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2017-2018 Staff

Gillian Corona


Gillian Corona is a senior and first year reporting for the Wolfpack. She enjoys photography, watching YouTube and listening to good music. Her favorite musicians are Dua Lipa, Billie Eilish, Astrid S, Troye Sivan, LANY, Kevin...

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Celeste Ritzheimer


Celeste Ritzheimer is a junior and second year reporter for CPHS News. She enjoys dancing, basketball and makeup. Outside of being a reporter, Celeste spends her free time sleeping and crying. She has migraines often so if you ...

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Perry Jamail


Perry Jamail is a Junior on his second year of reporting for the Wolfcast and first year on the Wolfpack newspaper staff. Reading and playing with his dog are some of his favorite things in life. Binge watching shows and eating...

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Cheryl Cruz


Cheryl Cruz is a junior and second year CPHS News reporter. Being five feet tall, she is frequently used as an armrest by tall people and gets her face shoved into people’s armpits while walking through crowded doors quite of...

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Jessica Mick

Executive Producer

Jessica Mick is a junior, second year staff member, and executive producer for CPHS News. She is also an editor in yearbook and loves journalism. She enjoys making youtube videos on her channel All That Jess. Jess is a single mo...

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Zachary Szabo


Zachary Szabo is a sophomore and a second year reporter for CPHS-News. He enjoys cinematography, playing games, and writing. Outside of being a reporter, Zachary spends a great amount of time writing and directing videos for his o...

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Brandon Hardiman


Brandon Hardiman is a Junior in his second year at CPHS News. Brandon is also a staff member at the student tech help desk, TimberTech. An avid BMW enthusiast and CCA member, he enjoys tinkering with his car. In addition to b...

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Blake Miller

News Operations Manager

Junior Blake Miller is the News Operations Manager and a second year Leadership member for CPHS News. Outside of the Newsroom he enjoys long walks on the beach, graphic design, photography and football (if Cedar Park ever goes to st...

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The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School
The Wolfpack Staff