The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

Holding up her medals, senior Arina Gart finishes HOSA competition season. HOSA advanced to the state level this year. I’ve wanted to be in the medical field for forever,” Gart said. “But this year, since I was in practicum, I got a lot more experience. We also participated in the Medical Reserve Corps, so we partnered with them and we made first-aid kits for the visually impaired, and that experience made me realize it was something I really wanted to do in the future.

Say Yes to Everything

Sarah Johnson, Guest Reporter May 24, 2022

Coming to CPHS halfway through her freshman year, senior Arina Gart came prepared to succeed. With a passion for art, and a love for helping others, Gart was ready to say yes to any opportunity that came...

Smiling, senior Slava Andrianov poses for the camera. Maintaining the grades to be Valedictorian is hard, but Andrianov did it and now has the skills he needs for college  “To me personally I’d say it’s worth it with all the work I’ve put into school, as we get closer to the end of the school year it seems like everyone is getting lazier, but it’s nice to have something to strive for like it keeps me on edge and keeps me focused,” Adndrionva said. “At the end of the day even if most of these skills I’m learning don’t transfer over the ability to just focus in will definitely help.”

404 Error Not Found

Ty Cathey, Reporter May 23, 2022

Test after test, assignment after assignment; studying and learning never ends. He spent thousands of hours studying to just be the best, keeping up his GPA whilst managing many different clubs. He kept...

Lifting his trombone in the air, senior Collin Borenstein plays Metalshop at the Homecoming game against Cedar Ridge Sept. 8. Borenstein served as the brass section leader for the band this year. “It was a lot of fun,” Borenstein said. “We had a year of COVID-19 and there was no work and no socialization. Everyone got back in 2021 and people could have chosen not to buy in or to talk with each other, but everyone wanted to buy in and everyone was willing to put in a lot of work.”

Let’s Kick Some Brass

Tristan Hernandez and Sarah Johnson May 23, 2022

The lights coming from the ceiling of the Alamodome are blinding. Adrenaline is high as the seniors prepare to compete for their last time at state. Senior Collin Borenstein hears the drum majors count...

 Sporting their Bobcat pride, seniors Emma Frith and Lauren Dane show off their future school, Texas State University. The duo are known to work backstage in tech during theatre productions, with Dane mainly manning costume design and occasionally lights, and Frith in the stage manager position. “Im super sad that this is my last year working with Emma because it’s what brought us together,” Dane said. “But I’m so excited to go to college with her and see everything she does as she continues with theatre. I really love the friendship Emma and I have and I want to keep it through college.”

Double Trouble

Isa Morgan, Reporter May 20, 2022

It's everyone’s dream to work with their best friends, and for seniors Lauren Dane and Emma Frith, that’s what they’ve been doing for the past three years; working backstage in tech during theatre...

Showing off his skills, senior Jacob Swoboda looks for an open teammate. He will continue his basketball career in the fall at Oklahoma City University. “I’m super excited to get to play in college and continue my lifelong passion and dream that I’ve put so much time and effort into,” Swoboda said. “It’s sad knowing it’s my last season here after spending so much time in the program. I’m going to miss the moments with my teammates and getting to spend time working hard with them on the court, but also the memories made together off the court.”

Senior Send Off

Rowan Rodriguez, Guest Reporter May 19, 2022

Dribbling and dodging through players, senior Jacob Swoboda brings the ball up to court to make another 3 pointer. Racing back and forth throughout the game Swoboda leads the team throughout his last season...

Eyes on the ball, senior Kymorah Carter looks to pass the ball. Carter has helped lead her select volleyball team for seven years and implemented those leadership skills to showcase herself during the college recruiting process.  “These skills I learned helped me to speak up for myself and pushed me to be the best I could possibly be during the process,” Carter said. “Having the opportunity to be in these leadership positions  has helped me grow tremendously and to be comfortable in my own skin.”

Leading to Success

Lauren Dillon, Guest Reporter May 19, 2022

Team captain, warm up captain, tournament captain, president of two clubs, and a Division I recruit. After having a crucial leadership role for her select volleyball team for seven years, Carter decided...

