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Math Teacher Joanna Pangilinan

“Being an active participant in pep rallies sounded like fun and a good way to connect with the students, and we haven’t had a pep rally in so long, so I was very excited to participate, even though I am very terrible at hula hooping. We got to pick a student to do it with us, which for me it was Kymorah Carter, and we had to hula hoop and walk at the same time to our student partner and then switch off and then go back to the other line. I spent a lot of time during the year getting to know my students and building relationships with them because I think it is much easier for them to learn when they know that their teacher cares about them, so I try really hard to show up to all the events. I go to football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, and softball games, as well as band contests. I try to hit everything like choir concerts and the pep rallies because I want them to know that I am interested in what they are doing outside of my class as well. I think we have an amazing community here at Cedar Park and to build school spirit, we all get together and the athletes are announced, teachers make speeches, coaches make speeches, the band plays, Celebrities dance, the cheerleaders cheer. I just think it’s a really nice way for us to come together at a pep rally and show our school spirit and show our support for each other.”

Photo Courtesy of Rowan Rodriguez

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