The Wolfpack

The Liquid Diet

The six juices each day (from left to right) consisted of Detox Greens, Pineapple Apple Mint, Sweet Greens, Spicy Lemonade, UpBeet! and Coconut Fusion. My favorite by far was the Spicy Lemonade because it tasted just like regular lemonade but with a little spiced kick.

Ally JohnPress, Reporter

September 25, 2020

Juice cleanses. Everyone’s heard of them, but few have made the commitment of giving up solid food for days on end. However, for me, growing up in a particularly healthy household, juice cleanses have just about become the norm every once and a while.  I was first introduced to the idea by my mom...

Self-Health Check

During the course of quarantine and online schooling, there have been reports of increased levels of stress and anxiety for students. This anxiety can develop into depression and other health issues. Addressing these feelings is highly recommended

Ruchi Sankolli, Reporter

September 22, 2020

Beginning with an extension to spring break last March and having to remain in quarantine, students have also had to deal with the issues of the outside world. During quarantine, people couldn’t come into contact with anyone else or see much of anything except the walls of their homes. As a result, ...

The Next Trending Elective

Demonstrating the start of a front choke defense, owner of The Mat and instructor Alec Rains teaches a defensive options class. This class is all about the fundamentals of Krav Maga, or self-defense, and is a great opportunity to begin learning specialized techniques and training the mind. “[Self-defense is] the foundations of what we call “life skills” that build character and good habits for living,” Rains said. “[These] life skills develop into awareness of the self and those around us. Having knowledge in protecting yourself physically plays a part [in training self-defense], but the actual reality of needing any physical skills to the degree we practice is nearly 100% avoidable.”

Ally JohnPress, Reporter

May 20, 2020

On a day to day basis, many people face threats they aren’t even aware about. A person of any age, gender, or status is susceptible to harm in today’s social climate. As much as it is beneficial to understand basic defense against danger and simple solutions for less stressful situations, sometimes...

Justin’s Sleeper Teams for 2020 MLB Season

The baseball season, as all sporting events are around the world, is on hold. When it does start, the three teams to watch out for are the Angels, White Sox and Padres.

Justin Ballou, Reporter

April 24, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic has swept across the globe, it has left uncertainty revolving sports, including bringing up the question of when the 2020 MLB Season will actually begin. The league is looking at possible ways to start the season later than expected. This offseason in baseball included big names ...

Keeping Busy, The Right Way

As quarantine seems to stretch on, it isn’t strange to find ourselves down while stuck indoors. With no school to keep us busy, boredom strikes fast. But, it doesn’t have to be that way, there are plenty of healthy things to do to keep yourself entertained during these strange times. Working out, doing art, meditating, going outside and reading are some of the activities you can do at home, and all they have great health benefits besides just keeping you entertained.

Kieren Garner, Reporter

April 7, 2020

As quarantine seems to stretch on, it isn’t strange to find ourselves down while stuck indoors. With no school to keep us busy, boredom strikes fast. But, it doesn’t have to be that way, there are plenty of healthy things to do to keep yourself entertained during these strange times. While working...

Too COOL For School

Graphic by Emily Mahoney

Emily Mahoney, Reporter

March 23, 2020

After getting lost in the parking lot and nearly arriving late, I stepped into my COOL Week assignment- the quaint office building of Hill Country News- to be greeted by a swanky Richard Stone. Although students were encouraged to wear business casual garb (which I had raided Target for the prior wee...

Was The Moon Landing Just a Hoax?

Lacie Perry, Reporter

March 4, 2020

On July 16, 1969, a rocket called Apollo 11 was launched from a NASA facility in Florida, with a goal to land the first man on the moon. The landing of Apollo 11 marked an important time in history, and the entire thing was televised. Somehow, in the midst of it all, this led people to believe that the ...

You’re Gonna Need Some Extra Zzz…

Many high school students suffer from sleep deprivation. Whether it be from stress or the downright lack of desire to sleep, depriving yourself of sleep is dangerous, especially at this age. Learning to adopt better sleeping habits is advised.

Ruchi Sankolli, Reporter

February 20, 2020

Sleep is one of the most important, but, sadly, one of the rarest parts of our day to day schedule. As we get older, the hours we need to sleep decreases, and so does our need for sleep. For many high school students, sleep is the last, and least significant, item on their agendas. But, believe it or not...

Annual-Leaves: An Argument in Favor of Christmas Trees

Graphic by Emily Mahoney

Emily Mahoney, Reporter

February 7, 2020

The holiday season is officially over. Festive twinkling lights are seldom strung along houses, a fun new mutation of influenza is going around, I’m cold and sad; it’s gotta be February! It may seem as though memories of last Christmas are gone forever, in some homes there may yet be a single arbor...

Stop Freaking Out, We Are Not Going to War

Sources in CNN  claims that the authorization to kill Soleimani were made months prior to the event, and according to Trump were strictly Preemptive.

Isaiah Prophet, Reporter

February 6, 2020

Whether you saw the memes on Tik Tok or read about the incident in the news, the U.S. airstrike that killed the Iranian General Soleimani has prompted plenty of controversy and raised many questions over the possibility of war. However, that does not mean you need to start panicking. Tension between t...

A Reporters Review to ‘A Gentlemen’s Guide’

Senior Evan Vines playing Lord Adalbert right before his characters death in “Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun.

Kaley Johnson, Reporter

January 28, 2020

This year’s musical, "A Gentlemen’s Guide to Love and Murder", impressed everyone in attendance, two weekends ago, with its talented cast and genius humor. The play tells the story of Monty Navarro, a somewhat poor man who recently lost his mother, who soon discovers that she was a disowned member of ...

Outer Space Inhabitants

Lacie Perry, Reporter

January 21, 2020

Green flashing lights, spinning, flying saucers, all sci-fi indications of extraterrestrial life. But does it exist? Even if it may not be a green entity with an oblong head and big bulging eyes, there could be some kind of intelligent or microbial organisms living in space. While there are very few...

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