The Ultimate Freshman Guide

Get to know staff, find tips from upperclassmen

You open the doors to CPHS, the next four years of your life. It’s scary and it’s exhilarating- but mostly scary. The halls are full of big upperclassmen avoiding eye contact, and you begin to question if you’re in the right place. Stop for a second (not really or you’ll back up hall traffic) and know you are in the right place and soon enough, you’ll feel like part of the pack.

First things first, pick up your schedule from the cafeteria. Find your friends and scream about having the same lunches with them, or scream about not having the same lunches with them. Screaming is what freshmen do (seniors do it too, just internally).

While being a fish can be fun, it isn’t always easy and we get that. To make the experience a little less stressful, The Wolfpack took to Instagram and Twitter asking for advice from the upperclassmen. Here’s what they said:

Getting to know our administrators

You have walked the halls and talked to people here and there, but do you know our admin? Between the principal, assistant principals, counselors, coordinators and office staff, it can be easy to mix up faces and names. We put together a quiz for you to get to know our admin- check it out!

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That’s a good start. Check back with The Wolfpack for more first day help!