Annual SXSW Festival Celebrates Music and Film Industries


Courtesy of Nika Torabi

Colony House performing at South by Southwest. “I wanted to go to SXSW to see a ton of bands that hadn’t played in Austin in a while,” senior Nika Torabi said.

Emilee Guernsey , Editor-in-chief


Every year, during spring break, Austin hosts South by Southwest (SXSW). This year it fell on Mar. 10-19. SXSW brings people from around the country to come and discover new music or films, while also celebrating and appreciating the industries themselves. A few CP students were able to spend their spring break downtown for the festival.

“Austin becomes a totally different city during the fest, and it’s a huge adventure to find events and free shows,” senior Mandi Bosse said. “I also went because a few bands I really like were performing, so I made sure to catch them at the shows I could get into.”

Since SXSW is annual, this year’s was deemed as much better, according to senior Nika Torabi.

“This time I actually went out early and stayed late to squeeze in every possible show,” Torabi said. “Rather than last year, I only went for like two days and saw maybe one band.”

Bands such as Hippo Campus, Knox Hamilton and Tokyo Police Club played at the festival. Many of the events were free and some had age restrictions.

“Every year at South by is different,” Bosse said. “This year I met up and hung out with different friends and went to different events. I met different bands like Hippo Campus and it made the experience really memorable.”

The festival spends the time catering to all of the events because of their appreciation toward all of the different arts industries. The majority of people attending SXSW share the same appreciation, such as senior Alek Nybro.

“With all the tension that’s in the world right now, if there’s something that can bring people together and experience peace for at least a short period of time, it’s the arts,” Nybro said.

While at SXSW, many people will be walking around from show to show. It’s important to make sure you wear comfortable shoes and bring water. Also, keep an eye out for free shows.

“A ton of free events fill up quick, so it’d be a good idea to go to the venue a few hours early,” Torabi said. “Bring a water bottle, and maybe some perfume, a hair tie and sun block.”

Courtesy of Nika Torabi
Senior Nika Torani posing with David Monks at SXSW. “My favorite shows were definitely seeing Hippo Campus, Sofi Tukker and also The Mohawk,” Torabi said.