has made quite a name for itself, mainly because I have to be reminded of “how good it is” every single day by my Olivia-Rodrigo-enthusiast classmates. Eventually...

 A fan tradition of The Eras Tour is to make and trade friendship bracelets with other fans. At the end of the film, Swift shows her gratitude to her fans by displaying friendship bracelets to them. The Eras Tour concert film is a great way to relive the concert, experience it for the first time and have something fun to do for an afternoon.

In My Review Era

Julia Seiden, Reporter October 30, 2023

As soon as I got that well-recognized notification that “Taylor Swift has made a post” on Instagram, I immediately clicked on it, just like I always do. When I saw that the post was announcing that...

Actor Ralph Fiennes playing British writer Roald Dahl sits in his office reading his stories to the audience. Wes Anderson’s short film series partnership with Netflix was released over the course of four days at the end of September and featured adaptations of Dahl’s stories. The office of Dahl portrayed in the film was based off of his actual office that Anderson had the opportunity to visit.
Photo by Jane Yermakov

Wonder, Wistful, Whimsy and Wild

Jane Yermakov, Reporter October 26, 2023

For the second time this year, filmmaker Wes Anderson has released a project. Partnering with Netflix, he released four movie adaptations of the beloved stories, “The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar,”...

The app Letterboxd makes logging and reviewing movies super easy. I would be lying if I didnt say I had fun watching them. Please, give all of these movies a watch, especially Troll 2. Being the worst doesnt mean its unwatchable.

Spooky Season Smackdown

Mia Morneault, Reporter October 24, 2023

It’s that time of year again, my personal favorite time of the year, Halloween. There are a lot of reasons why I love Halloween, the costumes, the parties, the razor blades in my apples, the community...

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