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  • How do I get involved with Cedar Park Newspaper? – Any student can take Journalism I or Photojournalism preceding Newspaper if they choose.  Any student may also join The Wolfpack Staff without taking these classes beforehand. Click here to fill out the District Interest Survey to let Mrs. Hert know you are interested in joining the staff.
  • Did you know you have a typo in a story? –Yes, we know they’re there. We put them there just for you to complain about. Thank you for reading our publication! Now pick up a red pen and meet us at the journalism room after school to proof, Mr. Perfect. Seriously, though, we try to edit as best we can, but sometimes things slip through. We appreciate an email to [email protected] if you see anything that is incorrect.
  • What happened to the print edition? –The online paper is cheaper, cooler and can be updated at anytime, not just every six weeks. Instead, check out The Toilet Times in all the CPHS bathrooms! It’s updated monthly and includes highlights of some of the stories we’ve written and has jokes, which we know is everyone’s favorite part!
  • Why isn’t my comment on a page? -It may not have been approved or you may have broken one of our rules (see our policy page). Most common reason is, you didn’t leave your name and email. Be nice enough to tell us who you are.
  • Does Mr. Sloan read content on this site? -Mr. Sloan has a great working relationship with us. We’ll gladly run anything controversial by him. He doesn’t censor because he’s cool that way.
  • Do you really need to interrupt class for interviews? –Unless you want a bunch of nerdy journalism kids with your cell phone number, yes.  Really, how else are we going to get great stories about our student body?
  • Are these really Frequently Asked Questions? -No. We left out all the dumb ones.
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