The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

As winter approaches, Texans should start taking action on preparing their houses and families for another serious winter storm. Being caught in a storm without the necessary resources can be life threatening, and you must take the needed precautions to ensure everyone’s safety this winter.

Snowmageddon Survival Guide

Lacie Perry, Guest Reporter December 21, 2021

With the approaching year of 2022 comes the coldest months of the winter, and with that, the new dreaded fear of electrical, heat and water loss. Last year, for the first time in recent Texas history,...

While Die Hard isnt your typical Christmas movie, it is set during the Holidays and is iconic and thrilling. If you havent seen this movie yet, I would consider it a must-see, and Christmas season is the perfect time to watch it.

Winter Weather Hits

Hank Barna, Reporter December 15, 2021

As the air gets colder, the leaves die and the snow (possibly) starts to fall, you can probably expect to spend some more time inside in your heated home under a blanket. With that extra time inside, here...

This year, for Class of 2025, only core classes are utilized to calculate weighted GPA. According to LISD, the official weighted GPA includes up to eight semesters in English/language arts,  mathematics, science, social studies and four semesters in languages other than English (LOTE).

The First Hurdle

Ally JohnPress, Editor-in-Chief December 13, 2021

With the favorite time of the year comes the not-so-favorite revelation of each student's grade point average and class rank. Those poor souls who thought it was “just a number,” are in for a real...

Walking down the street and looking at the lights have always been a fun tradition during the Holiday seasons. However, traditions have evolved into Christmas-themed amusement parks, drive-through light shows and even cafes that get in the spirit. There are various places to consider going to this holiday season, and that can range from walking through your local neighborhood or traveling further to a drive-through light show, blasting Christmas music and drinking hot chocolate.

A Little Christmas Spirit

Aahana Mulchandani, Reporter December 2, 2021

A main Christmas hobby that reoccurs to me every winter season is the need and the wish to see peoples’ creative Christmas displays. Everything from the lights, to the music and even the hot cocoa on...

As allergy season hits hard, taking care of yourself is of the utmost importance. There are many homemade and natural recipes, such as pepper soup, are just the remedies we need to keep warm and happy this season. In addition to over-the-counter medication, these natural remedies work just as effectively and are recommended for a fast recovery.

Nature’s Got You

Ruchi Sankolli, Assistant Editor November 24, 2021

Autumn is in full swing, and so is allergy season. Levels of pollen, mold, ragweed and juniper fluctuate along with the climate and breezy temperatures. However, it is the peak time for colds, coughs,...

Clear, healthy, blemish-free skin is promoted all the time in the media. But instructions on how to achieve this standard are all too often left out. Understanding how the skin works is important to understanding how best to maintain it.

The Fuss About Puss

Isaiah Prophet, Reporter November 17, 2021

Day after day, we are bombarded with information about how to clean, scrub, moisturize and torment our skin. The global phenomena of how best to take care of your skin has taken the whole world by storm....

K-Dramas are by far some of the best sources of entertainment, starting from the huge variety of genres to the amazing OSTs and cinematography. It is also an entertaining way to dive into Korean culture and daily life, as well as history depending on what genre you choose. The shows in general are highly addictive once you find a good series.

The Best to Binge

Aahana Mulchandani, Reporter November 16, 2021

From the amazing cinematography, the heartthrobs, the funny moments and the wide variety of plots, Korean dramas have always been at the top of my personal list of things to watch. There are such a huge...

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill and the Build Back Better Bill are two parts of Biden’s Build Back Better plan to recover the American economy. Both of them provide well-needed funding to recover from the COVID-19 recession. However, the difference between the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill and the Build Back Better Bill’s legislative processes opens up interesting questions about the need for bipartisanship in dire economic times like these.

Cooperation or Conflict

Jaden Kolenbrander, Reporter November 11, 2021

On Oct. 28, President Joe Biden unveiled a $1.75 trillion bill called the Build Back Better Act, or BBB, which plans to address issues like climate change, universal Pre-K coverage and pandemic preparedness....

The Texas Farmers’ Market at Mueller is open Sundays with fresh produce, delectable food, refreshing drinks and a delightful atmosphere. In the building pictured, there are many booths that cater to food products. There is also seating areas and a fountain. Photo by Madison Shields

Local Madness at Mueller

Madison Shields, Reporter November 9, 2021

Bustling people walk past with smiles on their faces and hands full of fresh fruit or freshly squeezed lemonade while trees provide much needed shade. The booths surround bright, lively grass and benches...

Flashback to a few years ago where pre-teens and teenagers would have virtually nothing in common. Now its becoming even harder to tell the difference. The answer for why this shift is occurring is more complicated than many realize.

The Ghost of Adolescence

Isaiah Prophet, Reporter November 4, 2021

If you grew up in the early 2000s, you might remember going to Toys“R”Us, watching Nickelodeon, and trading silly bands at recess. Sometimes, I reminisce and think about the times  my mom would drive...

DC has made some major changes to Superman in their upcoming comic set to release in November. Kent is married to Lois Lane, and together they have a son, Jon Kent, who identifies as bisexual. By doing this, DC is diversifying their stories.

With Great Power Comes a Better Tomorrow

Ruchi Sankolli, Assistant Editor November 1, 2021

Both Detective Comics and Marvel have implemented  innovative storylines and superheroes and have continued to build their fanbase. Marvel’s release of “Shang Chi” was a hit at the box office, and...

While being somewhat hard to come by, fall movies tend to be underrated and underknown when compared to Christmas and winter movies. However, classic fall movies like Halloween and Good Will Hunting are worth the watch.

Five Movies to Embrace the Fall Spirit

Hank Barna, Reporter October 18, 2021

It's the start of fall, meaning that it is time to break out some popcorn and watch some fall movies. Despite not being as well known as Christmas and winter movies, fall movies still deserve recognition....

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The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School