Remembering Nancy Celniker


Emilee Guernsey

One of the projects that Nancy Celniker used to have hanging in her room. You can go see more of these projects in the east wing upstairs.

Emilee Guernsey, Editor

Students and friends of Nancy Celniker created “Celniker’s Corner” in the upstairs east wing as a sort of memorial for her. It has projects of past students that Celniker used to hang up in her room. Soon there will be a sign for her corner as well.

Celniker was a geometry teacher who loved the classroom. She fought a long battle against cancer and lost to it this past August.

Close friend and math tutor, Brian Beals, remembers Celniker as someone who kept enthusiasm and fun in her classroom even when she was having a bad day.

“She never quit giving the class what it deserved; an enthusiastic and interesting presentation of the material that day,” Beal said. “She would put on her teaching face and greet the students with smiles.”

She was strong. ”

— Allie Landwermeyer

When she wasn’t teaching class, Celniker was creating a bucket list. Celniker went to seven different states with her children in one summer and also went skydiving.  

Celnikers favorite books to read were “The Twilight Saga,” and so on a separate trip to Alaska with fellow CP math teacher, Lori Ollmann, they stopped in Seattle to view some of the places that the book was set in.

“She loved the movies, and before we went to Alaska, we stayed with my best friend so we could travel to some of the places where the book took place,” Ollmann said. “We went to Forks, Washington and Port Angeles, Washington, where some of the scenes were.”

Former geometry student junior Allie Landwermeyer enjoyed having Celniker as a teacher because her class was no nonsense.

“She always followed through with what she said she was going to do,” Landwermeyer said. “If she said she was going to be there the next morning, she would be. She was also a strong teacher. She always came to school even when she felt sick.”