The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

Flags Up, Stanced Down, State Cup and State Bound

Cason Johnson, Reporter May 2, 2024

A subtle melody breaks the air as the crowd waits in anticipation. Without warning, flags fly gracefully through the air in a flurry of color and madness. The crowd can’t look away as the Winter Guard...

On March 20, the theatre program performed their UIL One Act play Frankenstein. “I could barely believe what I heard after [it was] announced that we were advancing,” freshman Zack Williams said. “It was crazy. Being one of the only freshmen in the show and also [being] a lead definitely put pressure on my shoulders. I knew that the only thing I could do was my best, but that was until I started to think what if my best was not enough? I was feeling like I could never amount to being what [everyone else] thought I was. Although, after hearing that announcement, I realized that maybe I have something going for me after all.”

Photo courtesy of Cayden Bartolo

A Scary Good Play

Caroline Howard, Reporter May 1, 2024

The crowd erupts into applause as the curtains come to a close at the front of the stage. Heavily breathing due to a physically-taxing end scene, the cast sighs with relief as they realize all of their...

Posing with their “Featured Yearbook” banner, signifying that the 2022-2023 yearbook is used as an example for other yearbook classes, the yearbook team smiles at the camera. Yearbooks have been on sale for $80 all school year, with 90 left in stock. “Im really happy with this book,” content editor and senior James Sanderson said. “I think other people are going to be happy with it; all our pages look really cute. Issues are a thing, but we have them every single year and we dont let them get in the way. We work on a very, very tight schedule and theres no pushing deadlines back. It’s a lot of fun, though. It is such an amazing staff and a very engaging team. Its very fulfilling work.” Photo courtesy of Paige Hert

The Staff Behind the Spreads

Kacey Miller, Editor-in-Chief April 10, 2024

He rings the classroom doorbell as he stands outside its door, the muffled sounds of a bustling yearbook room seeping through the door’s window. The door is opened by someone rushing by and he enters,...

Robotics team 14361 holding their trophy after winning the UIL 5A State FTC competition on March 21 in Belton. “It felt amazing since we finally saw all of our hard work pay off,” junior Luyang Chen said. “Every single person on the team was overjoyed. For many, it was probably one of the best moments of the season.” Photo courtesy of Arav Neroth

Robolobos Go Loco

Caroline Howard, Reporter April 3, 2024

Anticipation fills the room in Belton as they patiently wait for the scores to be revealed on March 21. Robotics team 14361 bursts out into screams and hugs as the realization hit that they had just won...

Senior Ash Foster poses next to her project she built for to attend the San Antonio Ag Mech show. Her purple planter built for her mom earned herself a blue ribbon. “I think it was really fun to learn how to paint,” Foster said. “We used spray paint primer and then two coats of paint and I thought that was really fun. We had to clean the entire thing. We had to wire wheel it and there was still splatter after and I spent like 3 hours cleaning. I had to put a hazmat suit on with a respirator. I absolutely loved it. I feel like Im in Monsters Inc right now. All the projects were all black and the only way you could see mine was because it was purple.”

Blue Ribbon Season

Heidi Williams, Reporter April 1, 2024

The sounds of sparks flying and metal hitting the floors is a daily occurrence in the welding classroom. Students scamper around, asking for help or even showing off their projects as they prepare for...

Standing triumphantly with trophy in hand, the CPHS FTC Robotics team holds up their regional Motivate award. Although losing in regional semifinals, team 14361 will be moving on to compete in UIL State and FTC State. “It was the first time weve had two teams from Cedar Park make it to regionals,” Lovelace said. “Both teams made it to the playoffs which was really good. Last year we only had one team make it to regionals, so that was cool.”

FTC Robotics Teams Compete at Regionals

Cason Johnson, Reporter March 8, 2024

Competitors rushing all around, robots whirring across the floor, chaos unfolding as the CPHS FTC Robotics Team prepare to stand their ground against the judges of the Cedar Ridge Regional Robotics Competition. The...

Reading together, juniors Ashley Blair and Amia De Leon lean over the Bible to study the chapters they have chosen to discuss as a group. Blair said that the Bible Study Club has benefitted her in many ways, and it can benefit other students as well by giving them a deeper understanding of the Bible. “This club increases the Christian community connection at our school, and provides students a place to ask questions about the Bible, pray for one another, and give each other strong, Christian-centered advice,” Blair said. “It truly makes me joyous to see the impact that this club has on some students, and encourages me to keep Christ at the forefront of my life.” Photo courtesy of Violet Harmon

The Calm in the Crazy

Kaydence Wilkinson, Reporter March 7, 2024

School, work, exams, college; many things take up students’ time and energy, and it can be difficult to find peace amid a busy day. To combat this busy lifestyle and create a calm environment for students...

