The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

Parking Lot Attendant Alan Gallagher poses next to his sign notifying that students can no longer purchase parking passes. Students without passes will not be able to park in the school parking lot, and if they do, AP’s will be notified. ““[When I catch people skipping] I notify the students AP and from there Im not sure what happens,” Gallagher said. “[I can also stop people for] speeding through the parking lot [since] the speed limit is 10 mph on campus.”

Confining the Chaos

Heidi Williams, Reporter May 21, 2024

Once school gets out, it starts. Students rush to their cars to try to get out first, and parents block up spaces, annoying others. People hurry and speed off, ignoring everyone else, yet somehow avoiding...

Smiling for the camera, Junior Adhit Eswaramoorthi and his fellow DECA member Justin Khadivi and Aryan Anarkat as they stay in their room during the state competition in Houston. Eswaramoorthi, Anarkat, and Rushil Mehta participated in the event Franchise Business Plans and advanced to the DECA International Competition. “I think being in DECA and talking to different people from different schools allowed me to expand how I view and go about meeting new people, Eswaramoorthi said. Which connects to robotics and the work ethic you have to have.

The Man, the Myth, The Legend

Penny Moreno, Reporter May 21, 2024

He sits at his desk, focused and locked in as he finalizes his twenty-pager. He taps on his keyboard as he thinks about the proposal that he is writing up and the hard work that he has put in. He further...

The Freshman Four together at Gupton Stadium with their UIL medals. Seniors Trey Thompson, Randy Griner, Harris Garner and Aidan Gonzales have been on the school’s snare line since 2020 and will now be graduating this year. “My favorite moment was this year after the state finals which is our final performance of marching season,” Thompson said. “It was a very emotional performance, I was sobbing going off the field, I remember the last note and putting my sticks down, the crowd was cheering. The last thirty seconds of the show I was like oh this is it, my last thirty seconds of marching band.”
Photo Courtesy of Randy Griner

A Run Four the Books

Mai Cachila, Reporter May 17, 2024

The players, cheerleaders and Celebrities are off of the field, opening up the space for the band. The crowd silences and it is not only all eyes on them, but all ears too. The band makes way for the snare...

Readying to play her pink guitar, senior Ash Foster has no care in the world, and no idea what her life will bring her. All throughout high school, Foster experienced everything ranging from costumes, honor societies, school competitions, and getting accepted into college. Photo Courtesy of Ash Foster.

There’s No Bash Without Ash

Heidi Williams, Reporter May 15, 2024

If there’s one person who does the things no one would ever think to do, it’s senior Ash Foster. Ranging from being gifted in the arts with welding, drawing and even fashion, while dressing up for...

Taking a picture for her instagram story, Senior Grace Trebilco gets baseball players Luke OMalley and Christian Gamez to pose in front of the score board after winning a game. Trebilco served as baseball manager all four years of her high school career, doing statistics and other jobs for the team. “At the beginning, I had a very basic understanding of baseball and how baseball works, then all of a sudden people were balking and I was like ‘what is that,’” Trebilco said. “But, I grew up with the seniors on the team, and they helped me a lot. We’re just really happy for each others successes, which goes back to their team motto of Mudita, which I’m really happy I got to be a part of and included in as well.”
Photo Courtsey of Jim Cowlishaw

A View Through Her Lens

Alyssa Fox, Reporter May 14, 2024

When senior Grace Trebilco was asked by her MAPS and Professional Communication teacher, who was also football coach, to join the football team’s film crew during her freshman year, she originally said...

Smiling for the camera senior Michael Zolidis highlights his time spent at CPHS and where he sees himself in the future. “I see myself after graduation working as a Historian,” Zolidis said. “Traveling, while still remaining close with a lot of my friends.” Photo Courtesy of Michael Zolidis

Zoli Alumni

Cason Johnson, Reporter May 14, 2024

Lights shimmer and fall as the performers hit the stage. Giant props descend from the heavens to set the perfect scene as the play continues. Colors shine and shift with the performers as they galivant...

