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Erin French released her memoir “Finding Freedom” on Apr. 6 that tells the story of creating community through the love of food in the town of her childhood, Freedom, Maine, that carries bitter memories. Her restaurant, The Lost Kitchen, remains one of the hardest restaurants to book reservations for in the nation.

Book Review: “Finding Freedom”

Anthony Whiting, Reporter October 15, 2021

She is a cook, not a chef. Erin French is not the typical author, but her story isn’t either. ‘Finding Freedom: A Cook's Story; Remaking a Life from Scratch’ was released earlier this year on Apr....

At the Honda Stage, my friends and I saw Surfaces and Polo G perform. This stage is one of the larger stages, and I was up near the barricade so I felt all the vibrations through my body. I definitely got dehydrated, but they passed out boxed water to the crowd, which helped me not feel like I was about to pass out.

A Lost Phone, Breakup & Overpriced Food

Ally JohnPress, Editor-in-Chief October 15, 2021

The lovely smells of weed and drunk adults wafted through the sweaty crowds at Zilker Park on the first weekend in October. What might have been pleasant for others was certainly not for me. Yes, watching...

When the official beta test servers finally ended and the official release happened on May 21, it was a disaster. The Rust Developer team failed to fix headphones crash bugs, loading crashes, team joining bugs,  untextured skins. and other prominent bugs and glitches.

Rusty Rust

Ty Cathey, Reporter October 5, 2021

Poor graphics, slow framerate and more bugs than imaginable. Rust was originally a computer game that was extremely popular and was released to consoles like Xbox and Playstation. Having recently launched...

Marvel really impressed audiences with Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. The movie is a perfect blend of every element, from humour to sadness, and also included amazing scenery. This, combined with a compelling storyline, is what truly makes it one of Marvels finest works.

Ten “Rings” Why You Should Watch This

Ruchi Sankolli, Assistant Editor September 14, 2021

Marvel Studios is back with yet another superhero. They tackle another cultural story, one similar to their idea with Black Panther, but they tell it in a completely different manner. With the creation...

In the original 1992 film, this scene depicted Candy Man as graffiti on the wall. In this film graffiti can be seen throughout the Cabrini Green community.

Say His Name

Isaiah Prophet, Reporter September 13, 2021

Riding the pink animal crackers was definitely one of my favorite parts of the Museum of Ice Cream. I loved the incorporation of cotton candy, the funky mirror and the “Scoop-A-Scoop” game where you whack mini ice cream cones. I also really enjoyed the flavor options and definitely recommend Birthday Cake.

Sundae Funday

Ally JohnPress, Editor-in-Chief August 25, 2021

Here’s the scoop: rainbow sprinkles, bright neon lights, multicolored floating objects, fruits and candies sprinkled all around and a multitude of ice cream flavors. A world of fantasy and uniqueness...

DC comics are well known for their comic book success. however this success did not transfer over to the live screen. However with this new instillation that perception has been changed entirely.

Zack Snyder’s Cut “Justice League” Review

Isaiah Prophet, Reporter April 7, 2021

In 2017 fans of the DC universe were treated to the first live-action "Justice League" film. Directed by Zack Snyder, the film showcased the action and drama that up until then had been restricted to the...

Gretchen Bakkes The Grid explores the flaws of Americas modern energy grid, one of the largest machines in the world.

Review of Gretchen Bakke’s “The Grid”

Jaden Kolenbrander, Reporter March 30, 2021

Earlier this year, Texans experienced a power outage that lasted for a week. It was a major event not only because of the dangerous weather conditions and lack of utilities but also because it exposed...

The Great Gatsby is a tragedy novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald exploring the irony and harm of true American Society. The book utilizes a variety of archetypal characters, vast and descriptive imagery and incredibly impactful themes.

“The Great Gatsby”: A Criticism of Society

Ally JohnPress, Reporter March 10, 2021

Most recently, AP English III students have been reading the book “The Great Gatsby,” a tragedy novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald commenting on the irony of American society. I am always hesitant...

Navalny leading a protest in Moscow in 2013 about the results of the 2011 Russian legislative election. He was arrested two years earlier for participating in the same protest.

Putin’s Palace: A History of the World’s Largest Bribe Review

Jaden Kolenbrander, Reporter March 9, 2021

 If you have paid attention to the news recently, you may know about Alexey Navalny and his campaign to expose the corruption that plagues the modern Russian government. But what some seem to not know...

After Ashe and FINNEAS announced that they would release a single together, I was beyond excited. My expectations were extremely high and they were exceeded.

Without this Song, I Would Fall Apart

Estefani Rios, Editor-in-Chief March 4, 2021

If you don’t know who Ashe is, let me tell you. She is a talented and accomplished singer-songwriter. She has been featured in two of the “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” movies and previously...

Released on Jan. 15, Zayn Maliks new album meet all expectations and exceeds them.

“Nobody is Listening”

Estefani Rios, Editor-in-Chief February 1, 2021

When I first heard rumors of Zayn Malik releasing a new album, I was, of course skeptical, but still hopeful. His first album as a solo artist “Mind of Mine” in 2016 was a favorite for a while and...

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