Pursuing Voice

Senior Shares Passion for Performing


Photo Courtesy of Nathan Wright

Posing in character, senior Nathan Wright helps to promote the musical, “A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder” on Jan. 17. “I love performing and I basically never left the stage for this production,” Wright said, “It was really a dream come true to be able to perform with such incredible people for such incredible people. The whole experience was life changing.”

Ximena Martinez, Guest Reporter

From the moment he could sing, get on stage, be the class clown, or catch people’s attention, senior Nathan Wright has been passionate about performing.

Wright has performed on many stages, but his most frequent is the CPHS performing arts center auditorium stage. As a member of choir and theatre, he has performed in choir concerts and “A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder,” along with many other productions this year.

“The adrenaline rush from being on stage and vulnerable in front of all those people is something like nothing else on the planet, and I live for it,” Wright said. 

Wright is planning on majoring in vocal performance at Texas Tech University and is planning to  pursue musical theatre outside of school. 

“I have never understood someone going through college classes and college debt to do something that doesn’t make them happy,” Wright said. “It sounds cliche, but I won’t ever have to work a day in my life because I love what I’m going to be doing with it.”

Wright said his memories from his high school experiences will follow him along his journey. One of his favorite memories was junior year, when the choir was invited to perform as one of the five selected choirs in all of Texas for TMEA in San Antonio. The choir had to sing five different songs with a high level of difficulty. Rehearsing began the first month of the school year all the way through February of 2019. The students rehearsed all together once a week until then.

“The start of the learning process was brutal, but later I found joy in the difficulty of the music, and now I have greater appreciation for more difficult pieces,” Wright said. “This event was huge for me on my path to pursuing voice.”

The audience’s approach to the performance is what led to a realization to Wright, he said. Wright explained the emotions that followed after the performance.

“The warmth, peace and happiness that came with that performance is something that I have tried to recreate since then, and is something I will continue to try to recreate,” Wright said.

Choir was a big part of Wright’s course to find his passion.

“The biggest parts of being in a successful choir are the relationships from the directors to the students, and the relationships between the students themselves,” Wright said. “The choir family I have at Cedar Park is unlike any family.”