Celebs shine with new uniforms at iDance


Sierra Wiggers

After they performed their hip hop routine, “Ballin’,” The Celebrities pose for the ending of their team dance on Oct. 8 at iDance at Leander High School. They performed two team dances, two officer dances and had the seniors perform in the senior dance at the finale. “I’m going to come to iDance next year,” senior and Captain Mackenzie Lawrence said. “I hope that the dances continue to be just as good as they were this year. It was super strong this year and a great last iDance for me, and I hope that next year they feel the same way.”

Janet Nava, Reporter

The lights shined as the dancers glittered across the stage; iDance was in full swing on Oct. 7-8 at Leander High School. All five LISD high school dance teams participated in the showcase.

“It’s so fun to dance with the other schools because we get to see what dancing teams are like compared to ours,” senior Captain Mackenzie Lawerence said. “It’s also a chance to make a lot of friends across the district.”

The Cedar Park Celebrities showed off two of their new dances during the showcase.

“We have been working on the dances since the summer so we had a lot of time to clean them,” senior first lieutenant Riley Goernor said. “We all have been working really hard on them at practice, we’ve basically perfected them. They are really fun to do, especially “Ballin’” since it’s themed after our spring show, which is “Dream Big.” We’ve never really had themed dances before so it was really cool to have that in the showcase.”

The main purpose of the showcase is to have all five high schools of LISD dance together, which is important to junior dancer Haley Hottinger.

“iDance is about uniting the other schools in our district,” Hottinger said. “It’s nice to take a break from the competitiveness, and work together with the four other schools to put on a spectacular show.”

The Celebrities also came out and introduced their new uniform at the iDance showcase which was great, new experience for sophomore dancer Haley Alfaro-Kim.

“Our new uniform is really sparkly, it was cool to have the audience cheer for us as soon as we all went on stage with them on,” Alfaro-Kim said. “I think everybody really liked them, especially the dancers. It’s the first time anybody has ever worn them so it was special for us to perform at iDance.”