Smiling for her senior photo, senior Ava Perrone will put away her flag as co-captain of the color guard. She is going to attend Austin Community College to pursue her passion for fashion design and hopes to design costumes for future color guards, or work in fashion marketing. “I think it’s [been] one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had,” Perrone said. “It’s an experience that everyone should have, that family that you build and the community that you have. I’ll miss having my group together but I’m excited to go off and try new things.”
Photo courtesy of Tracy Perrone

Passing the Flag

Julia Seiden, Reporter May 13, 2024

After four years of marching in the hot Texas sun, presenting at competitions and performing during the football games, senior Ava Perrone will put away her flag as co-captain of the color guard.  She...

Smiling for the camera, senior Alex Gilsbach stands near The Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri, while on a college visit to his future school, Missouri S&T, 
 where he will major in Aerospace Engineering. Gilsbach plans on making a final push for a UIL Academics state championship before moving east. “I think that it would be an incredible way to end my senior year, and leave a legacy for future members to want to fulfill,” Gilsbach said.

Details, Details, Details

Jonathan Levinsky, Reporter May 13, 2024

The whiteboard on the left side of Mr. Marsh’s room is split in two. On the left, scribbles and blurbs from the previous rounds of competition. On the right side, is a hand-drawn picture of India. However,...

Holding the “Falcons Up” hand sign, junior Alivia Robinson poses in her commitment announcement to the University of Texas Permian Basin (UTPB). She committed to UTPB for softball and wants to continue her academic career. “UTPB is my fit,” Robinson said. “Their team made me feel so welcome and loved. I knew I was going to live being a Falcon. Falcons up!” 
Photo courtesy of Alivia Robinson

A Fantastic Falcon Fantasy

Julia Seiden, Reporter May 7, 2024

A softball straight to the head. The coach's first pitch to her. A laugh shared between the two of them. A bonding moment between her and one of her future coaches in her college career. Little did she...

Senior Avery Allmer decides to leave her track and basketball journey in high school and attend the University of Texas at Austin next year. “Being a college athlete is something that not a lot of people get to do so it was definitely hard for me to make the decision that I don’t want to run anymore, but thinking about the school that I’m going to, also not a lot of people get to go there,” Allmer said. “It kind of made my decision easier because I am super grateful to get to go to UT. I’m giving up track, but I’m still gaining a good education, so it wasn’t like I was giving something up completely.”

The Final Finish Line

Caroline Howard, Reporter May 6, 2024

Catching her breath and preparing her mind for what could be her last race ever, she steps onto the track and runs her heart out. Anxiety fills her entire body knowing that her time is ticking as a high...

Standing on the cusp of new beginnings, senior Natalie Murray left her mark through designs for organizations around the school and color guard performances. Committed to Texas State and majoring in marketing, she plans to continue both graphic design and color guard in the future. “I’m excited for independence,” Murray said. “I’m excited to be by myself, be in charge of myself and just really focus all my energy into the things I want and not have to worry about anything else.”
Photo courtesy of Kate Noren (@mattiekatephotography on Instagram)

A Colorful and Creative Four Years

Jane Yermakov, Reporter May 3, 2024

Having spent the last four years illuminated by the Friday night lights performing with the color guard, as well as the light of her computer screen, her next design takes form pixel by pixel. Senior co-captain...

Dressed in the school colors, senior Jack Malouff poses for the camera in the bleachers during a football game. During his senior year, Malouff was able to meet lots of people while he was one of the student section leaders. “[My job] was to get everyone involved in the crowd,” Malouff said. “[I brought] the fun things like the trash cans, bells, costumes, whistles, whatever I could bring. Tissue paper, toilet paper, whatever it was. But it was less of a job and more just having fun with everyone.”

Jack of all Trades

Kassidy Wilkinson, Reporter May 2, 2024

Senior Jack Malouff’s goal when he started high school was to know one person at every lunch table. To accomplish this goal, he’s tried everything. During his freshman and sophomore years, he played...

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The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School
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