The Wondering Wolfpack Visits MOD Pizza

Perry Jamail

Wolfpack Staff, Reporters

In our final attempt of the year to explore the creative and interesting things to do/eat around Cedar Park, the Wondering Wolfpack headed to MOD pizza. MOD is a unique Austin pizza restaurant that explores the idea of build-your-own pizzas, giving customers the freedom to mix and match sauce, cheese and toppings to their liking. Here’s what we thought:


Garrett – My favorite pizza places of all time are Dominos and Pizza Hut, but MOD pizza didn’t disappoint. I got a regular pizza and it was a meat lovers. The wait was not long at all, just about five minutes. Once I got the pizza, I saw that the outside crust was burned a little bit, but was still very good. The mix of the sausage and ham made a very enjoyable pizza. The environment in MOD was very relaxing and chill. I didn’t how they made the pizza because of how the bottom was kind of tough and hard to eat sometimes. Overall, I give MOD pizza about an eight out of ten.


Deana – It took a couple years of Snapchat and Instagram posts about MOD for me to understand what it all meant. I think the location isn’t ideal, as it is next to 620, a very busy road come rush hour (which hits when students would leave school to go to MOD). Pizza is probably the most loved food across our country, and maybe even the world to an extent. With the many pizza joints spread across our small city, I am pretty selective when it comes to deciding who makes the best pizza. Yaghis is my all-time fave for pizza. It’s relatively cheap, easy to get to and very similar to a true New York pizza.

I’ve never loved the other pizza places around here, such as Marco’s or Papa John’s, because their pizza is thick crusted and similar to a cheap HEB frozen pizza (not my fave). I was excited to try MOD because of their famous thin crusts which I prefer. Their business model is very efficient and simple when you walk in. There are multiple menus and the inside of the building is modern and color coordinated, something you don’t normally find in a pizzeria. It took awhile to understand the menus, however. They have suggested pizza topping combos on one menu, and another menu in the air that lists the prices for basic pizza sizes. After a worker explained the system to me, it seemed simple, but I wish it would be more straightforward to someone who has never been there.

I’m a vegetarian and I love when there are many nice and fresh toppings to choose from. I found there to be a large variety of toppings from artichoke to corn. I was sad to find that there were no gummy bears and chocolate sauce like in the Club Penguin Pizzeria, so they could improve in that area.

The service is fast and the pizzas are very reasonably sized and priced, at about $8.00 for an 11” personal pizza. They also sell some seemingly fresh tea and lemonade which were a really nice alternative to the typical soda.

I was surprised at the lack of business when we came at around 4:30 p.m., which is when kids in the area get off school. I hope that everyone can go to MOD at least once, to experience the simple service and gourmet tasting pizzas. I give it all an eight out of ten.


Gillian – I didn’t know what to expect when I walked into MOD. It was a nice place and seemed very authentic. The store was clean and the service was good. One employee in particular was super polite and made me not feel bad about asking stupid questions. The pizza was good, it wasn’t the best I had, but I would go again. I also tried the cinnamon sticks and they were pretty good, but I don’t think I would buy them again. Overall I would give my whole experience an eight out of ten.


Justin – This was my first time ever going to MOD, and I wasn’t disappointed, to say the least. I brought in a coupon that was madly expired (about 3 years) and they took it and gave me a free mod pizza. I decided to put sausage and Canadian bacon together which was actually a very tasty combination. The crust was a little burned but overall the pizza wasn’t bad. After I finished my pizza, I got the cinnamon sticks and they go very well with the cinnamon dip, and not so much with the strawberry. I give MOD a nine out of ten because the pizza was very good but I have to take off a point for the burnt crust.


Perry – I have been to MOD many times before, and every time I go I’m never disappointed. I usually stick to the plain pepperoni pizza, but every now and then I’ll include other toppings like chicken or bacon. One thing that always keeps me coming back to MOD is the style they use to cook their pizzas. I love the brick-fired pizza taste, although I know some people prefer the traditional oven-fired pizza taste. Overall I give MOD pizza an eight out of ten for great taste and options, but very thin crust, which I am not a fan of.