Surviving Valentine’s Day


Paige Parks

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask- When on the hunt for a stellar Valentine’s date, it is important not to stray from tradition. If you want a date, actually ask them. Don’t go full ‘Prom-posal’ style, but a thoughtful gesture will suffice. Even when dating and a Valentine’s date is inferred, ask them.
  2. Your friend can be your Valentine- Though you may see this as slightly awkward, it is always good to have someone thinking about you on the day of St. Valentine.
  3. Stray from the norm- A unique and personal gift is just as touching as the biggest box of chocolates or two dozen roses. So, this Valentine’s day, make it personal.
  4. Be funny- The popular (yet slightly inappropriate) Twitter Valentines are perfect for the jokesters in all of us.
  5. Food is a must- As any parody Twitter account will tell you, food is the way to a girl’s (and obviously a boy’s) heart.
  6. Deliveries- The grand romantic gesture of ordering flowers and chocolates to be sent to the school has long since been banned, but fear not, hopeless romantics, because your prayers have been answered. Project Grad will be selling candies Monday through Thursday in the cafeteria to be delivered Friday during the Wolfcast to whomever you choose.