Freshman Charlie Hooper wins annual talent show

Lauren Kriss

Cedar Park’s best and brightest came together on April 18 to face off in the annual talent show sponsored by the Wolfcast. Freshman band member Charlie Hooper came out on top.  Senior Raquel Stansbury took second after performing an original song while senior Katie Seesselberg rounded out the top three with a dance solo to “Titanium.”

The diverse range of acts, from singing, dancing, instrument playing, blind folded instrument playing and even stand up comedy posed a challenge to judges AP Biology teacher Brent Grissom, AP English teacher Michelle Iskra and AP Environmental Science teacher Dr. Shannon McPherson.

 When it was all said and done, talent show participant and Cedar Park’s resident comedian senior Ben Harral was impressed with the results.

“I respect every person who placed so much,” Harral said.

Second time co-host David Looney was equally excited about the winners.

 “Of all the years I’ve done the talent show, this year I was the most pleased with the results,” Looney said.

He and The Wolfcast were especially excited to see Hooper win.

“A lot of us in broadcast were rooting for Charlie,” Looney said. “I thought it was cool a freshmen won because that has never happened before. “

As for the winner himself, who has played violin for the past year six years, was genuinely surprised.

“It was pretty cool,” Hooper said. “I didn’t feel like I was going to win.”

He did have some stiff competition, according to Harral.

“There were so many just legitimately talented kids who performed phenomenally,” Harral said.

One of those kids, second place winner Stansbury wowed the audience with not only her performing skills but also her songwriting.

“I won something, so that was exciting,” Stansbury said. “And winning money reminded me was like getting money from my first gig.”

Stansbury has decided to continue pursuing music. And Hooper, who plays the clarinet and piano along with being an accomplished violinist, plans on defending his title next year.

“I definitely want to be in the talent show again next year,” Hooper said.[imagebrowser id=38]