CP kisses Vandy’s winning streak goodbye


Deena Ismail

Senior punt returner #2 Will Richter running the ball for CPFB. “[CPFB] is making sure to not overlook Marble Falls this Friday, and to prepare for them just like we would for Vandy,” Richter said. “We are also going to come out with high intensity and keep the intensity going through the whole game.”

Emilee Guernsey, Editor

The Timberwolves took on rival Vandegrift Oct. 16 at Gupton Stadium, where CPFB ended Vandy’s winning streak with a score of 58-45.

When the first quarter began, Vandy’s running back scored a touchdown within the first ten seconds. CP’s offense then had hold of the ball for a first down, but fumbled with Vandy recovering it. Defense stopped Vandy from scoring a second time, and got offense out on the field to score a touchdown, making the game 7-6 with 3:33 left in the first quarter.

“We got a little crazy with the ball,” junior running back #27 Hayden Craig said. “We are working on keeping the ball tight and not letting it get hit around.”

The first half was a back and forth battle between the two teams. CP’s offense made multiple fumbles, but still managed to put up points, while defense had interceptions and blocked passes. Senior linebacker #40 Ryan Franklin got a pick six during the second quarter of the game.

“[The play] was fast,” Franklin said. “I saw the QB get hit [when he was throwing the ball] and I just caught the ball running. I was thinking they were chasing me, so I was running fast.”

In the third quarter, CP’s defense held Vandy to only a field goal. CP battled fumbles, but did get yardage from senior punt returner #2 Will Richter.

“I just focused, first of all, on how the ball was kicked and where it was going, then I zeroed in on it and caught it,” Richter said. “I looked down the field, saw the blocks, and took off as fast as I could.”

The fourth quarter began with a one point Vandy lead, but after two fumbles that resulted in CP touchdowns, the Wolves took the lead 51-38. Vandy managed to score once more, but it was not enough to win the game. CPFB won with a 13 point lead.

“It felt good to win,” defensive coordinator Brent Brittain said. “It’s still just another game on our path to another state championship.”

Carrying on a tradition from last year, principal Charlie Little from Vandegrift has to come and serve lunch to the football team since they lost. Last year, principal John Sloan had to serve lunch to Vandy’s football team when CP lost. It’s known as the “Sloppy Joe Bowl,” but there is not a set date for when it will happen.

This Friday, CPFB will play Marble Falls High School in Marble Falls at 7:30.