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The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

“Beau is Afraid” is the third feature film from horror director Ari Aster, known for nail-biting films like Hereditary and Midsommar. Hhowever, unlike his previous horror-oriented films, Beau is Afraid is an odd mix between surrealist nightmare and shockingly funny comedy. With quite the mixed reception, a three hour runtime, and its status as a box-office bomb with reports of people walking out the theater, I was cautiously optimistic but had no idea what kind of wild ride I was getting myself into.

The Greatest Three-Hour Fever Dream I’ve Ever Watched

Jack Polishook, Reporter May 24, 2023

"Beau Is Afraid" is so much to process in one sitting. Almost three hours long, this surrealist nightmare of a movie manages to combine so many emotions all at once. This movie would go from feeling downright...

Since being released by Nintendo in 1985, the Super Mario franchise has reached millions of people across the world and, according to, has outsold every competitor in their industry. “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” takes the Nintendo video game and bases a storyline off of it to create the animated film that came to theaters April 5.

It’s-a Me, Mario

Kacey Miller, Reporter April 27, 2023

Since being released by Nintendo in 1985, the Super Mario franchise has reached millions of people across the world and, according to, has outsold every competitor in their industry. It seems that...

“Shazam! Fury of the Gods” directed by David F. Spielberg and starring Zachary Levi, released on March 17. The movie features a group of teenagers who are granted with the wizard Shazam’s power and decide to fight crime while hiding their superpowers from their parents. Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, the movie has grossed f $104.1 million since its release. (Heidi Williams)

High Expectations, Low Results

Heidi Williams, Reporter April 18, 2023

Growing up, the best way my family would spend time together was at the movie theaters. No matter what genre, we booked tickets immediately. Since we moved, though, that sought-out family connection accompanying...

“Missing” is a film written and directed by Nicholas Johnson and Will Merrick, where a girl’s mother goes missing after a weekend vacation with her new boyfriend.  It was released on January 20 and can be watched at multiple movie theaters as of right now.  It can also be watched on Netflix, Roku, Disney+, and other streaming platforms in the future.

Where’s My Mom

Cyrus Van Sickle, Reporter February 13, 2023

I feel like everyone has thought about their parents or other family members going missing at least once in their life. It’s bad enough that I get worried whenever they randomly go somewhere without...

The second season of the popular show called “Ginny and Georgia” was just recently released on Jan. 5, 2023. It became the number one tv show on Netflix for a few weeks and remains the current number on TV shows in the United States. I would recommend this show to anyone in highschool or older who enjoys drama shows that keep you on the edge of your seat.

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Penny Moreno, Reporter February 7, 2023

As I scrolled through Netflix a new notification had just popped up on my screen and said “Season Two of Ginny and Georgia on Netflix.” Although I was reluctant at first, I clicked on the new season...

The Old Men and Me

Kacey Miller, Reporter January 31, 2023

By the time I bought my ticket for the 3:10 p.m. showing of “A Man Called Otto” at the Cinemark on Saturday, the only seat left was G11; the center seat in the top row. When I got to my seat about...

“Avatar: The Way of Water” was released on Dec. 16 2022. Directed by James Cameron, the “Avatar” sequel features an updated cast. The production and animation was fantastic, however the three and a half hour length made it a bit difficult to watch fully through in the movie theatre. Considering its unoriginal plot, unnecessary length, and fantastic production, I’d rate this film a 6 out of 10. (Movie stills courtesy of 20th Century Studios)

Watching the Way of Water

Iliana Tangarova, Reporter January 27, 2023

I grew up watching the first “Avatar” movie. I remember my five-year-old self sitting in the IMAX theatre, anticipating the speakers to boom with sound and the screen to explode in hues of blue. My...

2022 was one of the best years for music in recent memory. With seemingly a new modern classic being released every week, everyone had something to listen to this year that appealed to them. Here are some of our picks for our favorite albums of the year.

The Best Albums of 2022

Caleb Taylor, Anthony Luparello, and Jack Polishook January 20, 2023

From chart-topping releases of big artists like Beyoncé, The Weeknd and Kendrick Lamar to an array of smaller, indie albums, 2022 was an incredible year for music. Wolfpack reporters Caleb Taylor, Anthony...

The website “Letterboxd” makes keeping track of every movie easy, which was needed while tackling 31 movies. Even though I didn’t like every movie I watched, I loved the experience and I’d do another month marathon in the future. There were a lot of amazing movies that I watched but my favorite was “Spirited Away.”

Madison’s Movie Month Marathon

Madison Shields, Editor January 19, 2023

I’ve always been a movie lover since I was young and I had a goal to watch five movies every month for the entirety of 2022. I achieved that goal every month until November. I only watched three movies...

HBO Max released a documentary about the singer/songwriter Lizzo on Nov.  26. The documentary covers Lizzo’s life before and after she became a popular celebrity. The documentary is high energy and fun while also tackling and bringing attention to important issues in society.

Feelin’ Good As Hell

Penny Moreno, Reporter January 9, 2023

My mom and I sat on the couch wondering which movie we wanted to watch. Both of us had a stressful week and we both wanted to relax and watch a new movie that was recently released. I began to browse HBO...

“The Family” is the seventh studio album by rap group BROCKHAMPTON. With the official announcement in January 2022 that the band would be splitting up indefinitely, fans were anxious to hear what the promised final album would be. While this is under the band’s name, it is an almost entirely solo album for member Kevin Abstract, as he reflects on how the band ended. (Album cover courtesy of RCA Records)

I Miss The Band Already

Jack Polishook, Reporter December 16, 2022

BROCKHAMPTON has always been an extremely special band in my life. While focusing consistently on topics including growing up, identity and feeling lost in our modern Gen Z times, every member simultaneously...

The show “Wednesday” revolves around Wednesday Addams and her journey at a new school with a serial killer on the loose. The show was released on Nov. 23 and can be watched on Netflix. It’s the perfect show to watch during the fall season with family, friends or anyone at all.

Snap Twice

Madison Shields, Editor December 15, 2022

I’d been waiting for “Wednesday,” a spinoff series surrounding my favorite Addams Family member, Wednesday, to come out for months before it was finally released on Nov. 23. I was cozied up in bed...

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