The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

Delbridge smiles with hands wide after a performance at Kelly Reeves Stadium for the Bands of America Austin Finals. “I can’t imagine my life without band,” Delbrdige said. “In 2020 it was the only thing that kept me going—playing my instrument and going into rehearsals. I really don’t want to lose that part of life. It’s kind of sad to leave [that passion] here, but I’d like to find it somewhere else even after I graduate high school.”

Photo courtesy of Lauren Delbridge

Leading a Legacy

Caroline Howard, Reporter November 13, 2023

Stepping up on the podium as all eyes are on her, she takes a deep breath and begins to conduct with her hands. Keeping a straight face as all her focus is on the beats of the music, she overlooks the...

Backstage, junior Erica Mihealsick and Cara Allen are setting up for The One Act Play That Goes Wrong. Originally, I wanted to be an actor, but then I didnt want to because Id have to catch up [in skills] to the other kids. So I decided to join tech, and Ive never looked back.”

Erica Runs America

Mia Morneault, Reporter November 8, 2023

She’s been in every on-stage production in the theater department for three years straight. She takes every art class she can, and she gathers as many thespian points possible. Since 2019, junior Erica...

FFA member and junior Max Adams will show his pigs and heifer at the Cedar Park Barn Show on Nov. 12. “When you think you have a good animal, and then you’re surrounded by a bunch of other [showmen with their animals], it will humble you really quick,” Adams said. “If I keep working and I do good [at shows], it makes me feel good about myself. I just like the competitiveness. Its fun taking care of [them]. Putting in a bunch of work and then not doing good upsets me a lot. It makes me want to do better.”

An Oink-Oink Here, A Moo-Moo There

Kacey Miller, Editor-in-Chief November 2, 2023

Walking past baa-ing sheep and bleating goats on the way to Eightball’s pen, he reaches for the halter as a large, wet nose pokes out from between the bars of her pen and licks him with a rough tongue....

Microphone in hand, sophomore Grayson Levee records his voice for his next song. Levee has put together seven different orchestral covers, his longest longest piece is a “Star Wars” tribute titled “The Force” lasting 7 minutes and 15 seconds. “During the school week, I don’t compose very much due to homework and other after school activities, but I would say I spend two to three hours each weekend working on composing mainly orchestral pieces, although sometimes I enjoy simplicity, so I write a piano piece,” Levee said.

Shooting for Superstar Status

Cason Johnson, Reporter October 25, 2023

Silence fills the PAC, followed by anticipation. The first few notes echo behind closed curtains, steadily getting faster and faster. The curtains slowly open revealing the master behind the melody, sophomore...

Dressed like cowgirls, juniors Margo Bonavitacola and Brooke Ferguson pose for a photo before a country versus country club football game. Bonavitacola is an exchange student from France that Ferguson’s family is hosting this year. “My first football game was really a dream because it’s really an American thing and everyone in France is dreaming about that,” Bonavitacola said. “It’s so cool [and] I love it so much. I just enjoy the things that are really normal because it’s different and it’s not the same culture so I enjoy it.”

From ‘Oui Oui’ to H-E-B

Julia Seiden, Reporter October 23, 2023

As she steps off the plane, she’s filled with anticipation, stress and excitement. She can’t believe that she’s finally here. She's worked so hard to get to this moment. Endless paperwork, tons of...

Holding the film tripod, varsity manager, junior Hadrian Hurn, helps the team by moving the film iPad in between sets against Leander on Oct. 17. The varsity volleyball tell battled against Leander and ended the match with a victory in the fourth set. My favorite thing about being a manager is being able to help out with practices and going to watch all the games,Hurn said. Being a manager helps me as a player because I can watch high level volleyball and watch how people better than me play, and apply the playing style or techniques and form to how I play in my practices and games.

Made for the Game

Penny Moreno, Reporter October 19, 2023

He watches as each player gets ready for the upcoming drill. The girls surround their coach, listening for instructions. Coach calls out his name to join in on the drill and he smiles in excitement to...

Wearing a Spider-Man suit, sophomore Ben Akers poses on top of a rock. “I’m just Im truly fascinated by his story because, like, hes just this teenager dude, and then he gets bitten by a spider and then a ton of bad stuff happens to him, but he just keeps trucking along and keeps being a good person,” Akers said. “I have a Spider-Man suit and it was kind of a joke at first, but now its not really a joke. I just am Spider-Man.”


Mia Morneault, Reporter September 26, 2023

Spider-Ben, Spider-Ben, does mostly whatever a spider can! As a Thespians officer, musical theater student, and varsity choir member, as well as being involved in several different clubs, sophomore...

In the weight room, Coach K directs her basketball athletes as they get a lift in during their athletic period. According to Coach K, she hopes to not only continue the success of the program but also make them better players and people. “I feel like one of my biggest roles is to be a mentor and a person they can look up to,” Coach K said. “Someone who will be there for them long after they’re gone from the program.”

Born to Ball

Penny Moreno, Reporter September 20, 2023

Two minutes remain in the fourth and final quarter and the team is down by six points. In the high intensity game Coach calls a timeout in hopes of changing the momentum of the game. She calls all her...

Standing in front of the DigiPen Institute of Technology sign in Redmond, Washington, senior Simon Moss visits the college campus on a trip to Seattle. While visiting the school, Moss got to see what different programs DigiPen offers more in depth and meet new people. “[DigiPen] is going to be great because everyone that was accepted got invited to a discord [server] and everyone has been able to talk to each other and get to know everyone,” Moss said. “I don’t want to be in a campus where they have too many fields and people have different interests, but here everyone is very like minded.” (Photo courtesy of Simon Moss)

Jumping into the Matrix

Kyra Plas, Guest Reporter May 25, 2023

All it takes is a few seconds to be transported into a digital world. With video games providing an outlet for countless hours of endless creativity and imagination, it’s incredible to think that a team...

Senior Nick Doluisio prepares to take his final bow as a drum major for the CPHS band. On Nov. 5, 2022, the CPHS band ended the marching season with BOA San Antonio. “The role of the drum major and what it has provided me the opportunities to do is just so fulfilling,” Doluisio said. (Photo courtesy of Kate Noren)

Not Quite the Final Bow

Grace Courtright, Guest Reporter May 25, 2023

It’s been seven years since the 2023 senior class was in sixth grade, and like most of the award-winning band, senior Nick Doluisio has been in a band class since then. He has two state titles and countless...

Singing on stage senior Brady Allen performs in Big Fish, where he played a lead role as Will Bloom that lead him to a nomination in the category for male leads at the Heller Awards for Young Artists. Throughout his high school experience Allen was involved in many different productions and plans to continue his career in theatre as he attends the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts.  I’m really excited,” Allen said. “I think the community in New York is going to be a big change, but also really fun and inviting. I’m excited to also just focus on the arts and not really have to worry about school and be around other people who are really invested in the arts.

Setting the Stage

Isa Morgan, Reporter May 25, 2023

From behind the scenes in tech, to front and center playing the lead role, senior Brady Allen has worked his way to the very top in the theatre department. While he’s been involved in theatre from his...

Senior Miranda Moser showcases her future at Middlebury College for her senior pictures with a smile. Moser has been swimming competitively for eight years and will continue to pursue swimming in her future. “I was really excited,” said Moser. “I had been doing the recruiting process for a long time and Middlebury was my top choice, so It felt like all my hard work paid off.”

One Smart Cookie

Ava Callaway, Reporter May 25, 2023

Her alarm goes off at 5 a.m. By the time she puts her head back on her pillow, it’s 11 p.m. In between those times, she does everything from swimming to studying to singing. Senior Miranda Moser...

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