Senior executive editor Natalie Murray, senior associate editor Lily Cooper and junior designer Ava Eaton all sit in conversation with recent clients. After the completion of the Parks and Trails Foundation logo, representatives visited the T-Wolf Agency to provide thanks for all the work done. “I know how beneficial it is to be able to work with clients,” Murray said. “We had a previous executive editor come back and tell us how good of an opportunity it is to have this agency here especially if you want to go into graphic design after high school. The people she’s in classes with didn’t have any access to the things we do here and theres only one other LISD school that has a class like this. It’s just a really good opportunity to get real world experience especially when we get to work with people outside the school. It’s just so real to get that experience with actual clientele and how things really work in the industry.”
Photo by Paige Hert

Sketch to Screen

Jane Yermakov, Reporter February 23, 2024

Walking through the halls, climbing the stairs, inside classrooms - the walls always have papers hung up with an announcement to make. Up in the corner, a colorful flier advertising a school wide event...

Pictured above is the crafting club social media page that junior Makena Filippoff and sophomore James Morris-Hodges created. The crafting club was created to allow students to have an opportunity to learn how to create different kinds of crafts and to collaborate with other students interested in crafting. “I love to do crafts but I find myself feeling lonely when doing crafts,” Filippoff said. “With no one to share my ideas or experiences with, it can get boring. I wanted to get a group of people that have an interest in learning [and] doing crafts to be able to have fun and socialize while crafting.”
Photo used with permission from Makena Filippoff

Sewing and Social Hour

Julia Seiden, Reporter February 16, 2024

The sound of scissors snipping, the whir of the sewing machine and the chatter of students excitedly sharing their ideas can be heard from room 4005. New creations that range from racing suits to crochet...

Supporting senior Gavin Horton by his shoulders, sophomore and actor Darius Normandi poses for a group picture with part of Clue’s cast. The play will be in the cafeteria, bringing other challenges along with it. “I’m really excited because I’ve never done a 360-degree level cafeteria performance before,” Normandi said. “I really hope it turns out well, but I don’t have any experience with this kind of thing. I trust that other people know what they’re doing though. It has been tiring with all the late nights going home after school, but I really hope everyone enjoys it and that our efforts have been worth it.” Used with permission from Leilani Ibanez

Get a Clue!

Jane Yermakov, Reporter February 2, 2024

Within the shadows, terror, fear and death lurk. A murder. Who done it? Was it bumbling Professor Plum with the lead pipe in the study? Perhaps it was dignified Ms. Peacock with a revolver in the lounge,...

At CP night that occurred Jan. 30, treasurer and senior Tiffany Lam on the right spent the evening introducing HOSA to potentially interested in joining students. ““This year they updated their guidelines and what they’re looking for,” Lam said. “We were surprised but I think it’s a good thing that they updated it because some of the stuff was a little bit more outdated. Last year when I was preparing I did a lot of textbook studying which I kind of regretted when the competition came. Now I’m doing a lot more physical and hands-on practice which is a lot more beneficial and for skills that can be used in real life.”
Photo by Arav Neroth

Healing with HOSA

Jane Yermakov, Reporter February 2, 2024

Textbooks jam-packed with information, deep-dive searches across the internet and skills drilled into their minds: HOSA competition members are eagerly taking the steps to do their best. For students...

Standing in front of the UIL banner, senior Nathan Li poses for a picture at the state debate competition held on Jan 10-11. Li competed in the Congressional debate event and out of the 18 competitors Li went up against he placed 9th and did not make it to the final round. “In terms of what it offers to everybody, congress is a good lense into how our government works,” Li said. “We use actual congressional procedure and it helps people stay informed because people have to look at a lot of different topics.”
Photo courtesy of Josh Marsh, used with permission

One-Man Show

Mai Cachila, Reporter January 31, 2024

Standing amongst the other competitors, senior Nathan Li looks over his notes, waiting for his turn to speak. Hours of preparation and practice have all led to this moment, where he will show what he is...

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