Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Anjali Sundaram

There were many “must see” movies out this summer, such as “Trainwreck” and “Inside Out”. However, one of the most anticipated and critically acclaimed movies, according to IMDb, came out July 31.


“Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation” stars famous names such as Tom Cruise, playing Ethan Hunt, Jeremy Renner playing, William Brandt, and Simon Pegg playing, Beji Dunn. This was the first “Mission Impossible” movie directed by Christopher McQuarrie, who also wrote the story line and screen play along with Drew Pearce.  

Hunt, who is the main character in the Mission Impossible series begins the movie by doing a stunt that might seem unrealistic but on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Cruise indicates that he actually did all the stunts in real life for his character.

While the previous four “Mission Impossible” movies have all risen to the top and done excellent box office wise, “Rogue Nation” has taken the story to a whole new level and is sure to top them all.

The story is based on the IMF, Impossible Mission Force, has been shut down due to erratic behavior of Hunt and his team. The story follows Hunt as he is forced to go into hiding and through his mission of defeating the Syndicate, which from previous movies we have gathered is a secret organization that operates internationally. They are well trained, educated and well equipped which makes it hard for Hunt to disband the group. Enter in Ilsa Faust playing, Rebecca Ferguson, who plays a key component that links Hunt to the Syndicate.


The movie plot twists and turns and is everything that we expect from a Mission Impossible movie. However, the movie does have some cliche aspects regarding friendship, but writers  McQuarrie and Pearce have an excellent way of creating something awkwardly humorous that downplayed any cliche parts.


However, it wasn’t the plot that made this movie worthwhile, rather the characters themselves. Every actor/actress in this movie plays their part perfectly. Each add their own personality to their character. In the movie Brandt plays the moody head of the IMF, which is a personality you see in a lot of Runner’s movies. While the movie doesn’t go in depth with each character, it is easy to see that no character in this movie is one dimensional.


Personally, I enjoyed the film. While it wasn’t a deeply emotional film, it was a enjoyable movie to watch with some of your friends. I give the movie a solid 4/5 because the plot and acting immerses you into the IMF world, although it was a typical Mission Impossible movie and had everything you would expect.