The Shadows Have Eyes


photo by Morgan Kasel

“In the summer of 2009, the 40th anniversary of the moon landing took place, and with it emerged a small population of people who believed it was fake. As the history of Apollo 11 recedes into the background of history, the belief that it was all staged grows stronger.”

Lacie Perry, Reporter

In your peripheral vision, you notice a small flash of movement, you turn around quickly only to see that there isn’t anything near you. You see the slight distinct shape of a human pass against the brightly lit patch on your wall. You can feel the pressure from the imperceptible eyes of the beings you just know are there, lurking on the edges of the shadows around you. These “beings” are known as Shadow People. 

While people try to talk themselves out of believing they saw someone under their blanket and blaming it on their imagination, the real beings are there, laughing and mocking you, teasing you with every movement they make. They know you know they exist, and they will continue to taunt you because of it. 

According to many believers, a shadow person is a humanoid figure perceived as a paranormal or supernatural presence. Scary I know, but what is even more frightening is that there have been recorded events of these awful monsters making contact with real life, living, breathing humans.

As claimed by The Official Shadow People Archives, a website where people discuss their paranormal interactions with one another, the shadows normally show themselves for ten or fifteen seconds as a dark blurry image, but there have been moments when the Shadow People will intentionally stay and let you look at them. Why anyone would ever want to stay and investigate an unidentified figure that is watching you, I will never know, but they have been described as dark male figures that appear to be walking, and sometimes there have been glowing red eyes accounted for. 

According to an  Archive  member, in 2001 while driving home one night, she saw a “human-like figure walk into the middle of the road.” She described the shadow as dark with “an amber eye shine” and it was “as if the light had hit a shadow that would not fade.” 

Other people on the sight have had similar encounters but they carry on throughout their lives. One man from Southern New Jersey describes the Shadow People as a “tall, dark shadow, hooded, and very terrifying.” He says every time he sees one it gives him “a feeling of helplessness and fear.” 

Although their purpose is unclear, some people believe these creatures are nothing more than a warmhearted guardian angel, others believe they are evil heartrending ghosts. 

With all of the information and facts compiled, I believe there could be two different types of these entities that exist. I can only hope, and so should all of you, that more paranormal research will lead to a clearer understanding of what these mysterious ‘people’ are and why they exist.