Celebs dance on a dream at iDance


Janet Nava

The Celebrities will be performing at the iDance showcase which is on Oct. 7-8 and is going to be at Leander High School. Tickets can be purchased at all LISD schools and at the door for $10. ” Everybody should come out and support the drill teams of our district,” junior Celeb. manager Allison McCarty said. “They work so hard to give the best performance, everybody should come and experience it.”

Janet Nava, Reporter

The lights will shine as sparkly uniforms glint on stage and arms fly to the air, raising poms. The PAC will echo the sounds of loud music and dancing feet while kicking legs point to the sky. The stage will be a collective movement of bright colors. iDance is bringing all of the LISD dance teams together once again to show off their new dances and performances on Oct. 7-8 at Leander High School. 

“It’s really a chance for all of the schools to come together and dance as one collective group,” junior social officer of the Celebrities Roxy Mota said. “It’s always really cool to see how every school dances the choreography in their own styles. I’m really excited for the finale, it has all the seniors from all the schools dancing together in their school uniforms.”

The LISD schools will be performing choreography that was taught at iDance camp during the week of Aug. 27-31 in the summer.

“I love the dances this year,” senior second lieutenant Jessie Thiemann said. “Walking on a Dream” is an intricate kick routine that showcases our technique and style. And “’Ballin’” is a super fun, hard hitting routine that’s a total crowd pleaser that’s fun to perform.”

The showcase tickets will be sold at Leander High School  at the door and at each participating LISD school for $10.

“Everybody should come to iDance because you get to support the whole district and see a bunch of dances full of talented people,” junior Celebrities manager Allison McCarty said. “The showcase is fun because everybody can share school spirit and support the dance teams of this district.”