The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

Kevin Bickling, school technologist, sits for an interview with CPHS News. Bicklings main job is to make sure all technology at school is in working order. If a student drops their laptop and the screen cracks or something like that, Ill get a ticket from the librarians for that,” Bickling said. “Or if a teacher needs some software installed on their [computer] or their projector bulb burns out or something. Those are tickets that I can get any day throughout the year.

The Reason Our Computers Still Work

Caleb Taylor, Reporter January 10, 2023

If anyone has ever had a computer issue at school, regardless of whether they’re a student, a teacher or even the principal, there’s one person that likely saved the day. Kevin Bickling. Bickling...

Under the hot sun of Arizona, social studies teacher Mark Tibbetts and his dog, Boston, pose for a picture. Tibbetts got his masters in education at the University of Arizona, where he was living when he was reunited with his dog after five years. “[Boston] taught me balance,” Tibbetts said. “It’s a test of how far you are willing to go to take care of another creature whether its a dog or a human. Learning how to take care of another living thing takes a lot of maturity because you have to put it before yourself. [Boston] brings me a lot of joy, happiness, and love. I love this dog more than the world, I’d do anything for him.”

A Little ‘Ruff’ Around the Edges

Kassidy Wilkinson, Reporter November 10, 2022

He spent two days without food, turned his living room into a classroom, came in contact with Ebola, and served in the Peace corps for two years. During this, his partner in crime was a furry creature...

Performing on Baritone saxophone, sophomore Ryan Rios marches with the band at a football game. Most of his free time is spent practicing his show music & contest études. “I’ve been pushing really hard to practice in the little free time I have,” Rios said. “But I’m hoping to potentially make District this year and continue getting better to make State. This is all to say that I’m incredibly motivated to keep getting better at my instrument, and to possibly pursue music performance or education as a career.”

Meet the Rios

Caleb Taylor, Reporter October 24, 2022

Countless historical figures are known by only one name: Socrates, Buddha, Selena. However, no mononym is quite as notorious as Cedar Park’s very own Rios.  “I think it was actually my friend Ciaran...

Lost in the music, sophomore Brooke Ferguson performs alongside Seasons at Choral Showcase in September. In addition to choir, Ferguson is also playing the Synthesizer for the bands show this fall. “I like the community with choir, I like the people and I love singing,” Ferguson said. “With the band, I like the new experience. Coming in as a new person I liked how they took me in right away.”

Brooke Ferguson, Super Sophomore

Ava Callaway, Reporter October 21, 2022

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the most involved of them all? Sophomore Brooke Ferguson is a Choir officer, Seasons member, a thespians member, in the varsity choir, and was invited to play for...

Stopping to smell the flowers, Estelle the guinea pig stands between two flower arrangements. English teacher Kim Vidrine has been bringing her guinea pig to school since the start of the last school year. [Having Estelle at school has] been a lot of fun for me, Vidrine said. I love having her here, and I like that she hears voices all day and sees people. A couple of weeks ago I posted [on Instagram] a book talk as if Estelle were doing it. I’m going to start using her Instagram page as a way to do book recommendations for followers.

For the Students, Of the Students, By the Students

Kacey Miller, Reporter October 11, 2022

Her morning begins like the average student, she wakes up, brushes her teeth and grabs her English homework from the night before. She puts on a flowery dress and red lipstick, packs up her guinea pig...

The new Tech Theater teacher Zeph Kenna smiles in front of his desk during an interview. After teaching science in Coppell and working in community theaters, there’s a lot of excitement towards starting his new job, according to Kenna. “This is the first time that Ive been kind of involved in a large program like this,” Kenna said. “I used to be able to just kind of teach my class and go on my way. In this case, Im involved in something a lot bigger.”

Behind the Scenes of the Behind the Scenes

Caleb Taylor, Reporter September 30, 2022

The show must go on. Despite a staff change midway through last year’s season, the school’s theater program put on eight different shows in the span of eight months. However, those kinds of numbers...

On Sept. 8, senior Kate Pape was given was recognized by the mayor of Cedar Park, Jim Penniman-Morin, for being the first female in the Cedar Park and Northshore district to earn the Eagle Scout rank. The mayor gave a speech at the Cedar Park City Hall and signed the award acknowledging the work she put in to achieve this goal in only three years, which is rarely done. “Scouts has made me more confident and comfortable when I’m in groups,” Pape said. “I am also more comfortable in taking the lead in the things that I do. It has also helped me with my independence, meaning I don’t mind doing things myself half the time.”

Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle

Penny Moreno, Reporter September 14, 2022

She walks across the stage proudly with a big grin as the crowd cheers to celebrate her. Smiles greet her everywhere she goes as she walks around, a changed person from the accomplishment she achieved.  On...

Smiling for her senior photos, Ally JohnPress celebrates her final year of high school at the 360 Bridge. This year, JohnPress served as editor-in-chief of the Wolfpack newspaper and worked to become a SNO Distinguished Site, which the staff achieved on Feb. 3. “Honestly, I worked tirelessly to achieve our SNO Distinguished Site award, and I could not have been happier when I got the notification on Twitter saying ‘Congratulations to the CPHS Wolfpack for achieving the SNO Distinguished Site award,’” JohnPress said. “When I knew I was going to be editor-in-chief, this was my absolute number one goal, and it is just so satisfying to be able to say we achieved national recognition. It was difficult and time-consuming work for the staff and I, and I am so proud that we were able to accomplish this.”

Letter From the Editor

Tristan Hernandez, Guest Reporter May 25, 2022

Some say she’s got a little bit of an addiction, but she says it’s just love. She has 114 Jellycats - premium stuffed animals. She’s written over 50 articles and banked hundreds of hours as editor-in-chief....

Showing off his State medal, senior Tristan Hernandez poses with his ILPC Editor of the year award. Hernandez was a part of the yearbook staff for three years and served as editor-in-chief his senior year, as well as lead the UIL Journalism team as captain to win the State Championship on May 6. It was really nice to end my senior year by placing the highest and doing the best I have ever done, Hernandez said. I was also extremely excited to win the journalism team championship. Every member of the UIL Journalism team did so well, whether that be at an invitational or a UIL contest, and I’m so happy we did a full sweep of the District, Region and State Championships.

T-Dawg Takeover

Ally JohnPress, Editor-in-Chief May 25, 2022

He texts like a sorority president.  He is the president of Tau Psi Beta yearbook sorority and the captain of the UIL Journalism team. He is the editor-in-chief of the Tracks Yearbook. He was named...

Holding up her medals, senior Arina Gart finishes HOSA competition season. HOSA advanced to the state level this year. I’ve wanted to be in the medical field for forever,” Gart said. “But this year, since I was in practicum, I got a lot more experience. We also participated in the Medical Reserve Corps, so we partnered with them and we made first-aid kits for the visually impaired, and that experience made me realize it was something I really wanted to do in the future.

Say Yes to Everything

Sarah Johnson, Guest Reporter May 24, 2022

Coming to CPHS halfway through her freshman year, senior Arina Gart came prepared to succeed. With a passion for art, and a love for helping others, Gart was ready to say yes to any opportunity that came...

Smiling, senior Slava Andrianov poses for the camera. Maintaining the grades to be Valedictorian is hard, but Andrianov did it and now has the skills he needs for college  “To me personally I’d say it’s worth it with all the work I’ve put into school, as we get closer to the end of the school year it seems like everyone is getting lazier, but it’s nice to have something to strive for like it keeps me on edge and keeps me focused,” Adndrionva said. “At the end of the day even if most of these skills I’m learning don’t transfer over the ability to just focus in will definitely help.”

404 Error Not Found

Ty Cathey, Reporter May 23, 2022

Test after test, assignment after assignment; studying and learning never ends. He spent thousands of hours studying to just be the best, keeping up his GPA whilst managing many different clubs. He kept...

Lifting his trombone in the air, senior Collin Borenstein plays Metalshop at the Homecoming game against Cedar Ridge Sept. 8. Borenstein served as the brass section leader for the band this year. “It was a lot of fun,” Borenstein said. “We had a year of COVID-19 and there was no work and no socialization. Everyone got back in 2021 and people could have chosen not to buy in or to talk with each other, but everyone wanted to buy in and everyone was willing to put in a lot of work.”

Let’s Kick Some Brass

Tristan Hernandez and Sarah Johnson May 23, 2022

The lights coming from the ceiling of the Alamodome are blinding. Adrenaline is high as the seniors prepare to compete for their last time at state. Senior Collin Borenstein hears the drum majors count...

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The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School
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