Standing on a podium, senior Kevin Adams receives a 2nd place Track UIL State Championship medal for discus. Adams competed on May 13 and threw a new personal best in discus with a throw of 187 feet and 4 inches. “With this being my third time at State, I knew what I was going into and knew where my head needed to be going into my events,” Adams said. “Overall my State experiences were fun and I’m going to miss having another year to try and win.”

Getting the Move On

Emi Cachila, Guest Reporter May 18, 2022

Two sports. Two teams. One passion. One unexpected side hobby. Senior Kevin Adams is most notably recognized on social media and across the district for his record-setting athletic abilities. Adams,...

Playing his saxophone, senior Jacob Cohen performs at one of the outdoor pep rallies. Cohen, who has been playing the saxophone since middle school, was named co-grand champion for Cedar Park’s soloist competition this year. Although he will not be majoring in music at University of Texas at Austin, he said he still wants to pursue it. “I want to continue playing the saxophone because it’s always been a passion of mine,” Cohen said. “I’m excited to meet new people in the band world, [make] new relationships and [get] involved in the college band experience.”

Tuned In to Win

Ally JohnPress, Editor-in-Chief May 17, 2022

As the stage light centers, he adjusts his sheet music and lifts his instrument to his lips. He glances around at his fellow saxophone players and takes a deep breath before playing the starting note,...

Holding the acceptance invitation to the University of Texas at Austin in front of the UT Tower, senior Michelle Frobish smiles at the camera. Frobish said she is determined with her decision in participating in the UT ROTC program this upcoming fall. “I always thought joining UT ROTC was perfect for me,” Frobish said. “I knew I wanted to serve our country and also experience the military while attending the university at the same time.

Off to a Better Start

Julie Yeo, Guest Reporter May 16, 2022

During junior year, perhaps the most important year of high school, senior Michelle Frobish and her family left their lifelong home in Virginia to settle in Austin, Texas. Moving to a new school in a new...

Senior Jackson Streit poses for a photo at Duke University while attending its student orientation. Streit is in the class of 26 for Duke University and intends to pursue a major in public policy with the end goal of becoming a lawyer helping foster children. “I want to be a lawyer, and public policy is a great opening into that. What those kids go through is very tragic, and there’s no clearer path for me than to do what I can to right that. Duke is obviously renowned for its education, but I think what sets it apart in my opinion from other higher-end schools is that it also has this culture of teamwork. Duke’s sports are very well known there, and other Ivy Leagues don’t quite have that same culture.  I’m not just paying for education, but for the kind of growth that I can get as a person from being in that sort of ecosystem.”

Marching Ahead

Jaden Kolenbrander, Reporter May 13, 2022

The senior saxophonist had been in plenty of stressful situations before, but this was a first. He felt the sting of sweat and his hands growing slick as the wedding party assembled. The fact that this...

Smiling, senior Lucy Walter poses for the camera. Walter plans to continue her love for Musical Theater in college. Musical theatre is something that Ive always done and when I found out that you can actually pursue a career in musicals my first thought was that I wanted to do that, Walter said. It is something that I am very happy to be doing because I know that I will be taking classes that I actually enjoy, like dance, acting and singing classes.

As the Lights Come On

Sofya Bashirova, Reporter May 12, 2022

Lights turn on and the stage curtains open up to a well-lit stage. Backstage, senior Lucy Walter prepares for another theatre performance together with the rest of the actors. As the time comes, she gets...

Posing in her letter jacket, senior Grace Ornelas sits in front of the Elizabeth Milburn Pool, where the swim team practices daily. Ornelas has been swimming since fifth grade, and has been playing water polo since ninth grade. “With swim, you have to push yourself to the breaking point,” Ornelas said. “But with water polo, you have to think and strategize. Moments like those are when you can see how everyone can communicate mentally with each other about where to go and what to do.”

Making A Big Splash

Nathan Inman, Guest Reporter May 11, 2022

Propelling through the water, racing to win the coveted gold is a typical weekend for a high school swimmer. While swim is a well known sport, its less popular cousin, water polo, is only played by a select...

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The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School
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