Coffee Talk: Raising a Drug-Free Kid

A Morning Discussion Over Drug Prevention For Parents, Students

Deana Trautz, Reporter

Friday morning in the lecture hall was another “Coffee Talk” with the counselors. Counselor Sarah Romer, who works with the district’s drug prevention program, spoke to students and parents.

These talks take place in the lecture hall almost every first Friday of the month and focus on various topics such as college readiness or, like Friday morning’s meeting, drug prevention.

Romer says that coming into the spring season, it is important to be reinforcing the harmful effects that drugs and alcohol cause.

“Spring break is a time that a lot of kids experiment with substances and are out of their parents’ sight,” Romer said. “It is important for students to think about what they would do in the situation of being offered drugs or alcohol.”

She also directed this talk towards parents who she said serve a large part in drug prevention.

“Parents are really important because they give the freedom to do certain things,” Romer said. “They really are the gate keeper. Their values are put in place for their kids.”

Sophomore Sophia Earl commented on the event. She said that she believes that parents talking to their children about their morals is vital.

“I think it helps because if the parents are not talking about it, the kid will think it is okay to do these things,” Earl said. “The kid may have it in their mind that these things are alright to do.”

Check your school email for more info on future Coffee Talks.