“The Illusion” captivates viewers


Whitney King

Watching her love, Theogenes, played by sophmore Daniel Williamson, die, Hippolyta, played by senior Collyn Burke, falls atop him and begins to weep. Watching her mistress in tears, Clarina, played by senior Ayah Alomari, comforts Hippolyta.

Avery Deen, Reporter

The CPHS theatre department puts on two major shows every year, their play in the fall and their musical in the spring. This year, the play they chose to put on was The “Illusion” by Pierre Corneille and adapted by Tony Kushner, a story about the Pridamant of Avignon, played by senior Michael Romero, a man who pushed his son away to the point that he ran away from home; the story picks up years later as the man visits an illusionist Alcandre, played by senior Kerry Madden,  and requests she conjure up a vision of what has become of his boy. She reluctantly agrees and shows him three separate visions and the illusionist and man watch the scenes with rapt attention as the audience does the same.

The set for “The Illusion” accurately displayed the abilities of the tech team, with towering staircases that appeared to be hewn from rock. These features were lined with candles which set a macabre scene before the play had even begun. A very timely scenery, considering the show was performed on Halloween and the night before. The costumes were also beautiful, with floor length billowing skirts and silken shirts that gave it a period feel without outright saying the year.

All the actors put on wonderful performances, leading the audience along as they told the story. Keeping the serious tone but still keeping things light as they smiled and told a little joke to liven up the mood.

A few of my personal favorite scenes all take place in the illusions that Alcandre conjured. For example when the boy is pining for his love Melibea who is just on the other side of the garden wall, or when the boy and a prince drew their swords and fenced on stage until the boy victoriously strikes and kills the prince.

I give “The Illusion” 4 out of 5 stars, the only reason for not having 5 is due to the fact that occasionally there would be a bit that was confusing and never really explained enough to understand. However, the costumes, acting, and set all were executed perfectly and made it feel as though you were there in Alcandre’s cave, watching the illusions she conjured. “The Illusion” was performed on Oct. 30 at 7 p.m. and Oct. 31 at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m., though the play is no longer showing, you can begin to plan to go to the classic musical “Phantom of the Opera” that the theatre department will perform this spring.