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DC Takes Big Step With New Superman Comic


Photo courtesy of Daniel Alvasd on Unsplash

DC has made some major changes to Superman in their upcoming comic set to release in November. Kent is married to Lois Lane, and together they have a son, Jon Kent, who identifies as bisexual. By doing this, DC is diversifying their stories.

Ruchi Sankolli, Assistant Editor

Both Detective Comics and Marvel have implemented  innovative storylines and superheroes and have continued to build their fanbase. Marvel’s release of “Shang Chi” was a hit at the box office, and they are still continuing to introduce more characters and original storylines, such as “The Eternals,” “Venom: Let There Be Carnage,” and more. Now, it’s DC’s turn.

In their new comic that is set for release in November, DC has introduced a new life for Clark Kent, A.K.A. Superman. Kent is married to Lois Lane, and together they have a son, Jon Kent, who identifies as bisexual. 

While this move isn’t a new one for DC, this announcement has garnered significantly more backlash as opposed to DC’s other LGBTQ+ superheroes, such as Wonder Woman. This is centered around the ethics of exposing young readers of the comics to mature topics, such as sexuality, in this case. 

However, making Jon Kent bisexual is just one of many factors in Superman’s evolution as a character. Recently, DC announced that they would be removing “The American Way” from Superman’s motto (the original being “Truth, Justice, and the American Way,’” and replacing it with “A Better Tomorrow.” This exemplifies a better global representation of Superman, as his actions in recent releases have suggested that he stands for the moral thing, rather than “the American way.” This move has also received backlash from longtime DC Comics fans, who feel that this change is an attack on everything Superman previously was. 

However, this change is justifiable. When Superman was originally created, he was meant to be a person with flaws: someone who had a strong sense of justice who would do the right thing no matter what. Coincidentally, he soon became the symbol of the American Dream and represented American life. Thus, the original motto was created. However, the whole reason behind changing the motto was to develop Superman’s global image, and that supports his motivation to do the right thing, whether that be in America or anywhere else. Therefore, Superman was never meant to symbolize anything; he is just a superhuman human being trying to do the right thing. 

Another consideration to make is that times are changing. There are so many things in the world that were previously not accessible, such as technology and increased social awareness.. The media is also changing its ways in order to appeal to younger audiences, and that was DC’s goal when they made Jon Kent bisexual. I feel that they made him seem more human instead of the classic “Man of Steel” that Clark Kent is portrayed as. By making his son bisexual, DC is emphasizing that the Kent family must also face important changes like these, which is vital for character development. 

 DC should be given credit for their efforts in adding realism to their stories. As society changes/evolves, audiences want new and appealing, which is  the ultimate goal for media. I feel that DC should be allowed to incorporate diversity and realism into their stories if Marvel can do the same thing without receiving backlash.