The Wolfpack

From CP to Golden Key and Beyond

Posing in her room, senior Kieren Garner smiles while being surrounded by books. Garner plans to major in English at Texas State in the fall.

Amelia Tapia, Guest Reporter

May 29, 2020

After creating a strong passion for writing over the years, one of The Wolfpack’s very own, senior Kieren Garner, has decided to pursue an English degree at Texas State University with a concentration in creative writing.  “I’ve found that writing is, honestly, my passion; nothing has ever been abl...

Fields to Labs

Getting ready to pass the ball, senior Michael Ernand plays at the UT fields for preseason, against Hutton. Ernand said he will be attending Texas A&M University in the fall to start on a new path. “Even though soccer has been all that I’ve grown to know, I feel confident in my new future (becoming an anesthesiologist),” Ernand said.

Valeria Best, Guest Reporter

May 28, 2020

After six years of playing soccer with his eyes on a literal goal, senior Michael Ernand is turning his sights on a new goal. With college fast approaching, Ernand has decided to turn over a new leaf and achieve his real dream- to become a doctor.  Captain of the varsity CPHS soccer team, Ern...

Best of Both Worlds

Senior Alison Dye smiles for the camera. Dye has been a member of many organizations in school, from playing the role of Mary Poppins in Princess Tea, to being a member of PALS and the Spanish Club, and reflects on her experience in these activities. “All of these activities have helped me come out of the shell,” Dye said. “I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve been blessed with, [and the chance] to meet so many awesome people.”

Ruchi Sankolli, Reporter

May 26, 2020

As she leaves the choir room filled with melodic sounds, she enters a Spanish club meeting greeting members with  "Hola!" or her car for an eventful day as a PAL. From PALS to Spanish Club to choir, senior Alison Dye has a lot on her plate. However the workload is worth it for Dye as she said th...

Aid Through Art

Senior Gracyn McGathy plans to paint as many graduation caps as she can in exchange for student's donations to the One Fair Wage fund. “I wanted to find a way to safely do my part to spread goodness in a time when so many people are suffering physically, emotionally, and financially,” McGathy said.

Kaley Johnson, Reporter

May 25, 2020

With COVID-19 numbers continuing to rise and many businesses opting to continue to keep it’s doors shut despite the recent relaxing of some restrictions, many people are still struggling to stay on their feet financially. This is why senior and art student Gracyn McGathy has decided to use her talent t...

Taking the Lead

Smiling, senior Lindsay Doves poses for the camera. Dove has played eight theatre roles in her high school career, all varying in genre. However her favorite was Elle Woods in

Estefani Rios, Editor-in-Chief

May 22, 2020

As the curtains rise, she checks for all her props and costumes one last time and takes a deep breath. When she walks out of the wings and as steps on stage, she transforms into Dorothy or Ursula or Ambrosia Jekyll.   Senior Lindsay Dove has played eight theatre roles in her high school career,...

Pursuing Voice

Posing in character, senior Nathan Wright helps to promote the musical,

Ximena Martinez, Guest Reporter

May 21, 2020

From the moment he could sing, get on stage, be the class clown, or catch people’s attention, senior Nathan Wright has been passionate about performing. Wright has performed on many stages, but his most frequent is the CPHS performing arts center auditorium stage. As a member of choir and thea...

Running Cross The Country

Senior Tiras Parker-Pie runs the two mile race in the team's first track meet of the season on Feb. 6. The team got first place in the meet against Rouse.

Isaiah Prophet, Reporter

May 20, 2020

Making varsity cross country is never easy, especially when it’s on as competitive of a team as Cedar Park. That’s why senior Tiras Pie had to fight in order to cement himself as an integral part of his team. It took more than just hard work and dedication, it also required him to grow as a perso...

Behind the Screen

Holding up a Timberwolf, senior Romeela Kar shows her school spirit during the homecoming game against Cinco Ranch. Kar said she has never missed a football game during her senior year of high school due to her being a dance and cheer manager and being the football teams’ photographer. “I love CP football because of how it brings our entire community together,” Kar said. “Nights like the spring game are my favorite because the entire community comes out to support the T-Wolves.”

Aja Steiner, Guest Reporter

May 19, 2020

Senior year is the year to make your final memories, decide what college you are going to, and some seniors start to lose motivation to finish school. However, senior Romeela Kar kept herself busy all through her senior year.  Throughout her time at Cedar Park, she has been on the JV Emeralds team, the mana...

She Be-lungs in Healthcare

Senior Marlowe Lynch plans on attending Texas A&M University on a pre-med path after taking a three-year course at CP with training to become CNA certified.  “I got to see lots of cool things that many people don’t see until nursing or medical school,” Lynch said. “I learned that I really do want to go into the medical field, even more than before I joined this class.”

Shelby Lee, Guest Reporter

May 18, 2020

For years, senior Marlowe Lynch knew she wanted to someday work in the medical field. Now, soon to graduate high school, Lynch has acquired experience in medical workplaces. During her sophomore year of high school, Lynch signed up for the school’s three year long Health Science class taught by h...

Passion Driven Future

Posing for senior pictures, senior Cally Hall describes her excitement to continue her 16 year dance journey at Texas A&M. “I decided A&M was best for me partially because it’s the only school in Texas with a dance science degree, but I also was really excited about being part of the massive Aggie network,” Hall said. “People are connected all over the world because they’re Aggies, and I am super excited to be joining and carrying on that tradition.”

Ava Caldwell, Reporter

May 15, 2020

At two years old she was already dancing. By second grade she was competing. Now a senior, Cally Hall became one of the 20 people in the nation to be accepted into the Texas A&M Dance Science Program.  Hall started dancing at Dance Emotions and then moved to Cedar Park Dance Company where she...

Singing Sawicki

Having joined choir in the second semester of his junior year, senior Ryan Sawicki does not let anything hold him back in pursuing what he loves to do. “Joining choir completely changed my high school experience,” Sawicki said. “Having something to work towards was really exciting and it finally felt like I had a purpose. On top of that, I made so many new amazing friends and memories in the time I was in choir that I’ll always cherish.”

Emily Mahoney, Reporter

May 14, 2020

From tenor to soprano, the sweet melodies of the CPHS choir have not always been a part of senior Ryan Sawicki’s life, but coming together as one unified chorus with fellow passionate performers, in addition to collecting numerous awards and achievements, has since defined his high school career and goal...

Corner Kicks to Butterfly Kicks

Pushing himself through the water, senior Kyle Blount swims the 100m Butterfly at Regionals at Texas A&M on Jan. 31. Blount used to be a soccer player, but changed his sport to swim after an injury.

Ashley Poulsen, Guest Reporter

May 13, 2020

Beginning high school, senior swim team captain Kyle Blount had a plan of playing soccer. He had a good first season, until his plans changed after his doctor told him that he could no longer play soccer.  Blount played as a right back on the boys soccer team, but during the beginning of soph...

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